Hitting the UK with the GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, Big Cheese caught up with punk rock legend Jello Biafra to talk mayoral bids and playing Israel…

Is it true you’re thinking about running for mayor of San Francisco again?
“No, I’d make a better mayor than the last few we’ve had, but then again so would a cockroach.”

Do you think that the current political climate could see a return to good, angry punk rock rather than what is deemed ‘pop punk’ these days?

“The very lightweight nature of the shit side of pop punk is enough reason right there. There’s nothing like taking the rock out of punk is there? Granted, a lot of the bands who initially got big doing that got there because they had talent and some good songs but every time I hear another kissy ass copycat of that stuff it sounds more like the Eagles with loud guitars than anything that means punk to me, and any girly lyrics, out of my stereo it goes. Life is too short to listen to bad music.”

What do you think about Obama and the state of America today?

“Worst fears are coming true. I said as he got in is it’s another Bill Clinton, who also used the word ‘hope’ to market himself. So all the people who did have hope and registered and voted for the first time, if they didn’t see some results may have never participated or voted again. Local elections are what really matter.  They decide where a lot of that tax money actually gets spent. We could build some housing for poor people or build a golf course. It matters in schools because, at least in America, the fundamentalist Christian right is relentless at trying to inject their points of view into the regular school curriculum and having evolution kicked out of science books. The problem being that most school text books in the country are published in Texas where they are very strong so if they get censored in Texas they get censored for the whole country.”

You’ve collaborated with a lot of musicians over the years. Is there anyone else you would like to work with?

“Eugene from Gogol Bordello was proposing a project with him, me and Max Cavalera all at once but I have no idea how that would work, when we would do it, or any of the three of us will have the time.  So I don’t know how much more of that I’m going to able to do because the priority now that I finally have a band again has to be the Guantanamo School Of Medicine.  It’s an outlet for all those piled songs I’ve had in my closet that I’ve never been able to dust off, get recorded and play.  If there are any collaborations it may be in another art field. I’m starting to get a few feelers big and small for film and the last couple never quite happened so maybe I shouldn’t talk about it.”

How did it go in Israel? Did you play a show in the end?
“I pulled the plug. It just got too heavy for a lot of bad reasons. I finally felt that I led my band too far into uncharted waters and was a bad leader in that regard.  I may be used to taking all kinds of heat and sticking my neck out but not everybody else in the band was used to this experience. I just couldn’t drag them any further and decided to just use my plane ticket and just go to Israel and check out the situation.”

Guantamo School Of Medicine tour the UK in August.

5 Birmingham O2 Academy
6 London O2 Academy
7 Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
9 Glasgow O2 Academy
10 Galway Roisin Dubh
11 Dublin Button Factory
12 Cork Cyprus Avenue


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We talked to punk legend and UK SUBS frontman Charlie Harper about the band’s upcoming performance at the Vive Le Rock sponsored Endorse It In Dorset Festival in August.

Here’s what he had to say.

You’re playing with the Rezillos, New Model Army and more on a farm for Endorse It In Dorset Festival. Got anything special planned?
“Well as we’re playing on a farm, we’ll be playing ‘Down On The Farm’ of course. It’s a good festival. They wanted us to do it last year but we couldn’t so we’re really happy to head down this year.”

Will you be playing a different set down in Dorset?
“We are planning on making it more of a festival set. We’re working right now on a rain song incase it rains. We can welcome the rain, we’re not frightened of rain. Here we are, dancing in the mud kind of thing. It’s going to be quite a goody, it’s coming along. Then we have

You’re playing with The Wurzels too?
[sings] “I’ve got a brand new combine harvester…”

For more info and tickets for the festival, head to


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Last day for cheaper ticket orders online will be 9th August
After that tickets will be on the gate but at the standard rates

New Portsmouth outlet added – click above for details

Please note that Chinese Laterns,Fireworks & Fire Poi are not permitted
see T&C for further details

Join our Facebook group for details of gigs coming up, special offers and promotions
Click here to join
( you will need an active Facebook account)


Latest Line up…

Below is a selection of the main acts and the days that they are on.

