OPG and DTB Promotions in association with Strummerville are proud to present:
The two-day event features: Glen Matlock And The Philistines, Ed Tudorpole, Rebel Truce, Dun 2 Defgood, Night Of Treason, 4jerry, Spizz Energi, Sex Pistols Experience, London, The Duel, The Latchicos, Good Weather Girl. Plus DJ Ray (Rude Boy) Grange 
2 day ticket £30 in advance
1 day ticket £20 in advance
December 22nd 2012 sees the 10th Anniversary of the passing of legendary Joe Strummer. Many events are being held up and down the country commemorating this anniversary. OPG and DtB Promotions felt that something personal was missing, and have decided to hold a weekend celebrating the life of 1 of the most influential voices ever to emerge from those hazy, heady 1970’s Punk days. 
There is bound to be a few surprise guests on both nights, you’ll just have to wait and see who turns up ! This is a Charity event, and all profits will be handed across to StrummerVille – 100% guaranteed! Strummerville is a registered charity that gives support to aspiring musicians and help to projects that help change the world through music. Set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer in the year after his death, the charity seeks to reflect Joe’s unique contribution to the music world by offering support, resources and performance opportunities to artists who would not normally have access to them. www.strummerville.comlive music until twelve mid-night – DJ’s until 3am 
We gratefully acknowledge the support of Strummer Studios who will be supplying the backline for the special event’ Saturday live music finishes at 12-midnight / DJ’s until 3amSunday live music finishes at 11pm
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John Peel: "I hate Toyah records and they all go whizzing into the charts, and I love The Cravats and play all their records and nobody buys them. Whenever I start to feel important I think, ‘Well, I never did much for The Cravats and I didn’t stop Toyah’…" – Smash Hits, 1982

‘The Cravats In Toytown’
The complete Small Wonder recordings: The Cravats In Toytown album and five singles, newly remastered, plus a bonus disc of In Toytown remixed from the original multi-track tapes by Penny Rimbaud.
Release date: 6th August 2012
Mick Mercer [1980 review of ‘Precinct’]: "Single of the Month … A strange bunch of girls [he’s putting us on, okay?] who are all set to be one of the finest bands ever, an uncanny resemblance to no-one else, strange noises…a liking of strange things” Panache fanzine #12.
The Cravats’ one, great musical handicap was that they were indescribable. Incisive, innovative musicianship was everywhere, yet the songs themselves defied comparison to anyone else’s. The lyrics, meanwhile, were uncommon, vivid, and forcefully-delivered, so reviewers (both friendly and hostile) focused on those. But the part that burrowed straight for the wee chunk of your brain marked “fight or flight” on the meat-cutters’ chart was the unsettling throb and lurch of the massively-amplified sax, guitars, bass, drums, and whatever other alien sound-forms and distortions The Cravats felt like heaving into the mix.
Their devoted record-company, Small Wonder, had no idea how to present them, either, but they kept on releasing Cravats records long after they’d bid adieu to the rest of their visionary catalog (among them The Cure, Patrik Fitzgerald, Crass, Poison Girls, Menace, Bauhaus, and Fatal Microbes). Peel played and played them, recording four Cravats Peel sessions 1979-82.
The Cravats formed after a Stranglers show in Birmingham in 1977: they borrowed £400 from Shend’s mum and self-released their debut 7” Gordon in July 1978. Small Wonder liked the single so much that they picked up 500 copies and booked the band into the studio with producer Bob Sargeant; the result was the Burning Bridges single, soon followed by Precinct. Next, the band relocated to Torquay for a full week in 1980 to record their first album – on an 8-track in a hotel basement: The Cravats In Toytown made it into the Top 20 in the independent charts. Two more Small Wonder 45s followed, You’re Driving Me and Off The Beach, sandwiched around their first project with Penny Rimbaud (who succeeded in making them even darker with ‘Rub Me Out’).
Despite their collectability, the Small Wonder records remained un-reissued until Penny Rimbaud obtained the recently discovered multi-track Toytown masters and re-interpreted and remixed them in his own unique, eccentric style, as Alice’s Adventures In Toytown.
The singles and the ‘original’ LP mix are fully remastered here as well.
Label: Overground / OVER 129 CD / barcode 689492121020 / double CD at single CD price.
Track Listing:
Still/ In Your Eyes/ Welcome/ Dralon/ Pressure Sellers/ One In A Thousand/ Spoons/ X.M.P./ All Around The Corner/ Ceasing To Be/ Gordon/ Streets/ Live For Now/ Tears On My Machine/ The Hole/ All On Standby/ Triplex Zone/ Training Aid/ Gordon/ Situations Vacant/ Burning Bridges/ I Hate The Universe/ The End/ Precinct/ Who’s In Here With Me/ You’re Driving Me/ I Am The Dreg/ Off The Beach/ And The Sun Shone/ Still/ In Your Eyes/ Welcome/ Pressure Sellers/ One In A Thousand/ X.M.P./ All Around The Corner/ Ceasing To Be/ Gordon/ Streets/ Live For Now/ Tears On My Machine/ The Hole/ All On Standby/ Triplex Zone/ When Will We Fall/ Who’s In Here With Me
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Converse have published a video of UK Subs at the recent ‘Converse Represent’ gig.

