To get your band featured on the next Vive Le Rock cover cd-out in Feb, along with the likes of P.I.L  simply email titled-‘VIVE COVER CD’ and we will get back to you next week. Issue 6 of Vive Le Rock is already sha[ping up to be a classic with legends old and new interviewed!!

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Hello People,

Hope you have all had a great X-Mas. It’s time to say Goodbye To Another Year – this NYE we’ll be hosting a small but perfectly formed party in Stoke Newington – only 150 tickets available, so get yours now if you wanna see the new year in Bourbon Soaked Snake Charmin’ Rock’n’Roll stylee! Tickets here:


Cheers and best wishes for 2012.






“Bourbon Soaked Snake Charmin’ Rock’N’Roll Cabaret”









– Death Jazz Dirges!

*An unruly mixture of carnival dirges, gothic country and punk from Montana-born performance artist, poet and musician Rasp Thorne and his band the Briars.

Songs of cryptic crocodiles, shotgun-sucking porn stars and dystopian wax cults began to form and Rasp Thorne & the Briars unleashed their mix of suave crooning, chaotic punk and transgressive love laments onto London’s flamboyant club scene. Nights such as Gypsy Hotel, Torture Garden and Stranger Than Paradise embraced the band’s decadently deranged live performances and the band successfully curated their own night at Shunt amidst the structure of the theatrical show ‘Money’.




-Ragtime Ompa Trash!

* They are a rather devilish trio from (yes you guessed it, Dalston!) and comprise of the amazing lap steel player Paul Snakecraft along with Ane Angel on tuba and Paul-Ronney Angel on vocals/banjo/guitar. Expect covers of Tom Waits, Hank Williams & John Lee Hooker like you’ve never heard them before!





-Balinese Burlesque Legend!

* Super creative and super hot – Suri always delivers one hell of an original show!





-Cajun Swamp Strip Tease!

* Trixie came with us when we did our club night in New Orleans and picked up some inspiration whilst out in the swamps – we can’t wait to see what she’s come up with!





-The Smoking Gun!

*Nick should be no stranger to Gypsy hotel regulars as he is the guitar slinger in The Urban Voodoo Machine. The former Flesh For Lulu front man has also made a brilliant solo album “A Universe Between Us” which he will be performing songs for us from.





–Gypsy Viola Vixen!

*Northern Blonde Bombshell Friday strips, struts and plays the viola!







 Paul-Ronney & Ane Angel

(Your host and hostess from The Urban Voodoo Machine)

 Duncan DeMorgan

(The man behind the Shore Leave and Born Bad club nights)



LA SERA (Opposite the Rochester Castle)

176 Stoke Newington High Street N16 7JL


Doors 9pm

Show starts 10pm

Drinkin’ and Dancin’ till 3.30am.


Tickets £15 in advance from

(£20 on the door – ONLY 150 tickets available)




Email: theboss [AT]

Please join our Facebook Group –





More Gypsy Hotel Events:


Saturday 21 January at The Lexington

BANJOEY RAMONE – Skiffle Punk’n’Roll!

JOHN E VISTIC – Bleeding Heart Country Blues!

EMPRESS OF FUR – Female-led Voodoo-Billy!

TRIXIE SPARKLE – Regal Burlesque!


dj SCRATCHY – Resident Wax-Spinner!





 Friday 10 February at the Garage, Highbury Corner


 VIVE LE VALENTINE!! Featuring The Urban Voodoo Machine, Bermondsey Joyriders, Rubber Richie, King Salami and the Cumberland 3, Lucifire and loads more!!


Tickets available here:

 or here:


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New Model Army Studio destroyed by fire

On Christmas Eve a fire started in the furniture outlet next to the Mill in Bradford, and directly below New Model Army’s studio. Although most of the building, which also houses two floors of Party Space, a screen-printers and several other studios rented by professional outfits including Paradise Lost and previously Chumbawumba. was saved, New Model Army’s studio suffered a roof collapse, extensive fire, water and smoke damage and almost complete devastation. (pictures attached and video link).

Gone are Gretsch and Slingerland vintage drum kits, a Hammond C3 Organ and a whole number of collectable old guitars and amplifiers. Also lost are the two projects that the band are currently working on – demos for their 12th studio album due in 2012 and recently discovered 30 year-old tapes containing early work which was to be added to the Spring re-release of the band’s Independent Chart-topping debut album, ‘Vengeance’, from 1984.