See programme for full details of stages etc























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Adam Ant & The Good The Mad & the Lovely Posse
have announced the next leg of their tour starting in November 2011 with more dates and venues to follow as soon as confirmed.

The dates so far:

August 2011

5th – London, Under the Bridge

6th – London, Under the Bridge

8th – London, Phoenix Cinema

27th – Chichester, West Dean Festival 2011

November 11th – Bristol O2 Academy
November 12th – Leamington Spa Assembly
November 13th – Bournemouth Pavillion
November 18th – Eastleigh Concorde Club
November 19th – London (Venue to be confirmed)
December 2nd – Tunbridge Wells Assembly Theatre
December 3rd – Portsmouth Pyramids
December 4th – Cambridge Corn Exchange
December 6th – Guildford Civic Hall
December 8th – Nottingham Rock City
December 9th – Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
December 10th – Leeds O2 Academy
December 11th – Edinburgh Picture House
December 13th – Newcastle O2 Academy



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  • devo are on tour in America right now. see the Spub Boys at-

    Aspen, CO

    Belly Up

  • Jul

    Aspen, CO

    Belly Up

  • Jul

    Denver, CO

    National Western Complex (Denver County Fair)

  • Aug

    San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino

    San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino
    San Bernardino,
    United States

  • Aug

    Anaheim, CA

    The Grove

  • Aug

    Del Mar, CA

    Del Mar Racetrack
    Del Mar,

  • Aug

    The Canyon

    The Canyon
    Agoura Hills,

  • Aug

    Saratoga, CA

    The Mountain Winery

  • Sep

    Redhook Brewery

    Redhook Brewery



Devo Tour

View more

Tag(s) : #devotour

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Vive Le Rock just wants to say a huge thanks to everyone who came to the Big Cheese and Vive Le Rock stages at Guilfest. It was an incredible weekend.Special thanks to Tony, Stan and Mick and of course all the sounds guys, roadies and bands. Highlights included, well everything, but special mentions to Department S, anwl, UK Subs, 999, Neville Staple, the Skints-I could go on all day. It was brilliant\!!! Thanks again. Vive Le Rock-see you in 2012!!!

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The Mighty Damned head out on tour, including USA 35th anniversary dates, just announced-

Tour Dates


13th – Finland, TammerFest
14th – Finland, Tavastia, Helsinki
22nd – Wickerman

5th – Blackpool, Rebellion
13th – The Bulldog Bash
28th – Solfest

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Click image to enlarge

From the brilliant website-and for a great cause.

JET’S GUITAR UP FOR AUCTION!Click image to enlarge

Message from JET:

A massive thank you to everyone who has bought the recent UK Subs ‘Tour In Progress’ DVD for the ‘charity fund’ for my family in Japan. I would also like to thank everybody who has donated to our ‘Japanese earthquake relief fund’ box on the merchandise desk at Subs gigs. We will continue this until 7th August, which is the end of this year’s Rebellion Festival in Blackpool.

I have been thinking what I can do myself to help, and I have decided to sell one of my guitars and donate all profit to Hitachi city in Japan where I am from.

The guitar I have decided to ‘auction’ is called a Sparrow guitar, being a Rat Rod Ace model. The company is based in Vancouver, Canada. I bought it in June 2008. A custom made one-of-a-kind based on a Les Paul model. 1 bridge pick up only with Bigsby fitted. Some of you might have seen me using this guitar over the last few years at UK Subs gigs, or as a back up in my guitar rack. Here are the specifics of my Sparrow:

Brand: Sparrow
Model: Rat Rod Ace
Colour: TV Yellow
Jet playing his Sparrow guitar
Scale: 24-3/4”
Body: Mahogany/Maple top
Fretboard: Rosewood
Neck shape: 50’s rounded
Frets: 22
Controls: 1 Volume/1 Tone

Additional info:
The guitar maker started around 2005, I was probably one of the first ones to use this guitar in the UK and Europe. Other musicians in the artist section on their website are: The Aggrolites, HorrorPops,  Roger Miret & The Disasters, Street Dogs, US Bombs and Duff Mckagan etc.

