Mad Sin (photo by Alex Selle)

24th Satanic Stomp
Halle 101 Speyer Germany
23/24th April 2011

The Satanic Stomp is thee Psychobilly festival in the world and goes from strength to strength as does the genre. The 16 bands over the two days not only highlighted the longevity of the double bass bothering mutant offspring of rockabilly but also its diversity. The glorious weather made for some unseasonal sunbathing along with the barbaric drinking out in the car park before the masses converged in the main hall to form a sea of raging quiffs dotted with a few slap-heads that betrayed a few decades of hairspray abuse. Highlights early on included The Guitar Slingers which featured duelling guitars showcasing some rockabilly shredding and The Highliners who managed to get a crowd, who’s idea of dancing is a light-hearted but violent bashing each other senseless in a wrecking pit that would have any ‘mosher’ running for cover, taking part in a massive conga. The Long Tall Texans’ set of classics kept the smiles going, apart from maybe the owners of the two double basses that Mark Carew managed to slap to near death in the process. Mad Sin, now a German mainstream album chart act, brought the brutal back with colossal collection of their back-catalogue. Guana Batz are always a worthy headliner all sprawling tattoo and Klub Foot classics. Day two and The Astro Zombies went orbital at an early hour though probably didn’t prepare the crowd for the horror of The Coffin Nails who started their set with YMCA, yes that one, and saw head nail Humungous sporting a pair of arseless leather chaps, of course everyone loved it. Stories of Demented Are Go’s demise were once again premature, Sparky and his sultans of sickness out to prove that they are still the business and that the new-look line-up are as good as ever. Batmobile headlined and proved that they are top of the food chain despite their gigs being rarer and rarer these days. After a blistering set of zebra-printed double bass pummelling classics guitar toting singer Jeroen Haamers surprised and delighted the crowd with an impassioned solo rendition of Johnny Cash’s version of the NIN classic Hurt to bring another memorable Stomp to an unexpected but totally fitting end.
Simon Nott

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CHRIS WRIGHT combines tattooing, punk rock and art like no other.

When he’s not inking skin at his tattoo studio Viking Tattoo, Chris Wright is more often than not hard at work creating designs for bands such as Crashed Out and the UK Subs. We caught up with the man himself to find out more…

What first got you interested in art and the different mediums it can be applied to?
“I have always been into drawing, even before I tattooed, but once I got my first tattoo that’s all I wanted to work in. Now though I’m interested in learning different types of art. My first love will always be tattooing but with doing it everyday for over eighteen years now it’s good to learn different mediums.”

What are the differences between working on skin and album artwork?
“The obvious really! Humans move, sweat, talk, cry, faint and smell! Paper, canvas and board always stays nice and still and never talk shite or asks dumb questions for hours on end (laughs)!”

How did the artwork for Crashed Out come about? Which piece of band artwork are you most proud of?
“I have done some of the artwork and Lee (founding member of Crashed Out  guitarist, tattooist at Viking and my brother) also did some stuff. We have both designed all the band’s T-shirts and album covers, flyers and posters. Lee designed the Tyne bridge star and scrolls logo that was used on the ‘One And only’ best of album and I came up with the band logo that was used on that album which is what we still use to this day.
We have done loads of stuff over the years but I am proud of the new logo I  came up with even though I designed it by basically fucking about on Photoshop. I have done artwork for bands albums such as Discipline, Argy Bargy and UK Subs. Mine and Lee’s line drawings were used on the latest UK Subs’ album. We are both honoured by this as the UK Subs are one of our favourite bands and Charlie is an absolute lord.”

What do you tend to listen to to inspire you to get creative?
“We listen to loads of stuff in the studio every day. Ten hours a day we have music playing so we have a lot of different types of music. It depends on my mood really. I can switch from listening to Exploited to Pink Floyd and back no problem. But I gotta say it’s mainly punk rock, reggae, ska or rock ‘n’ roll playing in the studio. By the end of the day it usually gets a bit mellow and Floyd, Roger Waters or Robert Miles get thrown on. Even our old pal Ludwig Van gets a listen at Viking!”

For more information visit Vikingtattoostudio.co.uk


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One-off 20" x 24" full colour gloss print of ADAM ANT by Vive Le Rock magazine photographer Ester Segarra.

This is a one-off print from Vive Le Rock magazine’s photo exhibition held in London in April. Print comes in a cardboard tube so won’t be damaged in post. A rare chance to have an incredible one-off print of this classic rock ‘n’ roll icon featured on the cover of Vive Le Rock magazine.
All prints will be mailed out First Class Recorded. For overseas orders please email with regards to postage charges.