Social network sites have been buzzing with the story over the Christmas period and New Model Army have been inundated with offers of help and support from other bands and well-wishers from all over the World. But despite their losses, the band remains upbeat.

Singer Justin Sullivan says:
We have really been amazed by the response and the generosity of the offers of assistance we have received. Of course we are all upset about what has happened especially the loss of irreplaceable musical instruments and three or four months of recording work but we are insured and hope that at least our financial losses will be covered. In the end though, nobody was hurt and what was lost is just material. The band is about People and Spirit and without doubt this has never been stronger. There may perhaps be a bit of a delay in our activities but otherwise everything will continue as before.

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 NEW MODEL ARMY TO HEADLINE STRUMMERCAMP...                          New Model Army are one of Britain’s most enduring and unique bands, know for their intense passionate live performances, incredibly loyal following and humanitarian and political stance, will be headlining the Sunday night at Strummercamp festival 2012.                          In their 31st year, with 13 albums to their name, New Model Army still poses an insatiable creative ambition. As one of the Amigo’s favourite bands this promises to be one of the best closing nights Strummercamp Festival has seen.                                         More Bands Announced...                          Strummercamp are also please to announce that the following bands will also been joining New Model Army at next years festival, across the 5 stages:                         GOLDBLADE, NECK, THE LOVELY EGGS, V THIRTEEN, STAND OUT RIOT, BEAT THE RED LIGHT, REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN, HATED TIL PROVEN, ACID DROP, FAINTEST IDEA, ONLY STRANGERS, BOOTSCRAPER, RISING STRIKE, RUN OUT THE GUNS, DUCKING PUNCHES                           a.. More bands will be announced                            b.. Over 60 bands to playing next year                            c.. One of the best value for money festivals about                            d.. Early bird tickets still available for just £50                            e.. Kids and family tickets also available, under 10s get in FREE                           “A festival winner” 5/5 Big Cheese                         “The friendliest festival around” E-festivals                           More Strummercamp Info...                          For more information please call Phil on 07903304744                          Strummercamp remains a completely volunteer run independent festival which is continuing to grow.                           a.. Not-for-profit festival run by completely by volunteers                            b.. Mainstage featuring well know established bands                            c.. Second stage run by Manchester independent record label, bring the best of the underground music scene.                            d.. Manchester promtor Slit running a new outdoor stage                            e.. An indoor stage run by Manchester’s Punx inna Jungle                            f.. Acoustic stage run by Leeds promoters ‘the hempen Jig’ providing some of the best UK acoustic acts                            g.. Workshops, including kids club                            h.. Amazing friendly family atmosphere                            i.. Great selection of food, including vegetarian café                            j.. Beer sold at pub prices include a great selection of real ale                            k.. Annual Strummercamp 5-a-side competetion                            l.. Free camping and parking with weekend ticket                                                           | @Strummercamp12 | 
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In the midst of Scotland’s punk explosion, a Glasgow maths teacher hung up his mortar board and picked up a camera.


His name was Harry Papadopoulos and his photos would come to define and inform Scottish popular culture in the 1980s.

Papadopoulos’s animated portraits of Orange Juice, Aztec Camera and Josef K symbolised The Sound of Young Scotland, which became a global arch-pop phenomenon. Their whimsical panache enlightens our indie aesthetic to this day, as demonstrated by Belle and Sebastian, The Pastels and Franz Ferdinand.

The Penilee snapper also captured the radical vanguard of post-punk (Blondie, The Birthday Party and Joy Division) and the billowing frontier of New Pop (ABC, Heaven 17 and Spandau Ballet) thanks to his tenure at London music weekly Sounds, from 1979-1984. This alliance of vintage home-grown stars with international rock’n’roll icons will dominate a major career retrospective, What Presence!, at Glasgow’s Street Level Photoworks.

Papadopoulos, now 56, suffered a brain aneurysm 10 years ago, and his annals would have been consigned to bin liners were it not for one of his best-loved subjects, Ken McCluskey of The Bluebells. "Harry’s brother Jimmy is my local electrician," says McCluskey. "We got chatting about two-and-a-half years ago, and I asked how Harry was getting on. Jimmy told me he’d moved back to Glasgow, and about his illness, so I went to see him.

"There were hundreds of images, thousands of them, lying about Harry’s house," continues McCluskey. "Eventually I said to him, ‘We should try and clean these up a wee bit.’ They were in cardboard boxes and bags, some lying loose and some of them were a bit damp."