Jet's Sparrow guitar - click image to enlargeClose up of Jet's Sparrow guitar - click image to enlargeThis was my project guitar for the future Subs gigs/recordings and I’ve had it modified a bit over the last few years. I was also planning to do more with it in the future, such as neck reshaping and refrets etc. So far I have replaced the original pick up to Bare Knuckle pick ups Rebel Yell humbucker.

The bridge is changed to Gotoh; tuning pegs are changed to Gotoh 1/18 ratio for better tuning stability. The strap pins are also changed to Schaller strap pins. The guitar was with me in the studio when we recorded the latest album Work In Progress but not actually used on any of the recording.


The guitar itself is still a great condition, only 2 or 3 dents!
Please check the photos. Click images to enlarge.
There is a lacquer paint crack on the back of the neck joint but this doesn’t affect the sound at all! A hardcase will also come with the guitar, but not the original case, as I never received it in the first place when I got this guitar.

At the moment, Ernie Ball 11-48 strings are on this guitar. If you prefer lighter gauge I will put 10-46 on for you.

Furthermore, I would also suggest that you change the nut when you get this guitar. For my personal taste, the nut is cut a little too deep. Fitting a new nut is around £20-£30. It will be well worth spending that for a much better tuning stability.

I will ship this guitar with the case anywhere in the world at your own cost.
Jet's Sparrow guitar in case - click image to enlarge

You can also pick it up at any UK Subs gig. That would also make a good photo opportunity for the Time & Matter website!

Any questions that you have then please do not hesitate to ask me via my Facebook page or via the auction e-mail address

Good luck with your bids!

Cheers – Jet

Jet in action with his Sparrow guitar - click image to enlarge Jet in action with his Sparrow guitar - click image to enlarge

DETAILS OF THIS AUCTION…Close up of Jet's Sparrow guitar - click image to enlarge

All bids must be made to the auction e-mail address: ONLY.

The latest HIGHEST BID will be updated regularly on a daily basis, on this website and on the U.K. Subs’ Facebook page.
Any bid you make should be at least £5-00 more than the current bid.
You will be notified if you are in the ‘winning bid’ position, and will receive updates from the auction administrator.

Closing date and time for bids will be:
Tuesday 2nd August 2011 at 9.00pm (UK time).

The winning bid payment can be made via paypal, personal cheque* or cash.
Jet’s preference is that if you are going to the Rebellion Festival this year, he would love to present you with the guitar there, and collect the cash for your winning bid…

*Subject to the cheque clearing.



(Updated 19 July – 13:39)

If you are bidding, please include your full name and where you are from. Thanks.

Help raise money for Japan by winning Jet's guitar! - click image to enlarge Jet's guitar for auction! Click image to enlarge


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We can announce the stage times for the Vive Le Rock Stage and Big Cheese Cave for this weekend’s Guilfest below.

For more info and ticket details go to



21:00 22:00 999
19:40 20:30 The Lurkers
18:45 19:15 The Lambrettas
17:50 18:20 The Grit
17:00 17:30 Department S
16:10 16:40 Dirty Rotten Scroundrels
15:20 15:50 The Liabilities
14:30 15:00 Avondale 45
13:40 14:10 On Trial UK


22:20 23:10 Neville Staple
20:40 21:30 Anti Nowhere League
19:45 20:15 Missing andy
18:50 19:20 The Sexpistols Experience
18:00 18:30 DC Fontana
17:10 17:40 Stone Foundation
16:20 16:50 Night of Treason
15:30 16:00 Skurvi
14:40 15:10 The Hype
13:50 14:20 Accident Gallery
13:00 13:30 The Little Bleeders
12:10 12:40 Garageland