CLICK HERE for more details and to bid on this item (pictured below) on eBay.

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Early CREATION RECORDS stars return to the stage… Not to be missed!
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…return to the stage!
Live in London
The Borderline
July 23rd, 1930-2300

Note to all editors and broadcasters:
NO OTHER appreciate that this news story is too late for the monthly mags. However, please include it, or any part of it – even the date at least, on your blogs. Radio presenters and bloggers are also cordially invited to spread the gospel! Please notify jonathan@no-other-publicity.co.uk if you mention the show! Thanks in advance
First live show in over 10 years
The Borderline, Orange Yard, Manette Street, London, Saturday 23 July

The Jasmine Minks, one of the first bands signed to the legendary Creation Records, will play their first show in over a decade at London’s Borderline on July 23rd.

Formed in Aberdeen in 1983, The Jasmine Minks‘ debut single (‘Think’) was the fourth ever record on the iconic Creation label. They recorded four albums for the label, the most successful of which, Another Age, is to be re-issued on Poppydisc, run by Creation co-founder Joe Foster (and publicised by No Other.)
The Jasmine Minks’ return – featuring most of their "classic" line-up of Jim Shepherd, Dave Arnold, Tom Reid and Martin Keena (with Dave Musker on keyboards) – continues a surprisingly busy 12 months for the Creation label, even though it officially stopped trading in 1999 when its most high-profile founder, Alan McGee, left to pursue other projects. Following the release of the highly praised label "biopic" Upside Down, other early Creation signings The Loft and The Jazz Butcher also re-formed for shows this year.
But The Jasmine Minks pre-dated both of these on the ground-breaking label’s roster, and it was on their early records – such as Indie Chart hits ;What’s Happening; and ;Cold Heart; – that Creation’s reputation was initially founded.
Singer Jim Shepherd said: “I’m confident that we can still excite. It will be a great get together for us and our London friends, old and new. A celebratory night is anticipated…”
Expect songs from throughout their back catalogue, plus tracks from the recently released Poppy White EP, released on Jim Shepherd’s own label, Oatcake Records.
Support will come from Edinburgh School For The Deaf and The Electric Sugar Children.
Edinburgh School For The Deaf, featuring ex-members of Saint Judes Infirmary, combine elements of The Jesus & Mary Chain and The Fall. Alan McGee himself confessed a liking for the band when he saw them perform live in Scotland at the start of the year. Their album, New Youth Bible, will be released on Bubblegum Records in June.
The Electric Sugar Children, named after a song by McGee’s own band, Biff Bang Pow!, will open the show. Always having been influenced by the Creation sound, they re-formed last year and released two EPs. Their song ‘Lead Singer Syndrome’ was used on the London Pub Radio PlayStation spin off. They’re currently recording an album with Glasgow producer Tony Doogan.

Doors open 7.30. Tickets are £9, available from HMV Tickets, See Tickets and Ticketweb, with links available through the venue website.

The gig is a joint promotion by The Borderline and DuoCorda. 

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Lou Reed has a new dvd out Aug 1st-details below-


On 9th August 2009 in Chicago, Illinois, Lou Reed assembled a never-before-featured cast of musicians into a band which essentially tore the house down at Lollapalooza

The band included Lou stalwarts Rob Wasserman (bass), Tony ‘Thunder’ Smith (drums), Mike Rathke (guitar), plus the Lou’s recent sideman, Steve Hunter (who played on Lou Reed’s ‘Berlin’), Kevin Hearn (keyboards), Ulrich Krieger (sax) and Sarth Calhoun (electronics, fingerboard continuum, processing).

This historic Lou Reed set at Lollapalooza includes the classics Walk on the Wild Side and Sweet Jane, plus rare gems including Senselessly Cruel, Waves of Fear and Mad.

Lou’s performance also features a 15-minute mid-set section of instrumental noise performed by Lou’s Metal Machine Trio, adding an extra bit of intensity to the proceedings.

This Lou Reed performance has been hailed as one of the greatest ever at Lollapalooza.