As Papadopoulos prepared to move into a care home, McCluskey set to work salvaging thousands of negatives and scanning them with a hand-held digital converter. "It was quite painstaking but it was exciting too," he says. "One minute you’d find a Joy Division picture, the next it’d be Orange Juice or [Buzzcocks’] Howard Devoto."

McCluskey estimates that it took him about eight months to scan the majority of shots, before he approached Street Level director Malcolm Dickson. You get the impression the former Bluebell would have worked on them forever if that was required, in tribute to a man whose photos reframed rock and redefined Glasgow – and who took artists under his wing.

"He was like a big brother," remembers McCluskey. He relates the tale as we explore Street Level’s striking, in-progress Papadopoulos archives – Annie Lennox here, Altered Images there. "He really looked after us, and he let us stay with him when he moved to London." Papadopoulos’s Kensal Rise flat became a home-from-home for Scottish acts like Aztec Camera, The Bluebells and Orange Juice.

"Harry was a very laid-back guy," he continues. "The Bluebells did quite a lot of different shoots with him and he’d just go for a walk to places he knew. One time he took us to a tunnel underneath Kelvingrove Park – there was only one shaft of light coming down from a drain," he laughs. "Or he’d say, ‘I really like that car showroom over there’, and take your picture in an E-Type Jag. He was very good, but he wouldn’t ever try and change anything about you, or change what you were. I think that was important."

Writer and former Herald journalist David Belcher has been documenting the retrospective, and is struck by the versatility and expression in Papadopoulos’s work. "I think one of the great things is that none of them really look like your archetypal pop band press photographs," he says. "They’re all pictures in which, generally speaking, something is happening – some moment, just of people messing about – and he’s captured it. None of them look staged, but you get a sense of who the people are from the photograph: how their look is allied to their sound, to their music, and what they’re about.

"It also shows the power of the music weeklies at the time," continues Belcher, in reference to Melody Maker, Sounds and NME. "They were the only outlet for people’s interest in music, and people’s notion of what music was, and what was going on in different parts of Britain."

Co-curator Malcolm Dickson of Street Level salutes the images’ enduring cultural significance. "There are people who remember the 1980s – my generation – and for us some of the images have a personal resonance," he says. "And then there’s Max, our printer, who’s much younger – but his uncle, Mick Slaven, is actually in the pictures somewhere, so everything’s connected," he smiles. "By bringing this back to life it reminds you of the continuities across the generations, and it reminds you how central Scotland was to the indie scene at that time."

Papadopoulos’s influence was far-reaching from the moment he downed classroom tools and assumed the life of a guerrilla snapper. (A 15-year-old McCluskey would buy a Clash live shot from him outside Glasgow Apollo in 1977. "That gig was what first got me into music, so that photo captures it for me," he reflects). Yet even when he moved to London, the photographer was synonymous with Scotland.

Would Papadopoulos, the son of a Scots mother and Greek-Cypriot father, have taken the same style of photographs if he had not grown up in Glasgow? "No, I think the environment always influenced Harry," suggests McCluskey. "He liked taking pictures of ceilings, I noticed – so it’d be like your head and the rest of the photo would be of that cornicing you only really get in the West End.

"And there’s a whole series of photographs where it’s outside your maw’s back garden," he laughs. "He’d get bands and he’d be like, ‘Where are you from? Oh, you lived in a Glasgow scheme? Let’s see your back garden then. Good. Now jump about.’"

Belcher believes Papadopoulos’s work was also inspired by the culture of Glasgow – often by virtue of railing against it. His Sound of Young Scotland prints in particular (and those of fellow post-punk lensmen Robert Sharp and Peter McArthur) set their subjects apart from local 1970s rock modes –the hard-core braggadocio of Nazareth; the livid speed-punk of The Exploited – and from social typecasting. "It was all about going against the Glasgow hardman stereotype. It was about being fey and feminine and waspish. I think that was very important," Belcher notes. "It defined what Glasgow bands were not."

If the Papadopoulos retrospective serves to excavate and showcase vital pop artefacts, so too does it seek to encourage cultural dialogue. There are connections yet to be made and stories yet to be told – as evinced by a handful of exhibition photos that feature as-yet unidentified people and places. Visitors are welcome to share their memories; to contribute to the oral history of the era. "This is the start of something, rather than just a retrospective," offers Dickson.