20:00 21:00 UK Subs
18:45 19:30 The Skints
17:50 18:20 Random Hand
17:00 17:30 Dirty Revolution
16:10 16:40 New Town Kings
15:20 15:50 The New Forbidden
14:30 15:00 Levi Roots
13:40 14:10 I Know Kung Fu
12:50 13:20 KFC
12:00 12:30 Green Side Down



22:00 23:00 Funeral for a Friend
20:50 21:30 My Passion
19:55 20:25 Pure Reason Revolution
19:00 19:30 Attack! Attack!
18:10 18:40 Library of June
17:20 17:50 Pint Shot Riot
16:30 17:00 Computers
15:40 16:10 What is Life For?
14:50 15:20 Goodnight Vienna
14:00 14:30 Voodoo Johnson
13:10 13:40 Max Raptor
12:20 12:50 The Retox


22:10 23:10 Skindred
21:00 21:40 Sonic Boom Six
20:10 20:40 Dinosaur Pile Up
19:20 19:50 The Xcerts
18:30 19:00 Lower Than Atlantis
17:40 18:10 Anzi Destruction
16:50 17:20 Marner Brown
16:00 16:30 Subsource
15:10 15:40 Prince Charming
14:20 14:50 Blitz Kids
13:30 14:00 Franklin
12:45 13:15 Black Canons
12:00 12:30 Boldly Goin’ Nowhere


21:00 22:00 Gallows
19:50 20:30 The Defiled
18:55 19:25 Cerebral Ballzy
18:00 18:30 Revoker
17:10 17:40 Exit International
16:20 16:50 Death of Thieves
15:30 16:00 Tensheds
14:40 15:10 A Wolf Like Me
13:50 14:20 Four Short of a Miracle
13:00 13:30 Nylon Sky
12:10 12:40 Play Dead Sister

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19th SEPTEMBER 2011
PSYCHOCANDY [Deluxe 2 CD + DVD Edition, EDSG 8006]
DARKLANDS [Deluxe 2 CD + DVD Edition, EDSG 8007]

26th SEPTEMBER 2011
AUTOMATIC [Deluxe 2 CD + DVD Edition, EDSG 8008]
HONEY’S DEAD [Deluxe 2 CD + DVD Edition, EDSG 8009]

3rd OCTOBER 2011
STONED AND DETHRONED [Deluxe 2 CD + DVD Edition, EDSG 8010]
MUNKI [Deluxe 2 CD + DVD Edition, EDSG 8011]

A violent and electrifying presence on the 80s and 90s indie scene, The Jesus And Mary Chain had a profound impact on the music of their generation and played an integral part in shaping the sound of British music for years to come. A full set of deluxe Expanded Edition reissues of their entire discography of studio albums has been undertaken by the Edsel label (of the Demon Music Group), with each individual release containing the original album re-mastered, a bonus disc of outtakes, b-side, unreleased and otherwise hard to find material, a DVD containing promo videos and TV appearances and an extensive booklet containing lyrics, rare memorabilia and exclusive interviews, and illustrated with never before seen photos. Coming out in chronological order, the first two of this six album series — Psychocandy and Darklands — will hit stores September 19th, followed by Automatic and Honey’s Dead on September 26th, and culminating in Stoned & Dethroned and Munki, out on October 3rd. Although subject to re-marketing campaigns in the past, this is the first time the band’s albums have received the expanded treatment.
Since its first release in November 1985 Psychocandy, The Jesus And Mary Chain’s debut album has come to be regarded as a classic (recently appearing on the NME’s list of the Top 50 Greatest Debut Albums Ever and Q Magazine’s list of the 100 Greatest British Albums) while continuing to exert considerable influence on contemporary bands. The deluxe expanded edition of Psychocandy features all the original non-album b-sides, previously unreleased demos, and rare outtakes. Controversial early track “Jesus Fuck” (which the pressing plant at the time refused to manufacture) is contained herein intact, as are all the BBC Radio Sessions that the band recorded for John Peel during this period (including the legendary 1985 acoustic session) and their seminal debut single “Upside Down”, the release that put Creation Records on the map as documented in the recent film of the same name.

