Two of punk’s greatest survivors, Charlie Harper of the UK Subs and Knox of The Vibrators have come up with a startling new album by their side project band URBAN DOGS.

This CD-only release features a stunning painting by Knox as its eye-catching cover, full colour 8 page booklet including photos by the world famous rock photographer Paul Slattery and well known punk photographer Gemma ‘LibraSnake’ Eggle.

Charlie has also written exclusive liner notes on each of the album’s songs.

Featuring a mixture of new songs, cover versions and old Subs, Dogs or Vibrators classics, you will find much delight in this sparkling 11 track toe-tapping acoustic-attitude album. Striking the right balance between political message and great sing-along acoustic songs, this collection of tunes will certainly surprise and entertain you.

Recorded over a two year period, Charlie jokes that it is a “bare bones production”, but that betrays the lightness of touch and intricate musicianship that shines through on this classic material.

So…there’s life in these old dogs yet!

Who said old dogs can’t have their day?

The CD is available to buy at:

Price: £8-00 plus p&p

CD track listing: 












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Two iconic bands have agreed to play in Norwich in October as a fundraiser for the new John Peel Centre for Creative Arts in Stowmarket. Two of Peel’s favourite bands The Fall and The Undertones will appear at the Fundraiser on Oct 10th. Norwich Arts Centre is producing the event as the launch event for the new John Peel Festival of New Music. They have been working with Peel’s wife Sheila Ravenscroft to help establish both the new venue and the festival as a permanent legacy to the much missed DJ.

The fundraiser will feature bands whom John had a great connection with and will also include Norwich Peel favourites Bearsuit and a band currently making waves, Dingus Khan. The following three days of the festival will feature over 50 new acts across 10 venues in Norwich.
Peel’s wife Sheila commented: "We’ve been developing the new venue for some time in Stowmarket and it’s great that this is happening to give us some much need funds. I’m so pleased that The Fall and The Undertones have agreed to play as everybody knows that they were two bands very close to John’s heart and we should raise some money for the new venue. It’ll also be a great gig! ”
Undertones bass player Michael Bradley said: "It’s fairly obvious we owe a lot to John and it’s an honour to be asked to support the centre. Also looking forward to seeing The Fall play live and getting Mark E Smith to sign my Fall CD."
Norwich Arts Centre Director Stuart Hobday added: "We realise we may be accused of nostalgia in producing this event when it’s obviously not what Peel was about. However this fundraiser seemed like an appropriate way to capture the affection that is still out there for John and to not forget his direct contribution to British musical life in helping bands such as The Fall, The Undertones and Bearsuit. It’s tribute in itself that all of the bands have agreed to waive their fees for the gig and so hopefully we will raise a good amount of money for the new venue in Stowmarket.
The following three nights of music are all emerging exciting acts backed up by a three day music development conference aimed at bringing musicians and industry figures together. It’s a financially tough time for venues and emerging bands in Britain with very little record company development money available. This is the sort of initiative that is vital in keeping alive the great tradition of restless new British music which is what John Peel was always at the heart of."
Details of the Event:
The Fall + The Undertones + Bearsuit + Dingus Khan
At EPIC Studios in Norwich (Magdalen Street) on Wednesday October 10th 7.30pm
Tickets £20 / £22 door
Available from Norwich Arts Centre Box Office 01603 660352 or online via
If anybody would like to make a donation to the new John Peel Centre for the Creative Arts in Stowmarket please visit:
More details of the line up for the John Peel Festival of New Music can be found at three day Festival wristbands are available for £35 from Norwich Arts Centre but do not include the fundraiser event as announced above.
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The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion have announced a European tour, which includes a gig at  the Electric Ballroom in London on December 3rd 2012.
Those dates are:
Lyon Epicerie Moderne (France) (November 29)
Clermont Ferrand Le Coop De Mai (France) (30)
Nantes, Stereolux (France) (December 1)
Lille, Aeronef (France) (2)
London, Electric Ballroom (UK) (3)
Paris, Le Bataclan (France) (4)
Strasbourg, La Laiterie (France) (5)
La Chaux De Fonds (Switzerland) (6)
Zurich, Kilbi Winter Festival (Switzerland) (7)
Prague, Akropolis (Czech Republic) (8)
Berlin, Festaal (Germany) (9)
Koln, Gebaude 9 (Germany) (10)
Brussels, Ancienne Belgique (Belgium) (11)
Tickets are available now so get ‘em whilst they’re hot (and not sold out).  