A website is planned, with a view to making Papadopoulos’s work commercially available via the Harry Papadopoulos Foundation. "The idea is to help Harry live a bit more comfortably," explains McCluskey.

How does Papadopoulos feel about the exhibition, given his life’s work was almost discarded? "He’s happy that his photographs are being archived," says the man who rescued them. "He’s happy that they’ll always be here."

What Presence! The Rock Photography of Harry Papadopoulos runs at Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, from December 17-February 25. A series of talks and special events will accompany the exhibition. Visit

.AOLWebSuite .AOLPicturesFullSizeLink

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UK Release DATE: FEBRUARY 6th 2012

Label: pinkflag (pf19)




 2011 saw the release of Wire’s most critically acclaimed and fastest-selling album in recent years, Red Barked Tree. The band also embarked on its most ambitious tour to date, embracing four continents and dozens of cities, many of which Wire had never played before. The final leg of the tour saw Wire performing in front of UK audiences for the second time in a year, something not undertaken for more than three decades.


In celebration of this extraordinary year, pinkflag presents a special keepsake for those many thousands that saw the band live, as well as those who weren’t able to make it. Named for the legendary series of radio broadcasts hosted by Bernard Lenoir for Radio France, The Black Session Paris 10 May 2011 was initially available as an exclusive tour item during Wire’s UK autumn dates, but will see a worldwide release in February 2012.


The Black Session Paris 10 May 2011 was recorded at Radio France’s Paris studios in May

2011, with Wire performing in front of an invited — and enthusiastic — audience. The album captures the band in razor-sharp form, tightly honed after months of touring. The selection of tracks marries live versions of songs from Red Barked Tree with choice cuts from Wire’s extensive back catalogue, including much-loved classics Kidney Bingos, Map Ref 41°N 93°W and Two People In A Room. The recording is also the first album to feature guitarist Matt Simms alongside the core trio of Colin Newman, Graham Lewis and Robert Grey.