The accompanying Psychocandy DVD has all the original promo videos, alongside previously unreleased TV appearances, including their live debut on the Old Grey Whistle Test, and never before seen footage of the infamous riot at North London Polytechnic with excerpts of the band’s performance, interviews with all four original members, and scenes of the crowd destroying the venue! The accompanying booklet contains exclusive new interviews, including an extensive contribution from Psychocandy-era drummer Bobby Gillespie (who went onto fame as front-man of Primal Scream), and his elusive predecessor Murray Dalglish.
Following up their explosive debut, The Jesus And Mary Chain released Darklands, a more subtle album featuring their biggest chart hit “April Skies”. The deluxe expanded edition of Darklands features such gems as the Some Candy Talking EP, a previously unreleased but much sought-after Janice Long session from 1986, an alternate version of the “Some Candy Talking” single recorded for the NME, a recently unearthed version of the track “Darklands” with strings, and a BBC audio interview with Jim and William Reid from 1987. The accompanying DVD has all the promo videos including the band-made film for “Kill Surf City” and previously unreleased archival TV appearances, including their only appearance on Top Of The Pops and ITV’s short-lived rival program The Roxy.
Fusing rock ’n’ roll with the latest technology, third album Automatic experimented with drum machines, samples and sequenced bass, matched up with pop hooks and buzz-saw guitars. Tight and concise and bursting with catchy melodies, this is probably the easiest entry point into The Jesus And Mary Chain back catalogue for the casual listener.
The Automatic bonus disc includes the Sidewalking EP, live tracks previously unreleased on CD, rarities such as the 1988 re-record of early b-side "Just Out Of Reach" and a radio advertisement for the Automatic tour. Offered for the first time on DVD is the band-made film for "Just the Out Of Reach” along with previously unreleased archival TV appearances, including two complete live performances from SNUB TV, and two MTV features including the Reid brothers’ confrontational exchange with a hapless VJ.
Back with a bang in 1992, The Jesus And Mary Chain released their critically acclaimed fourth album Honey’s Dead. A startling trailer for the album to come top ten hit single “Reverence” married a hypnotic drum loop and propulsive percussion to sheet metal feedback and iconoclastic lyrics. Filtering their trademark combination of noise and melody through state-of-the-art production techniques, the Reid brothers reinvented themselves for a new decade.

The deluxe expanded Honey’s Dead contains the Rollercoaster EP, a rarely heard alternate version of "Why’d You Want Me", and a complete live set from their Rollercoaster package tour, along with remixes and radio interviews. The DVD includes the controversial video for "Teenage Lust”, along with a 20-minute interview and video retrospective with Jim and William Reid, interspersed with excerpts from all their videos from 1985 through 1992, and live footage of the band at Brixton Academy. The 20-page booklet contains exclusive new interviews, including a contribution from acclaimed producer Alan Moulder that provides revealing insights into The Jesus And Mary Chain’s studio work methods.
Originally conceived as an acoustic album, Stoned & Dethroned, The Jesus And Mary Chain’s fifth studio album mutated over the course of the recording to incorporate electric performances by a live band. Once again defying preconceptions of what the band were capable of, Stoned & Dethroned features some of the Reid brothers’ most intimate work, integrating Americana and 60s West Coast Pop into their signature sound. The album features guest vocals from The Pogues’ Shane MacGowan; but it was the collaboration with Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval on "Sometimes Always" that became their biggest chart hit in the USA.
Among the treasures to be found on the bonus disc are "Snakedriver" (recorded for the film The Crow), an alternate version of "God Help Me", a radio interview with Jim and William discussing the making of the album, as well as a rendition of The Cramps’ classic "New Kind Of Kick", and a complete 1995 live set. The DVD features promo videos for all the singles (including for the first time on DVD the video for "Something I Can’t Have"), a 1993 appearance on Later with Jools Holland, and four studio performances shot for MTV.
Returning to original label Creation Records for their sixth and last studio album to date, The Jesus And Mary Chain delivered Munki, a sprawling double album of experimental rock ‘n’ roll. Underappreciated upon initial release, Munki is a lost masterpiece of beautifully-crafted melodic noise-pop. Although the Reid brothers’ volatile relationship had by then reached the point where they were recording separately, the resulting album is cohesive and thoroughly encapsulates all the elements that made their records great over the years into a powerful valedictory statement.
The Munki expanded edition features the comp track "45 rpm" and a live set recorded at the Electric Ballroom that captures the band at the peak of its powers. The DVD features the previously unreleased promo videos for all the singles along with two songs performed on Later with Jools Holland. The booklet contains exclusive new interviews that tell the story of the band’s break-up and reformation in their own words, alongside previously unpublished photos and ephemera.
Reforming in 2007 The Jesus And Mary Chain have continued to tour to the delight of fans old and new alike. Their unique feedback-saturated sound remains relevant and has been acknowledged influence on whole new generations of bands including The Raveonettes, The Horrors, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dum Dum Girls and Wavves. This new collection of six albums puts in perspective all the great music they’ve made and sets the stage for renewed appraisal and an enduring legacy.