The group’s new album, ‘Meat & Bone’ comes out on Sep 17th and is available to pre-orderover at
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Legendary punk rock / new wave band Devo have released a new song in time for the 2012 Presidential election in the US.

The track, ‘Don’t Roof Rack Me, Bro! (Seamus Unleashed)’ pokes fun at Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, who in 1983 strapped the family’s dog crate onto to the roof of his car while on holiday.
Speaking about the song, Devo’s Jerry Casale, said: “This isn’t a red-state thing or Devo stumping for Obama. But I think any animal lover that hears the story will learn so much about the character flaw of Romney. It’s just a deal-breaker about the man. My God, the world is a scary place with seven billion people. What you want in a leader is a guy with some humanity at his core. I just don’t feel that Mitt does.”
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Village Underground Presents:

Mark Stewart + Factory Floor
27.September 2012
8 PM – 11.30 PM
Never has there been a better time for the return of Mark Stewart.
Continuing an unmatchable track record of anarchic pioneering and seismic influence, Mark Stewart is back with his eighth album and what must be his most high profile project to date, reasserting him as one of the great volcanic creative minds.
His new album The Politics of Envy out 26th March, 2012 through Future Noise Music, features a stellar cast, including cult film-maker Kenneth Anger, original Clash/PiL guitarist Keith Levene, NYC punk innovator Richard Hell, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Gina Birch of the Raincoats, Slits bassist Tessa Pollitt, Jesus And Mary Chain bassist Douglas Hart, Factory Floor, Daddy G of Massive Attack and all of Primal Scream.
All roads have been leading to this. The Politics of Envy cages, consolidates and hotwires the rampant barrage of elements which have infused Mark Stewart’s work since his first band, The Pop Group blasted the post-punk landscape.
Supporting Mark will be Factory Floor who use rigid, fixed beats, and other sounds from the manufacturing plant, as suggested by the trio’s moniker. But there’s also an underlying danceability that belies the seeming austerity of the Industrial sound; a hint at warmth that cuts through the permafrozen exterior. Which explains why ultra-cool label DFA have signed them.
For more information or to  book tickets visit:
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The UK’s first film festival dedicated to the work on screen of legend David Bowie
Friday 31 August – Sunday 2 September, ICA London
In the year of David Bowie’s 65th birthday, and the 40th anniversary of the seminal album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, it seems the perfect time to celebrate an overlooked aspect of the great man’s career, namely his contribution to cinema and the small screen. Somewhat surprisingly, such an event has never been held in the UK so this is a unique festival.
Renowned for consistently remaking his image and assuming alter egos in his music, Bowie has also played a fantastically wide range of characters in his films. Come join us at the ICA to celebrate the best of his celluloid appearances with Bowiefest, 3 days of screenings, talks, and Q&As.
For more information about this exciting event visit:
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The UK’s first film festival dedicated to the work on screen of legend David Bowie
Friday 31 August – Sunday 2 September, ICA London
In the year of David Bowie’s 65th birthday, and the 40th anniversary of the seminal album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, it seems the perfect time to celebrate an overlooked aspect of the great man’s career, namely his contribution to cinema and the small screen. Somewhat surprisingly, such an event has never been held in the UK so this is a unique festival.
Renowned for consistently remaking his image and assuming alter egos in his music, Bowie has also played a fantastically wide range of characters in his films. Come join us at the ICA to celebrate the best of his celluloid appearances with Bowiefest, 3 days of screenings, talks, and Q&As.
For more information about this exciting event visit:
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The UK premiere of The Rise and Fall of The Clash takes place tonight (Wednesday 15th August 2012) at the Portobello Pop Up Cinema, 3 Acklam Road, London.