Adapt 4.01 // Comet 2.58 // Smash 3.39 // Please Take 3.49

Kidney Bingos 4.33 // Clay 3.16 // Map Ref 41°N 93°W 4.22

Moreover 3.43 // Two People In A Room 3.03 // Down To This 6.45

Drill 4.31 // Red Barked Trees 7.40 // Pink Flag 10.48



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 MISFITS UK Tour in February, 2012  New album ‘The Devil’s Rain’ (Misfits Records)  In stores now     MISFITS have announced UK dates in February 2012 to celebrate the release of their first studio album in almost a decade. Support comes from JuiceheaD, a band who are signed to Misfits’ very own Misfits Records. Their new album ‘How To Sail A Sinking Ship’ will come out in February, following these UK dates. See below for the full list.     Rooted in the horror and sci-fi themes their audience craves, The Misfits’ new album ‘The Devil’s Rain’ showcases 16 fiendish, soon-to-be Misfits classics including ‘Twilight of the Dead’, ‘Dark Shadows’, ‘Curse of the Mummy’s Hand’ and the title track ‘The Devil’s Rain’. Produced by Ed Stasium, (who’s credits include the Ramones’ ‘Road to Ruin’ and ‘Too Tough to Die’, as well as the Misfits’ 1999 release ‘Famous Monsters’), the album showcases a jaw-dropping, twopanel front/back cover painting featuring the rebirth of the band’s iconic “Fiend” mascot in an epic setting rendered by Arthur Suydam (known for his immensely popular work on the Marvel Zombies series, among others). ‘The Devil’s Rain’ is not just a continuation of a historic legacy, it’s a total reboot ushering in a new era of terror. In a sense, it’s the debut album from the legendary Misfits of this decade. From fans of their classics, to newcomers discovering the band for the very first time, ‘The Devil’s Rain’ sets the bar, and redefines the ferocity and melody that has made the Misfits omnipresent and immortal.      Today, The Misfits remain more aggressive, more topical and more sought after than ever before, fronted by Jerry Only (Bass/Vocals) with Dez Cadena on guitar, (celebrating his 10th anniversary in the band this year), the latest addition to the fiendish fold is drummer Eric "Chupacabra" Arce behind the kit. Arce, or “Chupacabra” as he’s now known, has been a fixture in the ‘Fits touring lineup for over a decade, and recently inducted a permanent member upon the retirement of original Misfits drummer Robo, who’d passed the torch in 2010.     The Misfits have been preserved on determination bound by unequalled loyalty to their fiends and the sheer will to survive. "It’s been over 30 years and 30 years from now, people will still be playing our albums because we will never water down what we do,” Only says. “Our goal is to keep perspective on who we are and always stay true to ourselves. The new album will only reinforce how potent the band has become with time. We plan to continue as always, to eclipse the past, block the sun and drag humanity by the throat into a world of darkness filled with ghouls, goblins and creatures of the night, where we are king."     One thing is certain, The Misfits are here to stay and every day is Halloween.  |     MISFITS UK DATES (with support from JuiceheaD) –  February  1st           LONDON, O2 ACADEMY ISLINGTON  2nd          READING,  SUB 89  3rd           BIRMINGHAM, THE BALLROOM  4th           NEWCASTLE, O2 ACADEMY NEWCASTLE  5th           BRIGHTON, CONCORDE 2  6th           BRISTOL, THE FLEECE 
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 FROM THE JAM – Live at Under The Bridge   Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, London, SW6 1HS, United Kingdom  Saturday 17 December 2011 - £22.50 – Doors 7PM  Buy Tickets :  Bruce Foxton is a part of the English Rock and Roll establishment. A musician (born 1/9/1955 Woking,Surrey) who is most commonly recognised as the bass player in legendary bands The Jam and Stiff Little Fingers. In The Jam, he and drummer Rick Buckler were the driving force, power and rhythm section behind singer, guitarist, and songwriter Paul Weller. LEE "SCRATCH" PERRY & THE UPSETTER BAND     The Forum Hatfield, University of Hertfordshire , College Lane Hatfield, Herts , AL10 9AB  Friday 3 February 2012 - £17.50 – Doors 7pm   Buy Tickets:     O2 Academy Bristol, Frogmore Street, Bristol, BS1 5NA  Saturday 4 February 2012 –   Buy Tickets:     Legendary and most influential producer and musician in the history of Reggae and Dub.   
 THE SELECTER - Made in Britain Tour – Live at 229, 229 Great Portland Street, W1W 5PN  Saturday 17 March 2011 – £20 - Doors 7pm   Buy Tickets:  One of the most vital and visceral ska act ever, reuniting the original singing duo, the female icon of the 2-tone era Pauline Black and the stylishly charismatic Gaps 'De Killa' Hendrickson.   
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Michael Monroe
Electric Ballroom

The former Hanoi Rocks front man has been slotted in between the modern day Misfits known better as Wednesday 13 and Swedish glam rockers Crashdiet. The recent change in his band has been the addition of Dregen from Backyard Babies and Hellacopters replacing Ginger of the Wildhearts fame and it quickly becomes apparent that there wouldn’t be anyone more suitable axe man to accompany mister Monroe. While Andy McCoy’s soulful playing was central to Hanoi Rocks’ sound Dregen is a great onstage companion to Monroe and a perfect match for the punk influenced in your face, split stretching rock and roll of his solo output. Also former Hanoi Rocks bassist Sami Yaffa is present pumping his groovy bass lines to the packed venue while his New York Dolls band mate Steve Conte adds depth with new guitar lead parts to old Demolition 23 songs like “Nothing’s Alright”. Due to the newer generation headliners the young audience might not be too familiar with the music in question, but they are definitely are receptive to it!

Mike dedicates the whole set to his former best friend and original Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle, whose birthday it also happens to be. While a big chunk of the material comes from the bands recent award winning studio album “Sensory Overdrive” Mike does still treat the audience to a fair trip down to Hanoi with “Mystery City”, “Motorvatin’”, “Malibu Beach Nightmare” while climaxing with “Taxi Driver” and the brilliant guitar solo tradeoffs. Backed by his best backing band to date, it’s a full on energetic 50 minutes of sheer rock and roll brilliance from Dregen’s duckwalks to Monroe’s wild onstage antics from climbing to the stage’s framework to his spellbinding saxophone solos. Forget about vodka or Nokia’s mobile phones (not to mention the rubber boots that predated them!) Mister Michael Monroe is the greatest export Finland has to offer!

Jyrki “Spider” Hamalainen




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What are you doing on Saturday (17th December)?

The correct answer is going to Sheffield Corporation for the stunning Avenues & Alleyways punk all-dayer. Here’s the skinny:

Avenues & Alleyways – One Day Punk Festival across 2 stages.