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Plus support from Slivery
DJ’s Hugh Gadgit & Paul-Ronney Angel

100 Club
Thursday 14 July

THE WOLFMEN formed of Marco Pirroni and Chris Constantinou (ex Adam and the Ants) are performing a very rare live gig and hosting a launch party for their upcoming album (although Marco Pirroni has retired from live shows) – Married to the Eiffel Tower – on Thursday 14 July 2011 at The 100 Club.

Married to the Eiffel Tower includes the Wolfmen’s duet with Sinéad O’Connor on Jackie, is it my Birthday?, which won massive radio support from the likes of Dermot O’Leary (BBC Radio 2),Don Letts (BBC 6Music) and Lauren Laverne.

It also features a cover of a long lost unreleased Velvet Underground song, I’m Not A Young Man Anymore, which has been granted an official seal of approval from Lou Reed.

Married to the Eiffel Tower is out on 18 July 2011, was produced by Courtney Talylor-Taylor (Dandy Warhols) and is heralded by Rolling Stone as "rock rage wrapped in an ethereal halo."

At the 100 Club, the band will be joined on stage by special guests including ex-Long Blondes Kate Jackson.

Support comes from London art-rockers SILVERY (Blow Up Records)

Plus DJ’s Paul-Ronney Angel (The Urban Voodoo Machine/Gypsy Hotel & Hugh Gaddit (Vive Le Rock)

Tickets are £10 from :​/118820

The Wolfmen:
Vive Le Rock Magazine:
Gypsy Hotel:

"Sponsored by Vivien of Holloway, the best of 1940’s and 50’s reproduction ready-to-wear ladies clothing"

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Former Motorhead guitarist Michael ‘Wurzel’ Burston had died at the age of 61.

Tim Butcher, longtime bass technician for frontman Lemmy, revealed the news on his page on Saturday.

In a post, he wrote, "RIP Wurzle, Great guitarist and a complete gent… we will miss you…".

The rocker joined Motorhead in 1984 and played with the band for 11 years, appearing on six studio albums. His ‘Wurzel’ nickname stemmed from his resemblance to the fictional character Worzel Gummidge.

After he left Motorhead, Burston played for several other punk and metal bands, including WVKEAF and Disgust. He reunited with his former bandmates in 2009, joining them for a gig at London’s Hammersmith Apollo, where they performed their classic song Ace of Spades together.

He formed his own band, Leader of Down, but plans to release an album last year never materialized.

Burston reportedly died of ventricular fibrillation, caused by cardiomyopathy, better known as heart disease.