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 The Mob, Zounds, Rubella Ballet and much more  Friday 18 Nov Brixton Jamm    a.. Doors: 8:00pm    b.. Price: £12 advance, £12.50 door  All the Madmen Present: Weird Tales 2011  Full Line Up:  The Mob Zounds Rubella Ballet The Astronauts The Hamsters Idiot Strength Andy T  THE MOB There is something uniquely English about The Mob which to this day is difficult to define. A loose, understated eccentricity. A visceral emotionality and a strangeness, fuelled by their association with free festivals and LSD and exemplified by the Porky Prime Cut messages scratched on the inner groove of their records: ‘Acid Punks’, ‘Take a trip down’ etc. Unlike most of the Crass-type bands, The Mob never offered any solutions or calls for action. They simply described how things were and how they felt. While Crass et al attempted to inspire through anger, The Mob inspired through being truthful, honest and un-judgemental. While some put forward pacifism as an answer and others direct action, The Mob offered no answers at all and in this respect they were just like ‘us’ because ‘we’ also had no real answers. We all knew the world was wrong but none of us really knew what to do about it. It is this aspect of The Mob that makes them very important in the scheme of 1980’s anarcho punk rock. (and the current climate.) They are closer to ‘the people’ than most other bands, closer I imagine than they ever really knew. Though the music they played is relatively simple, the sound the band made is very big and it translated well from small squatted venues to more sizeable and established venues, from small audiences to larger free festival audiences. Equally important of course, the sound translated well to each listener alone in their homes and this ‘personal connection’ is something that resonates with Mob fans old and new. The Mob that is currently performing is the original three members Mark, Curtis and Graham reunited after 28 years, alive and well and tighter….. and as potent as ever before . Let The Tribe Increase…..  ZOUNDS Legendary English underground band Zounds first came to prominence in the early 1980s with a string of independent chart hits on Rough Trade and Crass Records. Growing out of the squatter communities of London and the south east they quickly became key figures in the burgeoning D.I.Y. anarcho-punk scene and toured Britain and Europe with contemporaries such as Crass, The Birthday Party, Poison Girls, The Mob, and many others. On record their sound was a little more expansive than many of their punk contemporaries. Their Rough Trade album ‘The Curse Of Zounds’ is now seen as a classic of the genre and one of the most inspirational albums of the post-punk period. Since their early 1980s heyday Zounds have only played and toured intermittently. Song writer and lead singer Steve Lake is notoriously reclusive and can only rarely be persuaded to come out and play. The current line up is Steve Lake – guitar, Paul O’Donnell – bass, Paul Gilbert –drums. Their new album ‘THE REDEMPTION OF ZOUNDS’ is out now. HTTP://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/STEVELAKEZOUNDS  RUBELLA BALLET Rubella Ballet formed in 1979 by Sidation (Flux of Pink Indians), Zillah Minx, Pete Fender & Gem Stone (Fatal Microbes) at the Crass gig at Conway Hall where Crass invited the audience to use their equipment and finish off the evening doing their own thing as they wanted and left the crowd in charge, so Sid being 6” 9 inches tall and at the front of the stage climed up with Zillah and jumped on Penny’s drum kit, Zillah grabbing Steve’s mic, Pete & Gem jumping staight up and taking the bass and guitar, plugged in and started playing. Sounding like rather organised chaos this was the start of a very colourful part of what was and is the British anarcho punk scene. Sid was also drumming for Flux of Pink Indians as he lived near the band with Pete Fender and Gem Stone (Fatal Microbes), son and daughter of Vi Subversa who lived with the rest of Poison Girls at Burghley House in Epping (before the M25 ploughed through it) Sid went on to drum on the single Tube Disaster that Flux released on Crass records as well as composing the music for the b-side ‘Sick Butchers’ and ‘Background to malfunction’ at Dial House in the studio Crass rehearsed in. Flux did many gigs with Rubella