‘Punk Rock Baby Lullaby Arrangements’ is the latest offering from the Rock N’ Roll Baby Lullaby Ensemble.
The album, due for release on September 11th 2012, features 16 lullaby versions of well-known punk songs, including tracks by Iggy Pop, Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Dead Kennedys.
The tracklisting is:
Social Distortion – "Mommy’s Little Monster"
The Dead Milkmen – "Punk Rock Girl"
Ramones – "Blitzkreig Bop"
Misfits – "Where Eagles Dare"
The Clash – "London Calling"
The Stooges – "Search and Destroy"
Black Flag – "TV Party"
Dead Kennedys – "Holiday in Cambodia"
Stiff Little Fingers – "Alternative Ulster"
Ramones – "Bye Bye Baby"
T-Rex – "Children of the Revolution"
Sex Pistols – "Anarchy in the U.K."
Ramones – "I Wanna Be Sedated"
Descendents – "Silly Girl"
Iggy Pop – "The Passenger"
The Vibrators – "Turning Japanese"

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This Saturday, at Southend’s Railway Hotel, there’s a third outing for the Podrophenia Roadshow with DJs Piley and Mondo.

Three bands on the bill. The Long Run, Eight Rounds Rapid (featuring Wilko Johnson’s son on guitar) and heading up the bill are Rhythm and blues revolutionaries Thee Faction making their Southend debut. If you haven’t heard them yet – expect the driving stride of Dr Feelgood with stomping sound of Slade.

Or check our VLR review “Twinning Dr Feelgood and eastern-bloc rockin’ beats … to rabble-rouse your mind and Agit-prop your pop” Vive Le Rock


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THE METEORS were formed in 1980 in a reaction to the bands that were singing about ‘Big Green Cars’ ‘Rocking This Town’ and being ‘Rockabilly Rebels’. Preferring their songs to contain topics about vampires, stomping in graveyards and radioactive kids P Paul Fenech, Mark Robertson and Nigel Lewis soon found themselves all over the media. A media who were eagerly lapping up their new sound christened (thought that is surely not the right word) – ‘Psychobilly’. The Meteors were front page news in the weekly music press, recording radio sessions and interviews for legends like John Peel, and gracing the silver screen care of a movie short that did the rounds with the Two-Tone movie ‘Dance Craze’. Their film ‘Meteor Madness’, apart from hosting some crazed performances with the unhinged trio, also featured songstress Lilly Allen’s father starring as none other than the rather exasperated Devil, strange but true.

By 1982 the original line-up had split with Lewis and Robertson going on to form their own bands while P Paul forged ahead with a free hand with The Meteors and his idea of how psychobilly should sound. That was a sound that had grown from one of a band’s own personal identity to a world-wide genre that is Psychobilly now over 30 years established and still growing and thriving around the globe. The Meteors have continued to inspire and influence countless bands while continuing to lead the charge from the very vanguard.

‘Doing The Lord’s Work’ is the latest studio album by the undisputed ‘Kings Of Psychobilly’. It is as uncompromising as ever and encompasses all the elements that have always made up the Meteors brand of ‘Pure Psychobilly’, mashing up rockabilly, country, surf and rock n roll. A sound woven by Paul Fenech’s rockin’ guitar and bile-spitting Beelzebub-rousing lyrics. ‘Doing The Lord’s Work’ proves once again that despite some aspiring would-be usurpers The Meteors won’t be giving up that crown anytime soon.

The album is released on 8th October 2012


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Serious Drugs –
Duglas and the Music of BMX Bandits
(Jim Burns) 93 mins
Shot and produced over four years Serious Drugs frames an affectionate portrait of BMX Bandits founder Duglas Stewart and his mission to save the world and himself one song at a time. Music.

(Hobbs, Sharples, Qian, Abdelnow & Call) 3 mins
An xperimental visual effects film produced at the University of Michigan. Music.

New Age Wage Slave
(Software) 4 mins
UK band Software collaborate with Sonodrome who make their own amazing instruments. Music.

Meghann Clancy – So What Now
(Software) 4 mins
Inspired by Jean Luc Godard’s classic scifi shocker Alphaville. Music.

I’ve Got Your Money
(Tom Ross) 3 mins
Video for Cult Artist The Wood For The Trees starring The Levantes Dance Theatre. Music.

Trollmors Vuggesang
(Joe Witney) 4 mins
A dissolute and drunken seaman growls a lullaby to a young lady. Music.

The Rhythm, The City, 7pm
(Tom Chimiak) 3 mins
When the Manchester School Of Samba practise, the city feels the rhythm. Music.

Modern Babylon
(Julien Temple)100 mins
The master filmmaker trains his eye onto London’s Countercultural past and present featuring many Portobello Film Festival regulars and introduced by Beat Poet Michael Horovitz and soundtrack composer J.C. Carroll and if we’re lucky the legendary Julien Temple himself.

Free entry!

See http://www.portobellofilmfestival.com for more details!



 Due to an oversignt that brilliant cover photo of the Exploited on this months issue was not credited to the world renowned Paul Slattery. Paul has shot punk, metal and rock legends for 35 years or more. Paul took his first picture it 1975 at the Lyceum when he should’ve been studying for exams. It was a chance encounter with Lemmy from Motorhead that meant that the life of a Rock and Roll photographer became a reality and he subsequently went on to photograph The Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Ramones.

Going on to photograph such bands as U2, Joy Division, The Fall and The Specials he has flirted with Heavy Metal and survived drinking sessions with the likes of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and of course motörhead and counts Lemmy as a true gent and a number one rock god. In complete contrast he made some of the most iconic photographs of the Smiths in the mid eighties, and in the late eighties and early nineties he photographed the Stones Roses and a young Manic Street Preachers, bands that captured the spirit of the times. In February 1994 he was introduced to a then unknown band called Oasis with whom he eventually spent a year on the road. In between times he hitch hiked 2500 km over snowbound mountain passes across Tibet and spent several months in the Three Gorges area of the Yangzi River documenting life before the building of the Yangzi High Dam. Thousands of settlements and whole towns have been completely inundated by the rising waters, and over three million people have lost their homes. He is putting this book together at the moment. These days he is likely to be found photographing the English landscape, downtown Cairo, or at a gig photographing England’s No.1 band The Len Price Three. Paul’s photographs have appeared in thousands of magazines worldwide, over 100 books on rock and roll bands, and on numerous CD’s.

For a further insight into Paul’s work take a look at "The Smiths – The Early Years," published by Vision On, Omnibus Press (2007) and Oasis – A Year on the Road, published by Vision On, Omnibus Press (2008) both are definitive photographic biographies of bands whose visual representation is a strong at the music they created.

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