The Rise And Fall Of The Clash features previously unseen footage of the band at work and at play, interviews with the individual band members and with those who knew them well, and traces the downward trajectory of a band who were at one point ‘the biggest band in the world’

Admission is £5 on the door. There will also be a post screening Q&A with Director Danny Garcia
An after film party, featuring an exclusive live performance from Steve Dior and a set from Clash DJ Scratchy, is taking place later on in the evening at ‘Sporting Club’ 27 Elkstone Road W10 5NP. Doors 10.30 PM – 2 AM.
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Gary Numan will play 7 shows in December with the new ‘Dead Moon Falling’ Tour. These concerts will feature some brand new songs from the forthcoming ‘Splinter’ album (due for release in 2013), plus new versions of tracks from 2011′s ‘Dead Son Rising’ album, which are currently being worked on by the likes of Alec Empire, The Duke Spirit, Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails), Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) and Gazelle Twin.

Officers are once again supporting, as they are releasing a new single with Numan in the run up to the tour. This collaboration, ‘Petals’ is scheduled for a full release in November.

The dates are"
December 2nd: Southampton Guildhall 
December 3rd: Manchester Ritz 
December 4th: Edinburgh Picturehouse 
December 5th: Norwich UEA. (rescheduled from September 7th)
December 6th: Wolverhampton Wulfren Hall 
December 7th: London The Forum 
December 8th: Nottingham Rock City
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Brighton based band , The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster have annouced that they are reforming for a short UK tour this autumn.

The mysterious band, whose sound can only be described as a mixture of psychobilly, goth and garage punk, achieved a massive cult following in their ten years together before they disbanded back in March 2011 due to an “onslaught of challenges in the form of illness, personnel upheaval and general malcontent.”
The band, who are re-releasing their classic single ‘Chicken’, on August 20th, have decided to put their personal problems aside to play a handful of shows this October.
The group are also playing a very special Halloween show at London’s Electric Ballroom, which promises to be an unearthly and ceremonial-esque performance.
The band play:
October 29 – Manchester Club Academy
October 30 – Brighton Concorde 2
October 31 – London Electric Ballroom
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Following the news on Facebook this week about the safe return of singer Jaz Coleman, who is very much alive and working on a solo album and book in the Western Sahara, Killing Joke have announced details of a three-disc compilation album titled, Killing Joke In Dub, which will be available to pre-order next week.

KJ In Dub 
It’s been a long time coming….Killing Joke in Dub has been in the planning for almost 25 years. 
Killing joke have been releasing ‘Dub’ mixes and dance remixes of their songs since the late 70’s and pioneered the genre for the mash up of rock, metal, dub and electronic dance.
Youth also one of the early pioneers of remix culture from the 80’s, along side Andrew Weatheral and Adrian Sherwood, have been fusing bass heavy dub mixes into alt rock and mainstream music. 
Youth has selected some classic treasures from the KJ vaults and has attacked a few tracks from the last two albums as well for this triple volume of Dub mixes. Including mixes from Nine inch nails to Spiral Tribe and longtime KJ mix engineer Clive Goddard and Geordie going into the industrial dub ring for some mighty epic dragon dub slaying.
KJ In Dub
1. This World Hell – Youth Dub Mix
2. Money Is Not Our God – Youth Dub Mix
3. Love Like Blood – Youth Dub Mix
4. European Superdub – Youth Dub Mix
5. Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove – Clive Goddard Dub Mix
6. Depth Charge – Youth Dub Mix
7. A Sixth Sun – Youth Dub Mix
8. Pole Shift – Geordie & Clive Goddard Mix
9. Tomorrow’s World – Youth Dub Mix
10. The Raven King – Youth Dub Mix
11.ESS – Orb VS Youth Mix
12.Absolute Dissent – Geordie & Clive Goddard Dub Mix
13.Corporate Elect – Youth Dub Mix
KJ In Dub (Dancehall)
1. Change – Spiral Tribe Mix
2. In Cytheria – Bloody Beetroots Remix
3. Seeing Red – Jagz Kooner Remix
4. Democracy – Nine Inch Nails Remix
5. ESS – Youth Remix
6. Savage Freedom – UX Remix
7. Whiteout – (The Intellect Is Ugly) Mandra Gora Remix
8. Love Like Blood – Deedrah Remix
9. In Cytheria – Banda Remix
10. ESS – J.Zoomba Industrial Mix
11. Jana – Hallucinogen Remix
12.Stations Of The Sun – Hallucinogen Remix
13. Pandemonium – Man With No Name Remix
KJ In Dub Retroactive
1. Requiem – A Floating Leaf Always Reaches The Sea Mix
2. Pandemonium – A Thread Of Steel In The Suspension Bridge Of Time & Space Mix
3. Another Cult Goes Down – Portobello Mix
4. Killer – Dub (AKA Bread & Jam)
5. Democracy – The Orb Russian Tundra Mix
6. Democracy – Waxworth Industries Mix
7. Pandemonium – Nu-Clear Shredded Fibres Mix
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Following on from their storming performance at London 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremony last night, legendary ska act Madness are giving away a free download of a brand new track ‘Death of a Rudeboy’.