Ballet and Sid ended up playing for both bands every night. Sid left after about a year touring with Flux to play full time for Rubella Ballet. The band are well known for their tribal power, haunting lyrics, psychedelic stage show and the use of nothing more than a UV lights, strobes and a bit of smoke to illuminate the band, the music has the same innovative psychedelic qualities fusing punk, tribal, dance and absolute weirdness into a myriad of music styles. Zillah Minx is synonymous for the shock value of wearing home made ultraviolet hand painted day-glo clothes along with their multi coloured day-glo hair do’s through the east end of London’s, dark, violent, poor, ghettoized, shithole, (a direct result of Thatcher’s Government) everywhere they went not everyone smiled and laughed, some people started hurling abuse or wanting to beat them up or even threaten to kill them for being so different. Zillah Minx original punk in 1976 created and designed her own day-glo death rock clothes scene that has been copied by bands and clothes designers throughout the world and keep glowing and growing around the world.   THE ASTRONAUTS The Astronauts were formed in the late 70s by singer and songwriter Mark Astronaut and were active participants in the burgeoning free music scene instigated by Here and Now. They played many dates including the infamous Weird Tales Tour with Zounds and The Mob and a myriad other artists of the time. Musically and lyrically diverse they did not fit easily into any convenient pigeon hole, which ensured that, to an extent, they were seen as peripheral rather than central to the “punk movement”, although spiritually and idealistically sympathetic.  http://www.astronauts.org.uk  THE HAMSTERS Formed in march 1979 and split while what would have been a debut album for Fuck Off records in December 1980, in that period they played with Joy Division and the fall on a regular basis and frequently guested on the wierd tales tours with the mob, androids of mu and zounds , always volotile going through 8 bassists in that spell the end came as no surprise. a brief reunion crashed after 4 gigs in 1983 , a further attempt at reconciliation ended mid first gig in 2002, egos alcohol and drugs now more under control the 2011 hamsters have already managed 2 radio sessions and a gig without imploding, they are as ramshackle and high spirited as ever.  IDIOT STRENGTH Idiot Strength formed in Bristol in 84, played sporadic gigs in various squats and venues around Bristol. The original line up was Mathew Brett on drums (now sadly deceased) Giles Coe (Bass) and Steve Corr (guitar and vox). They moved to London in 86 where they carried on in the same sporadic half arsed kind of way they’d started. In 1986 they made a demo that was to be a split album with Watt Tyler. Steve Corr then became guitarist with Blyth Power in their second incarnation from 87 – 90 which kind of side lined Idiot Strength a little. Mathew Brett left to go traveling and was replaced by Andy Tuck who had previously played with Thatcher On Acid and later with Schwartzeneggar. Matt was soon followed by Giles who was then replaced by Chaz (Charles Loft) formerly of Flowers in the Dustbin fame. The band continued in much the same manner. Chaz left after a year or so and was replaced by Bob Butler (Also a member of Thatcher On Acid & Schwartzeneggar and now playing with Steve Ignorant) All three members of this later incarnation came originally from Yeovil and the surrounding area. During their time in London time they had various lead guitarists, the last of whom and perhaps the best was Dan who had previously played and sang with Blind Mole Rat. Andy Tuck quit sometime around 94-95 and a two other drummers were recruited the last of whom “Yowla” is now playing for Adam Ant on his latest tour. Sadly the band never recorded and stuttered to a halt in 96. Bob, Steve & Andy recently played a couple of songs at the recent Mob gig in Bristol and again more recently at the secret Mob Gig at the Macbeth in Hoxton.  ANDY T Anarcho punk poet from the 70’s/80’s. Re-energised and re-awakened 18 months ago. Performing with a band these days. Old & new material seems as relevant as ever, for these troubled times, ahead.   
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This really IS rock n roll radio!!!! make sure you tune in-we will be!!!!