The video features Charlie and Jamie talking about the gig, as well footage of the Subs live on stage.
The sold out show at the 100 Club in London featured UK Subs, Discharge, Anti-nowhere League, Goldblade, Ed Tudor Pole and Dumbjaw
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After reissuing the entire back catalogue of Sugar albums on Merge Records in June, Bob Mould has announced details brand new solo album titled ‘Silver Age’ which set for release on September 4th 2012. 
You can hear the first single from Silver Age, titled ‘The Descent’ on Mould’s official website:

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Brothers of Brazil, British punk rockers The Adicts and Adam Ant, have announced a joint American tour, starting this September.
Brothers of Brazil, who fuse traditional Brazilian sounds with punk and rock, released an EP through Side One Dummy entitled “On My Way” in May. The Adicts are due to unleash their new album, ‘All The Young Droogs’, on September 11th 2012.
The dates are:
09/06 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues
09/07 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues
09/08 – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
09/09 – San Luis Obispo, CA – SLO Brewing Co.
09/10 – WestHollywood, CA – Key Club
09/11 – WestHollywood, CA – Key Club
09/13 – Los Angeles, CA – Mayan Theatre
09/14 – Las Vegas, NV – Hard Rock Cafe
09/15 – San Diego, CA – 4th and B
09/24 – Tallahassee, FL – The Moon
09/25 – Jacksonville, FL – Free Bird Live
09/27 – Tampa, FL – Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
09/28 – Coconut Creek, FL – The Pavilion – Seminole Casino
09/29 – Orlando, FL – Hard Rock Live
10/02 – Richmond, VA – The National
10/03 – Norfolk, VA – Norva Theater
10/05 – Philadellphia, PA – TROCADERO
10/06 – New York, NY – Best Buy Theater
10/08 – Boston, MA – Royale
10/11 – Pontiac, MI – The Crofoot
10/13 – Chicago, IL – Cubby Bear
10/14 – Milwaukee, WI – Turner Ballroom
10/18 – San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom
10/19 – Ventura, CA – Majestic Ventura Theater
10/20 – Anaheim, CA – The Grove of Anaheim
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After teasing American journalists with a series of cryptic emails last week, legendary singer-songwriter, Tom Waits releases a statement:

"As most of you guessed, it’s a tour…a tour de force!

“Matt Mahurin has created an apocalyptic war dream to accompany the song ‘HELL BROKE LUCE.’ Kathleen and I envisioned it as an enlightened drill sergeant yelling the hard truths of war to a brand new batch of recruits. The video grew from the gnawing image of a soldier pulling his home, through a battlefield, at the end of a rope.

“I think you will agree, it’s uplifting and fun."

"Hell Broke Luce," featuring Marc Ribot and Keith Richards on guitar, with Flea on bass and Casey Waits on drums, is from Waits’ most recent release, BAD AS ME.

You can watch the video at:



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“The film music I recorded to 24 track 2” tape in the heyday of analog synthesizers is reproduced correctly in vinyl. I am pleased that Death Waltz has taken up the torch of re-releasing these classic electronic music scores for the discerning audio collector. I often reflect on the ritual of taking up the LP, cleaning the record, putting them on the turntable and sitting back to actually listen the music. This is the way this music was intended to be heard.” Alan Howarth, composer

Death Waltz Recording Company is thrilled to announce the vinyl release of two classic and groundbreaking electronic John Carpenter scores, Halloween II & Halloween III on October 14th.

Halloween II was originally released in 1981, 3 years on from the celebrated first instalment of the Michael Myers slasher franchise. For the soundtrack, Carpenter once again enlisted his trusted collaborator – Alan Howarth (both had worked together on another Carpenter electronic masterpiece 1978’s ‘Escape From New York’) – to construct a score which utilised the original theme music in Halloween, but was now required to sound more sinister, dramatic and downright evil than its prequel. With analogue synthesisers really coming into their own in the early 80s, the duo were able to bring new keyboards on board and really branch out, creating a soundtrack that would have a huge influence on a number of genres – house, techno, hip-hop, drum & bass, ambient and metal being just a few. Built around the ‘Halloween II Theme’, the Halloween II soundtrack bathes in a pool of crystalline synth lines and slickly executed disturbing chord sequences, creating a wonderful layer of escalating tension and outright menace. It’s absorbing, fabulous and downright creepy. And just when you think you’ve got the soundtrack and the film simultaneously fully lodged in the brain, there’s the great moment when the Chordettes pop up with Pat Ballard’s ‘Mr Sandman’ to throw things a little. Its deployment in the film remains one of the Halloween II’s most powerful moments.