Stage 1

Angelic Upstarts
King Kurt
English Dogs
Drongos For Europe
Sick on the Bus

Stage 2

The Hyenas
The Fuckwits

£30.00 adv, Doors 1:00PM, age 14+

SAT 17 DEC @ Corporation

Book Now!, call 0114 276 0262

If you want to be in with a chance of getting in for free by winning a pair of tickets and a t-shirt, just answer this easy question:


All answers to before Friday. Please include your full name. Good luck!

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Spinningchilli Gigs presnt- Department S hit Brighton with Fallen Leaves & The Transients! Tickets still available at £8 from Rounder, Resident & -Saturday 10th Dec

We’ll be playing tracks by John Barry, Billy Childish, Johnny Thunders, Richard Hell, Kid Congo Powers, The Fall, Vic Godard & Subway Sect, Lene Lovich, Wreckless Eric, The Normal, Heaven 17, Pete Shelley, Scars, The Hives, etc.

Doors- 7.30
The Transients- 8pm
The Fallen Leaves- 8.40
Department S- 9.30

Gig ends at 10.30- venue’s right near the station.

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The Urban Voodoo Machine, The Bermondsey Joyriders, King Salami and The Cumberland 3, plus fire breathing Burlesque, Contortionists, Freaks, booze, Free Jagermeister, Vive Le Rock DJs and more!!! Last chance to get reduced price tickets before Dec 10th!! Do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vive Le Valentine!! + The Urban Voodoo Machine + Bermondsey Joyriders
Friday, 10 February 2012 at 22:30 at The Garage sponsored by Relentless Energy Drink


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SHARKS-the UK Clash/Social Distortion style band featured in the current Vive Le Rock go off on tour next year. Their new ALBUM set release day – March 19th on Rise Records
Sun 25 Mar    Wrexham Central Station
Mon 26 Mar    Manchester Star and Garter
Tue 27 Mar    Birmingham Rainbow
Wed 28 Mar    Glasgow King Tuts
Thu 29 Mar    York Stereo
Sat 31 Mar    Nottingham Rock City Basement
Sun 01 Apr    Cardiff Ifor Bach
Mon 02 Apr    Bristol Croft
Tue 03 Apr    London Lexington
Wed 04 Apr    Brighton Green Door Store
Thu 05 Apr    Tunbridge Wells The Forum
Fri 06 Apr    Kingston Fighting Cocks