Hey cats and kittens, why not swing by S6 Radio tonight and catch the rocking rolling radio show that is – Podrophenia.

What a line up of lovelies are onboard for tonight’s instalment: Gaye and TV from The Adverts stop by to say hello, there’s an exclusive interview with Wolfman Chris Constantinou covering Live Aid, Adam Ant, news on the upcoming July 14th 100 club gig and new album info.

A playlist featuring Suede, The Adverts, Adam Ant and Roxy Music. And the chance to send in your home made idents!!

Tune in, tonight: 9 O clock on www.S6radio.co.uk


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  Jesse Malin Announces  UK & European Acoustic dates With Ryan Adams-and plays Londons 12 bar-tomorrow Tuesday!!!!!!   Following the critical acclaim for his latest album “Love It To Life” (out now on SideOneDummy Records), Jesse Malin returns to Europe and the UK in June as special guest to friend and fellow musician, Ryan Adams.  Be sure to catch Jesse and Ryan at one of the following shows:   June:   19th       UK, London Barbican  20th       UK, London Barbican 22nd       UK, Brighton Dome 23rd       UK, Manchester Bridgewater Hall 25th       UK, Glasgow 02 Academy 26th       UK, Oxford New Theatre   After three critically acclaimed solo records, dozens of world tours and TV appearances, Jesse Malin found himself back in New York City questioning his next move. From his days fronting seminal hardcore trio Heart Attack and infamous glam punks D Generation, then seven years on the road as a solo artist, Malin had cultivated a devout fan base. He'd shared stages with everyone from The White Stripes to Counting Crows, The Hold Steady to Lucinda Williams, but felt like he was losing the plot.    Malin contemplated going back to school, becoming a standup comedian or a Las Vegas wedding DJ, and even started work on a documentary film about DC hardcore Rastafarians The Bad Brains. For over a year he didn't play or record. When asked by a Hollywood screenwriter to pen songs for a film about author J.D. Salinger, Malin — a fan of Catcher in the Rye and other Salinger works — traveled to Cornish, NH hoping to speak to the famous recluse. In typical punk-rock fashion, instead of getting the interview, Malin landed at the local precinct for trespassing and was released only after the cops watched his video duet with Bruce Springsteen for “Broken Radio” on YouTube and were convinced he was just a writer doing research. Though he never met Salinger (who passed away in January 2010), Malin made the most of the experience by writing “The Archer” and “Lonely at Heart”—two songs that would make him want to work again and become the basis for his new album.    Over the summer of 2009, in the basement of Avenue A watering hole Hi-Fi, the songs came forth. Malin, worked with his newly formed band to bash out an album's worth of gritty anthems, and The St. Marks Social was born. A solid band, but one with an open door to Malin's community of musician friends - longtime partner in crime Ryan Adams, pop singer Mandy Moore, fellow label mate Brian Fallon from The Gaslight Anthem, and former bandmates from D Generation Howie Pyro and Danny Sage - the Social is a group effort to keep the P.M.A. Says Malin, “To me, rock ‘n' roll is an exorcism that begins every night when the sun goes down, the music starts playing, and the spirits start flowing. It helps to say things in public over dirty microphones. It's a way to spit out the poison.”    When Jesse met producer Ted Hutt (Lucero, Flogging Molly, The Gaslight Anthem) one drunken night at a local bar, their talk of making a record fast, loose, and raw, was the beginning of Hutt's quest to create a record that would encompass Malin's roots and evolution—from hardcore thrasher to punk/folk singer-songwriter. The album's basic tracks were laid in three days at Greenpoint, Brooklyn's Mission Studios, and the rest at Sonic Youth's Think Tank Studios in Hoboken, NJ. Filled with the characters Malin does best—messengers and misanthropes, hipsters and hypocrites—and as always, his constant themes of redemption, nightlife, heartbreak, and survival, LOVE IT TO LIFE—a sentiment taken from a ticket stub Joe Strummer autographed for Jesse—was built with desperate optimism that shouts in gang vocals that no matter how bad it gets, you're never alone.    www.jessemalin.com  
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Bam’s Mom: ‘Jackass’ Star Ryan Dunn Is Dead



" star

Ryan Dunn

died in a car crash in Pennsylvania early this morning … TMZ has confirmed with

Bam Margera

‘s mother.


34-year-old Dunn appeared in all of the "Jackass" movies — famously shoving a toy car into his rectum in the first flick back in 2002.

Dunn and an unidentified person both died in the crash which happened around 3 a.m. at Route 322 and New Street in West Goshen Township. It’s unclear who was driving the car.

We’re told the car caught fire in the crash — and hours later, a tow truck was called to the scene to remove the charred wreckage.


Just hours before his death, Dunn posted a photo on Twitter showing himself drinking with friends.