The track is available now from the official site
‘Death of a Rudeboy’ is taken from the bands new album which is due to be released later this year.
The band are also gearing up for their biggest tour to date, which starts in Dublin on 28th November 2012.
The band play:
Wed 28th Nov – The O2 Arena, Dublin
Fri 30th Nov – Cardiff Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff
Sat 1st Dec – Brighton Centre, Brighton
Mon 3rd Dec- Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) Bournemouth
Tue 4th Dec – Plymouth Pavilions, Plymouth
Thu 6th Dec – The Capital FM Arena, Nottingham
Fri 7th Dec – Liverpool Echo Arena, Liverpool
Sat 8th Dec – Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle upon Tyne
Mon 10th Dec- The SECC, Clyde Auditorium (The Armadillo) & Lomond Auditorium, Glasgow
Tue 11th Dec – Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield
Thu 13th Dec – LG Arena, Birmingham
Fri 14th Dec – The O2 Arena, London
Sat 22nd Dec – The O2 Arena, London
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Reggae musician and producer DENNIS BOVELL will be serving as master of ceremonies at the Bristol Reggae Explosion Live show in Bristol later this month.

The former MATUMBI member went on to become a key figure in the lovers rock and dub genres, but is most widely known for his collaborations with LINTON KWESI JOHNSON.
Just last month BOVELL got back together with LKJ for a show at WOMAD in Wiltshire. He continues to record, produce and play live all over the world.
Among the wide range of artists on the Bristol Reggae Explosion Live bill are TALISMAN, JOSHUA MOSES and BUNNY MARRETT.
The big summer gig – put together by Bristol Archive Records and Midnight Mango – takes place on 26 August at the Big Top tent, Temple Meads, in Bristol.
The show starts at 8pm (running until 3am) and tickets are priced at £10 – available from the Bristol Ticket Shop and all the other usual outlets.
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Vive Le Rock Magazine in association with Gypsy Hotel Proudly Presents:




-Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’n’Stroll In Black’N’Red!


Bone Shakin’ Skiffle, Cumbia & Rock And Roll!


– Punk Classics Hillbilly Style!

Plus a full supporting cast of cabaret and circus stars including

DALSTON FISTING CLUB Lady Ane Angel & Suri Sumatra in double dippin’ action!

MAMZELLE FIFI – Voodoo Bitch Doctor!

ZORA VIPERAZ – Fire Woman Extraordinaire!

Plus Vive Le Rock DJ’s spinning the most spooky Rock’n’Roll tunes ever!!

Doors 10.30pm

(The Urban Voodoo Machine onstage midnight)

Drinkin’ & Dancing till 4am!



20-22 Highbury Corner

Tube: Highbury & Islington


N5 1RD

Early bird tickets £10 before 1 September/£12 after/£15 door.