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 UK DECAY-the 80s gothic punks have been playing shows again and are now recording a new album. They are raising funds thru PLEDGE music. It is at and we'll be emailing everyone a free exclusive track every week for the next two months who signs up to follow us. We began last week with a versions of Testament and Sexual recorded at this year's Moonlight Festival in Italy, but will be following with tracks from the band's two Peel Sessions, unreleased live tracks and remixes. That's all free, but if people pledge (the minimum is set at £8) they will automatically get a free download of the album when it's released. We're also offering a few goodies for people who want to pledge more, like the chance to sing backing vocals with us at a gig, the chance to drink our rider backstage at another gig, signed merchandise, exclusives T-shirts, DVDs, CD and the one and only surviving test pressing of For Madmen Only.  And - a percentage of all funds raised will go towards the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. At the moment we've set this to 1% but would want to increase it if we can get over our target.  So, if you could help us that would be great. We're still working with Chris Tsangerides. Thanks -UK DECAY
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 ALIVE NATURALSOUND RECORDS TO RELEASE LABEL COMPILATION WHERE IS PARKER GRIGGS? JANUARY 10TH IN LTD. VINYL AND DIGITAL FORMATS  COMP TO FEATURE EXCLUSIVE TRACKS FROM RADIO MOSCOW,HACIENDA,BUFFALO KILLERS,BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES & MORE!  RADIO MOSCOW (FEATURING PARKER GRIGGS) TO JOIN FORCES WITH GRAVEYARD FOR STATESIDE WINTER TOUR!  Where Is Parker Griggs? is a collection of songs from the Alive Naturalsound label, with EXCLUSIVE MATERIAL by HACIENDA, RADIO MOSCOW, BUFFALO KILLERS, BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES and more. This compilation showcases the many facets of this respected L.A. based indie imprint, founded by Patrick Boissel 17 years ago. From garage rock, psych, punk, deep blues and Tejas garage-soul, Where Is Parker Griggs? is an impressive overview of some of the new blood currently pumping through Alive - the first label to have the taste and insight to sign not only The Black Keys and Two Gallants, but all of the remarkable acts on this collection (not to mention many others). This album also features an early preview from Alive's latest signing, the rootsy psyouthern soul of Birmingham, AL rock quartet LEE BAINS III & THE GLORY FIRES, whose full-length debut lands April 2012.  Where Is Parker Griggs? will be released January 10th as a 180 GRAM VINYL Ltd. Edition and Digital download, the latter which also features two additional bonus tracks from LEFT LANE CRUISER and THE BLOODY HOLLIES.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD AND SHARE LEE BAINS III & THE GLORY FIRES NEW TRACK "EVERYTHING THAT YOU TOOK" ( )  Where Is Parker Griggs? TRACK LISTING  side one 1. RADIO MOSCOW - Open Your Eyes -- First time on vinyl 2. HACIENDA - Look At That Girl -- Exclusive to this release 3. BUFFALO KILLERS - Love is Gold -- Exclusive to this release 4. RADIO MOSCOW -  The Stranger -- Exclusive to this release 5. HENRYS FUNERAL SHOE with Scott Morgan & Friends - Gimme Back My Morphine -- Exclusive to this release 6. BLACK DIAMOND HEAVIES- Easy Money -- Exclusive to this release side two 1. LEE BAINS III & THE GLORY FIRES- Everything That You Took -- Exclusive to this release DEBUT ALBUM TO BE RELEASED THIS SPRING 2. BRIAN OLIVE - Back Sliding Soul 3. BUFFALO KILLERS - Oh My Word -- Exclusive to this release 4. HACIENDA - Love Me More -- Exclusive to this release 5. GARDENS - Maze Time 6. WHITE NOISE SOUND - There Is No Tomorrow  Bonus for Digital : LEFT LANE CRUISER - Weed Vodka & THE BLOODY HOLLIES - Dirty S*x  So where exactly is Radio Moscow's singer, guitarist and creative fountainhead, Parker Griggs? Actually, we don't have a clue. But we do know that in January he'll be out on the road fronting Radio Moscow for a handful of explosive Midwest shows in support of their latest Alive album, THE GREAT ESCAPE OF LESLIE MAGNAFUZZ. The northern California (by way of central Iowa) trio will then be teaming up with Swedish hard-rockers GRAVEYARDfor a coast-to-coast winter tour. You can pin Parker down in one of the cities below as part of this super-heavy, mind-bending double bill!  RADIO MOSCOW MIDWEST TOUR DATES 01/06/12 Gabe’s, Iowa City IA 01/07/12 KURE 88.5 In-Studio Session, Ames IA 01/07/12 DG’s Taphouse, Ames IA 01/09/12 Ultra Lounge, Chicago IL 01/10/12 Ace of Cups, Columbus OH  RADIO MOSCOW / GRAVEYARD 2012 TOUR DATES 01/12/12 Bowery Ballroom, New York NY 01/13/12 Middle East, Cambridge MA 01/14/12 North Star Bar, Philadelphia PA 01/15/12 Golden West, Baltimore MD 01/16/12 DC9, Washington DC 01/17/12 Strange Matter, Richmond VA 01/18/12 Casbah @ Tremont Music Hall, Charlotte NC 01/19/12 Asheville Music Hall, Asheville NC 01/20/12 Exit / In, Nashville TN 01/21/12 The Masquerade, Atlanta GA 01/22/12 Hi-Tone Café, Memphis TN 01/24/12 Fitzgerald’s, Houston TX 01/25/12 Mohawk, Austin TX 01/27/12 Yucca Tap Room, Tempe AZ 01/28/12 Bootleg Bar, Los Angeles CA 01/30/12 Café Du Nord, San Francisco CA 01/31/12 Doug Fir Lounge, Portland OR 02/01/12 The Tractor, Seattle WA
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Tim Armstrong, frontman of RANCID, has spoken about the band heading back into the studio next year to record the follow-up to 2009’s ‘Let The Dominoes Fall’ with long-time friend and collaborator Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion, NOFX) at the helm.

Armstrong said in a recent interview that the recording session would be "a family reunion, a celebration with wives and kids and the whole affair."

He went on to talk about the sound of the album, stating:

"Every record we document where we are, so we don’t know what it’ll be. Each album shows us where we’re at in that moment in time, with the songs and the feelings that we’re experiencing, so it can change a lot in the next couple months. "

Armstrong recently worked with reggae legend Jimmy Cliff and also plans to work on a new album from his side-project The Transplants.

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