Story developing …

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 GRINDERMAN Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man  New Single - Out 11 July 2011  “I was Mickey Mouse! He was the big bad wolf!”  Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man, the new single from Grinderman, will be released on 11 July 2011. Taken from their critically acclaimed second studio album Grinderman 2, Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man will be available as a download and 12’’. Along with the album version of Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man, the 12” black and white picture disc will include a live French TV version and a brand new Josh Homme remix, renamed by Josh as Mickey Bloody Mouse. See the video for the remix Mickey Bloody Mouse here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2psEYDPhrAQ  “The song is about the kind of origins of extremism, terrorism. Of envy and isolation. Mickey Mouse represents the weaker, feminine, comic side of us, and the big bad wolf is the masculine side.” – Nick Cave  The video is by Ilinca Höpfner whose artwork is featured in Grinderman 2. Recently out of German art school she was discovered when she sent a black and white video for a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds track to Nick Cave. Nick then called her to ask her to do one for a Grinderman track. “She has done this incredible job of it,” says Nick. “Her drawings are really gorgeous things.”  View the hand drawn pencil and crayon on paper, frame by frame animated video by Ilinca Höpfner to Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7xQH-6K4mo  “It's quite fitting that that song has an animated video because the yin-yang extremes there of the two brothers are Mickey Mouse and the big bad wolf; those are kind of cartoonish characters, so it all fits in very nicely.” – Jim Sclavunos  Grinderman play two nights at Dublin’s Vicar Street on 18 and 19 June supported by Sheffield’s David J Roch and Dublin-based Tread Pulls. Grinderman’s next UK show will be as special guests at the I'll Be Your Mirror event at Alexandra Palace (co-curated by Portishead and All Tomorrow's Parties). Tickets are on sale at: www.atpfestival.com. For a full list of all Grinderman’s summer festival dates, visit www.grinderman.com.  Grinderman are Nick Cave, Warren Ellis, Martyn Casey and Jim Sclavunos.  Track listing: Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man - Album Version Mickey Bloody Mouse - Joshua Homme Remix Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man - Live at Ce Soir (Ou Jamais!) 
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 The Vaccines     Announce details of Arctic Monkeys arena tour dates     A breathlessly exciting debut, its giddy raunch & revivalism is hard to resist – Mojo 4/5     The Vaccines do it better than any British band have done in years – NME 8/10     Thrillingly perfect…there’s enough here to justify their talk-of-the-town status – Q 4/5     A great big swoon. Immediate and impressive – Uncut 4/5     Their debut is simply terrific, serving up 30-odd minutes of pulse-quickening indie-rock with catchy ditties a plenty – Daily Telegraph 4/5        Following the recent announcement of their Brixton Academy headline show The Vaccines have been confirmed as main support on the forthcoming Arctic Monkeys UK arena tour.      Tickets for these support shows go on sale this Friday 17th June via www.gigsandtours.com     The band’s debut album, What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?, which was released in March of this year, was recently certified gold in the U.K. having sold in excess of 100,000 copies.     The band have just completed a U.S. tour with the Arctic Monkeys, where Lyle Preslar, formerly of Minor Threat, joined them on stage in NYC, The band also made their U.S. network television debut on the Late Show with David Letterman on May 23rd.     Further U.K. headline dates will be announced shortly.     Their full list of shows for the Arctic Monkeys arena tour, European, Japanese & Australian festivals, is as follows:     JUNE  17th                        Seinajoki, Finland                        Provinssirock Festival  18th                        Bremen, Germany                        Hurrican Festival  19th                        Tottlingen, Germany                        Southside Festival  22nd                        Athens                                                Ejekt Festival  24th                        Glastonbury                                    Glastonbury Festival (Other Stage)  25th                        Madrid                                                Dcode Festival  26th                        Glastonbury                                    Glastonbury Festival (John Peel Stage)  28th                        Arendal, Norway                        Hove Festival  29th                        Borlange, Sweden                        Peace & Love Festival                          30th                        London                                                Hyde Park (with Arcade Fire)         JULY 1st                        St Gallen, Switzerland                        Open Air Festival 3rd                        Wechter, Belgium                        Rock Werchter 3rd                        Rotterdam                                    Metropolis 5th                        Montreux, Switzerland                        Montreaux Jazz Café 8th                        Canterbury                                    Lounge on the Farm 9th                        Punchestown                                    Oxygen Festival 10th                        Kinross                                                T in the Park Festival 12th                        Argeles, France                                    Deferlantes 14th                        Berne, Switzerland                        Gurten Festival 16th                        Lisbon                                                Super Bock Super Rock Festival 15th                        Southwold                                    Latitude Festival 29th                        Naeba, Japan                                    Fuji Rock 31st                        Byron Bay, Australia                        Splendour in the Grass   AUGUST 6th                        Long Island, US                                    Escape to New York  18th                        Salzburg, Austria                                    Frequency Festival 19th                        Biddinghuizen, Holland                        Lowlands Festival 20th                        Belfast                                                Belsonic 23rd                        London                                                Forum 24th                        Edinburgh                                    Picture House 26th                        Reading                                    Reading Festival 27th                        Leeds                                                Leeds Festival 28th                        Paris                                                Rock en Seine Festival   OCTOBER 28th                        Nottingham                                    Capital FM Arena - (Arctic Monkeys) 29th                        London                                                02 Arena - (Arctic Monkeys)   NOVEMBER 1st                        Cardiff                                                Motor Point Arena - (Arctic Monkeys) 2nd                        Manchester                                    Evening News Arena - (Arctic Monkeys) 4th                        Birmingham                                    LG Arena - (Arctic Monkeys) 5th                        Newcastle                                    Metro Arena - (Arctic Monkeys) 6th                        Aberdeen                                    AECC - (Arctic Monkeys) 8th                        Glasgow                                    SECC - (Arctic Monkeys) 9th                        Liverpool                                    Echo Arena - (Arctic Monkeys)   DECEMBER 7th                        London                                                Brixton Academy (Headline show)                          The Vaccines are: Arni Arnason (bass), Freddie Cowan (guitar / vocals), Pete Robertson (drums) & Justin Young (vocals / guitar).   
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Norwegian “death punk” group Turbonegro has tapped ex-Dukes Of Nothing frontman Tony Sylvester as their new singer. If you’re a fan or at least know of the band (maybe from their performance on Viva La Bam?), then you might be asking the following at the moment:

  1. Wait, singer Hank Von Helvete left Turbonegro?
  2. Can Turbonego continue on without their most visible and well known member?