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Gary Numan will release a new live CD, DVD and limited edition book/CD ‘Big Noise Transmission’ on August 20th 2012. Recorded at the HMV Ritz, Manchester in December 2011, ‘Big Noise Transmission’ features Numan and his band at their most intense, with the DVD’s aesthetics capturing the power, experimental textures and audio quality of the singer’s recent ‘Dead Son Rising’ album perfectly. Numan’s stage is blitzed with light – strobes being used like weapons for the set’s biggest anthems. At other times, everything fades, almost to blackout, with the viewer sucked into the darkness for a few moments before the heavy light-assault explodes into life again. Then cut to the images on the screen as each track is illustrated with slogans, graphics and burnt-out, degraded films. The atmosphere created by the audience is fantastic too, right from the opening classic ‘Down In The Park’ – a highlight for most artists’ sets – but for Numan, this is just the start. The set also features classic tracks such as ‘Films’, ‘Are ‘Friends’ Electric? and ‘I Die: You Die’. Dead Son Rising was a very special tour and Big Noise Transmission is a fantastic document of one of Numan’s finest shows.

‘Big Noise Transmission’ is available via the Official Numan Store in 3 formats – a 20-track PAL DVD; a deluxe, limited edition book with a double CD of the whole concert and also as a stand-alone double CD album.

All three formats are available for pre-order now on the Official Gary Numan website

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August 9, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA – UK punk legends The Adicts have announced plans to release their tenth studio album, All The Young Droogs, via DC-Jam Records on September 11. The band recently launched a campaign on (, where fans can pre-order the new album in a variety of bundles.

Listen to the brand new track, “Horrorshow,” streaming now, exclusively on

For the last thirty-five years, English punk band The Adicts have been in a relentless pursuit of making music and touring for their fans. Night after night, singer Monkey adorns his signature jester’s outfit while his cohorts Pete Dee (guitar), Scruff” Ellis (guitar), Kid Dee, (drums), and Shahen (bass) back him dressed in all white.
Since their highly revered debut, Songs of Praise, in 1981, which featured the fan favorite “Viva la Revolution,” The Adicts have gone on to become one of the most influential punk bands of the last three decades. A feat that very few bands have ever accomplished. While others in the early English punk scene took a heavy heart singing about politics, society and angst, The Adicts separated themselves with their dystopian style and upbeat music with light-hearted lyrics that jabbed with sarcasm.

Fast forward to 2012 and the only thing that’s changed is the world around them. On September 11, The Adicts will release their tenth studio album, one that is sure to surprise fans. For their latest release, the band stepped out on the ledge, integrating new styles and influences in their music, while maintaining their signature sound.

Featuring tracks like the punk anthem, sing-along “Horrorshow” and the grooving jam “Give It To Me Baby,” All The Young Droogs finds The Adicts at their finest. Reinvigorated and inspired by their fans who helped fund the album directly, The Adicts have once again proven their punk royalty.

The Adicts will invade the U.S. in early September before heading to Brazil later that month to support the release of All The Young Droogs. Tour dates are listed below.

All The Young Droogs Track List:
1. Battlefield W1
2. Wild
3. Stomper
4. My Old Friend
5. Stop The World (I Wanna Get Off)
6. Give It To Me Baby
7. Rage Is The Rage
8. All The Young Droogs
9. To Us Tonight
10. Catch My Heart
11. Horrorshow
12. Love Lies Bleeding

The Adicts U.S. Tour Dates (w/Brothers of Brazil):
Sep 6 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues
Sep 7 – Anaheim, CA – House of Blues
Sep 8 – San Francisco, CA – Slim’s
Sep 9 – San Luis Obispo, CA – SLO Brewing Company
Sep 10 – Los Angeles, CA – Key Club
Sep 11 – Los Angeles, CA – Key Club
Sep 13 – Denver, CO – Marquis Theater
Sep 15 – Chicago, IL – Riot Fest
Sep 16 – Ann Arbor, MI – Blind Pig
Sep 18 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
Sep 19 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
Sep 20 – Jacksonville, FL – The Pit
Sep 21 – Tampa, FL – State Theatre
Sep 22 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room

The Adicts Brazil Tour Dates (w/Brothers of Brazil):
Sep 27 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Cine Joia
Sep 28 – Porto Alegra, Brazil – Bar Opiniao
Sep 29 – Curitiba, Brazil – Masterhall

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