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 FRANK CARTER ANNOUNCES DEPARTURE FROM GALLOWS  BAND TO CONTINUE WITH NEW SINGER     The now legendary UK punk band Gallows today announce the departure of their frontman Frank Carter. Having redefined punk rock since the release of their debut album ‘Orchestra Of Wolves’ in 2006, Gallows brought punk rock kicking, screaming and snarling into the mainstream, climaxing with the harsh and bitterly angry ‘Grey Britain’ album in 2009 but are now set to embark on new paths.      Frank Carter offers the following statement.     “It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce my departure from Gallows. It seems that Gallows have hit a crossroads in our writing process and unfortunately myself and the rest of the boys have different ideas regarding the sound of Gallows going forward. Gallows have decided they are going to continue on without me and I wish the boys the best of luck for the future. Gallows will be fulfilling all of our current touring plans until August 1st so please come down to a show and help me make each show a total celebration!”     “This does not mean I am giving up on music. I have a new band called PURE LOVE which I have been working on with my brother Jim Carroll (Suicide File, Clouds, Hope Conspiracy) for a few months now.  A lot of late nights in the studio have meant that we will be recording our debut album in September and then will hit the road later this year. I hope to see you all there.”     “I want to say thank you to my brothers Stephen, Jonathan and Richard, my parents and the rest of the boys in Gallows for their support not only over the past few months, but the past 6 years. I also want to thank all the fans that helped us build Gallows into something I could really be proud of. Without you it would have meant nothing.  Thank you all. Forwards ever, backwards never. Pure Love.” Frank Carter     Frank’s brother and guitarist in the band Stephan Carter also states that. “As you all know, we've been in the studio for the past few months working on a follow up to Grey Britain.  It pains me to say that as of August 1st Frank will no longer be a member of Gallows.  Creatively, we could not agree on a direction for the new record and came to the conclusion that parting ways was for the best. Frank will be releasing music with his new project "Pure Love" later this year and we all wish him best.  He is & will always be our brother, as well as an integral part of the start of our career.”     "These final shows with Frank are a celebration of what we created together,” continues guitarist Laurent Barnard. “Frank, Steph, Lee, Stu and myself are all entering the most exciting period of our careers since breaking in 2007. While we wish Frank the best of luck on his new adventure the rest of us in Gallows literally cannot wait to play you the new songs and announce who will be singing with us in the future. We realise Frank is a hard figure to replace so be assured that the decision to continue as a band has been one we've been deliberating over long and hard. We're extremely confident that we won't be letting anyone down when we drop the next record, especially not ourselves or the people who believe in us. Death is birth. Your ears have been warned."     Gallows will continue to assault venues for their final shows with Frank, climaxing in a show at the ULU on the 23rd of July.     All dates below:     JULY  6          BOURNEMOUTH                    I-BAR   7                    FOLKESTONE                          QUARTERHOUSE   8          SOUTHEND                             CHINNERY'S   9                    KNEBWORTH                          SONISPHERE  10        SWANSEA                               SIN CITY   11        GLOUCESTER                          GUILDHALL   17        GUILDFORD                             GUILFEST ROCK CAVE  22        COCKERMOUTH                     FESTIVAL   23        ULU                                         LONDON 
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It’s official: queen of ska Pauline Black now owns The Selecter® name. This makes the band’s forthcoming gig at Islington Academy on July 23 even more exciting as it’s the first time since the original band split from 2-Tone in 1981 that a The Selecter® event has been this official. Driven by Pauline Black and Gaps Hendrickson’s inimitable vocal-power, The Selecter® offer a full-on, skank-heavy ska revival with a contemporary edge and political bite.
From now on, Neol Davies will have to think up a new name for any future musical projects, clearing up any confusion among fans as to which ‘The Selecter’ they were going to see – there is only one The Selecter® and it belongs to Pauline Black.
The Selecter®’s fabulous new single, Back To Black, a cover of the Amy Winehouse classic, is out July 25, and the band has an equally ace album Made In Britain, out Sep 5. Pauline Black is available for interview. <> <>


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