Well the answer to your first question is yes, Helvete left the group in 2009 to “to pursue a career in acting, the Church of Scientology and goth rock.” Following his departure, the band actually went on hiatus. As for whether the band will be able to live on with Helvete…well that’s what Turbonegro is hoping for.

Bassist and main song writer Happy-Tom had the following to say about their new singer :

“Tony has the powerful, soulful voice and the presence we have always been looking for in a singer. We are stoked to have this magical gentleman or gentle thug aboard!”

Sylvester, who was once the President of the London chapter of the Turbojugend fan club and the band’s UK press officer, added the following:

“I was incredibly honoured to get the call up and blown away by the way the sound came together so quickly. It’s going to be different for sure – there’s a little more filth in my pipes, but as a longtime [fan], I want to assure the Turbojugend that the legacy is in safe hands.”

Seeing that the band has had many members in and out of the group since forming in 1989, it is unclear as to who else currently makes up the new lineup. However, we’ll know soon enough as Turbonegro are set to make their debut with Sylvester on July 15 at the Turbojugend World Days fan club convention in Hamburg, Germany. The band is also apparently in the studio recording their follow up to 2007’s Retox. We’ll keep you posted if more is revealed.

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As heard on Vive Le Rocks cover cd this month-brilliants 90s US punks Face To Face tour the UK-GO SEE EM!!!!