Halloween III Season Of The Witch (1982) saw Carpenter & Howarth team up again, the film’s plot centred around an evil toymaker at the infamous Silver Shamrock Novelties factory. Technological development once again played a key role in the soundtrack – new keyboards & computers allowed Carpenter & Howarth to develop another futuristic score that fully enhanced the film’s storyline, involving androids and demonic computer chips. There are some very deep, pulsating synth passages and building layers of tension, keyboard slashes and death beats. All utterly fabulous of course. Perhaps though, the ace in the pack and the ‘samplers delight’ moment arrives with the unforgettable Silver Shamrock Halloween mask jingle otherwise known on the album as ‘Halloween Montage’.

Both of these releases will get the Death Waltz Recordings 5 star deluxe reissue treatment. Death Waltz Recording Company is the creation of Rough Trade East shop manager Spencer Hickman and he is really raising the standard with the label’s output, having already put out highly impressive new vinyl editions of ‘Escape From New York’, Zombi 2 (aka Zombie Flesh Eaters), ‘Donnie Darko’, ‘Prince Of Darkness’, ‘Let The Right One In’ & ‘The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue’ to date.

Each release is limited to a 1,000 only vinyl pressing. Halloween II will be issued in stylish orange vinyl with a black middle complete with exclusive artwork from Brandon Schaefer and includes a lithograph and A2 poster. Sleevenotes are provided by Alan Howarth and Brandon Schaefer. Halloween III is pressed in classic black vinyl with an orange middle section and comes with exclusive artwork from Jay Shaw, a lithograph and A2 poster. Sleevenotes are by Alan Howarth and Jay Shaw.

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The definitive story of Joy Division told by the band’s legendary bassist,

"It’s very strange. Over the years Joy Division has become a huge part of music culture. A lot of people think they know what happened. But they don’t. Anyone who’s ever written a book or made a film about Joy Division, unless they were sat in that van or car with us, they don’t know anything about it. Me, Barney, Steve, Ian, Rob, Twinny, Terry and Dave. Only us lot know what really happened…"PETER HOOK

In the frank, no-holds-barred style that has seen his previous book The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Clubreach critical acclaim, Peter ‘Hooky’ Hook takes us to the heart of Joy Division and the sound that defined an era and inspired a generation with propulsive bass guitar melodies such as ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’.

Driven by the attitude, energy and sound of Punk, particularly the Sex Pistols, four young lads from Macclesfield and Salford shared the same vision and created a band with their own unique sound. Cobbling together instruments and a clapped out old van, they played in pubs and clubs – first across the north- west, then across the whole of Britain, until in 1980 they had released two albums and were on the cusp of touring America.

Then Ian Curtis committed suicide leaving everyone around him bereft.

In Unknown Pleasures, Peter shares previously unseen photographs and paraphernalia and reflects, with eye-opening candour, on the suicide of Ian Curtis: often seen as the "intellectual one" – to Peter and the band he was just "one of the lads". He shares his regret that Ian’s burdens of balancing his epilepsy and the demands of his domestic life only emerged when it was too late.


“I supposed in the end it’s almost too easy to look back and say what you should have done, how you might have changed things. How you might have done things differently and ultimately stopped Ian from doing what he did. What’s harder, what’s much, much harder, is to accept what you actually did do. Accept what you did do, and live with it” PETER HOOK

Covering the band’s friendships and fall-outs; their rehearsals and recording sessions; Peter gives a truly fascinating insight, as only an insider can, into the characters who formed a vital part of the Joy Division legend.

A nationwide signing / speaking tour will be announced shortly to follow publication on October 1st


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It’s that time of year again. The little sun we’ve had has gone to the Captains head and he’s slashed the price of all single CDs (including the deluxe DigiPaks) to just £6.99. If you’re in the UK you’re in luck as that price INCLUDES delivery!! So £6.99 to your door.

For those of you in Europe postage is just £1 per CD and for the rest of the world it’s £2 per CD. So get surfing and top up your collection with some classic Punk / Oi at bargain prices





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Saturday 18th August
P45 + support
ADM £6
The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell, London SW9 OTP.
Saturday 1st September
English Dogs + Sick Pig + Howired + System Paralysis
ADM £8
The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell, London SW9 OTP.
Thursday 13th September
GOiD + Suicide Si + Harrison Wilde (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)
The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell, London SW9 OTP.
Thursday 27th September
Lithium + The Dirt Tracks + support
ADM £5
The Fiddlers Elbow, 1 Malden Road, Camden, London NW5 3HS
Saturday 6th October
The Enemy (Punk) + The Clones + Decadent Few
ADM £7
The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell, London SW9 OTP.

Saturday 3rd November

Charity Event featuring:
16 Guns + Violation 69 + Snide + The Bram Stokers
ADM £4
The Grosvenor, 17 Sidney Road, Stockwell, London SW9 OTP.
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Long-running hardcore punk band, Agnostic Front have unveiled a new video for their song ‘Us Against the World.’ The song appears on the band’s 2011 full-length, My Life, My Way.

The American band are heading to the UK this weekend for the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool.
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