 Face To Face UK Tour dates  Aug-23 UK Kingston The Peel Aug-24 UK London Brixton Academy Aug-25 UK Glasgow King Tut's Aug-26 UK Leeds Leeds Festival Aug-27 UK Bristol The Fleece Aug-28 UK Reading Reading Festival Aug-29 UK Cardiff Millennium Music Hall Aug -30 UK Southampton Joiners Please note new date for Southampton
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 REBELLION NEWS  Greetings  7 Sunny(ish) weeks to go until we all descend on the shores of Blackpool for this years' festival!  Its been a while since the last newsletter so there are one or two great additions to the line-up that you may have missed:-  JELLO BIAFRA AND THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE headline the Olympia on Sunday night, while OFF! (Keith Morris from Circle Jerks and Black Flag) join the Friday Empress bill and A WILHELM SCREAM replace Segismundo Toxicamo on Thursday in the Empress.  We have unfortunately had MDC and Devil's Brigade pull out due to unforseen circumstances and Penny Rimbaud has had to postpone The Last Amendment until next year due to health reasons.  We hope to have the three of them back next year.  This years' Literary Festival hosted by John Robb will be all four days and promises some great guests including Steve Bruce and Colin from Cocksparrer and Mick and Jeff from The Cockney Rejects.  This will be upstairs in The Spanish Hall which will also host PunkARt this year and a new Craft Market with handmade goodies from Birds on the Beach and others.  New for Bizarre Bazaar this year is Punk Rock Karaoke with Guttersnipe - Thursday and Friday come along and sing your heart out and let Guttersnipe be your backing band!!!!  Fancy dress is a must for Thursday night - Darren and Sharky stole the show last year, come on you know you want to!!!  There are some great acts in BB this year, Thursday promises the usual chaos with Eric Faulkners' Bay City Rollers, The Dolly Show (Dolly Parton tribute), The Rockabellas (Andrews Sisters as you've never seen em before) and the welcome return of ABBA Sensation.  Friday with the wonderful TOYAH whom we are really pleased to have back, Saturday with Lloyd Grossman's NEW FORBIDDEN and GET CAPE WEAR CAPE FLY  and of course Sunday with CAPTAIN SENSIBLE.  The Wintergardens has undergone a huge refurbishment, the floral hall has been restored to some of its former beauty and there is a new cafe and restaurant.  It really is starting to look awesome!  Tickets are on sale from all the usual outlets and for all up to date info go to www.rebellionfestivals.com  cheers and see you soon Team Rebellion xxx  WHEN: Thursday 4th - Sunday 7th August  WHERE: The Winter Gardens, Church Street, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 1HL, UK  TICKETS: See opposite or CLICK HERE ( http://www.rebellionfestivals.com/index.php?page=tickets )  ACCOMMODATION / TOURIST INFO: www.visitblackpool.com  * ALL AGES * DESIGNATED SMOKING AREA * RE-ENTRY  TICKET PRICE:  £120  - All 4 days  TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE DIRECTLY FROM REBELLION BY CHEQUE OR CREDIT CARD (DETAILS BELOW)  Cheques / POs payable to: Rebellion Festivals  Please send to: 65 Whitecross Rd Hereford HR4 0DQ  Please enclose SAE and please allow 28 days for delivery.  There is NO booking fee for tickets purchased by Cheque / Postal Order  CREDIT CARD HOTLINE  To pay by credit card securely over the phone, please call:  02476 601 678  (00 44 2476 601678 from outside the UK)  BOOKING FEE WILL APPLY  Alternatively, please email us for futher information at:  rebelliontickets@btinternet.com WE NOW ACCEPT PAYPAL  Please email rebelliontickets@btinternet.com for details on how to make a payment  OTHER TICKET AGENTS  UK  GIGBOX - www.gigbox.co.uk  SEE TICKETS - www.seetickets.com  TICKET MASTER - www.ticketmaster.co.uk  BLACKPOOL LIVE - www.blackpoollive.co.uk  ALL AGES RECORDS 27a Pratt Street Camden London NW1 0BG  ROCKERS ENGLAND 89 OLDHAM STREET MANCHESTER M4 1LW  BELGIUM  Dirk Peeters - funeraldress@skynet.be  GERMANY  CORETEX Oranienstr. 3 10997 Berlin  www.coretexrecords.com  IRELAND  John Foley - info@sonicproductions.ie  ITALY  www.reazione.it 
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 VIVE LE ROCK IS GOING TO BE THERE-GET YOUR ASS DOWN THERE TOO!  GYPSY HOTEL Saturday 18 JUNE 2011 “Bourbon Soaked Snake Charmin’Rock’n’Roll Cabaret”  The nomadic party continues and this time we check into the cosy Stags Head by the canal on the Hoxton/ Dalston border.  STARRING:   HIPBONE SLIM AND THE KNEETREMBLERS **Proper Voodoo Rhythm Rock'N'Roll! Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers play a mixture of rock n roll, rockabilly, surf, rhythm n blues, beat and garage, with influences ranging from as wide as hillbilly to ska and punk to mambo.   The band is led by the ubiquitous Sir Bald Diddley on guitar and lead vocals. Sir Bald has been described as 'Britain's string king' in reference to his wild and fiery guitar style, influenced by Bo Diddley, Link Wray, Chuck Berry, Dick Dale. He is a man with over 250 song writing credits to his name and some very precarious stage antics, including the infamous 'Pea Bug' which involves much rolling around on the floor during guitar solos! He is currently also working on a new band project with ex Supergrass members!   Bruce 'Bash' Brand (drums) is one of Britain's if not the world's finest rock 'n' roll drummers, playing in cult happenings such as the Milkshakes, Headcoats, Billy Childish, Holly Golightly and the Masonics, and also managing to work with the Pretty Things, Downliner Sect, Wreckless Eric, Mungo Jerry and make two albums with Link Wray along the way!   Gastus Receedus (bass/harmonica), has played in many a band (Big Wigs, Arousers, Playboys etc.) and worked with many a rock n roll legend - Billy Lee Riley, Sonny Burgess, Dale Hawkins, Don and Dewey to name but a few! - Hipbone Slim and the Kneetremblers have four albums released on Voodoo Rhythm Records, all the great critical acclaim and all receiving considerable radio airplay.   OPHELIA BITZ -The All-Singing, All-Sinning Spangled Filth Machine! "Bitz may have the voice of an angel but she also has the mouth of a filthy gutter-slut. We expect great things" (Time Out London) http://www.opheliabitz.com/bio.html  LUNA ROSA -Hot Hot Hot Burlesque Bump'n'Grind! http://londonburlesquefest.com/luna-rosa  ANDY J GALLAGHER, ROMAN JUGG & LEE ANDREWS  -Geetar, Accordion & Drum Folk Punks! *Singer/Songwriter Andy is joined by Roman Jugg of The Damned. http://www.andyjgallagher.com/  LOIS OF THE LANE - Air Guitar Goddess!  dj SCRATCHY - Resident Wax-Spinner! *Scratchy has been our resident DJ, compere and musical guidance since the beginning of the club. He has toured the world as a warm up DJ for The Clash, Gogol Bordello, Dr Feelgood, The Urban Voodoo Machine and The Pogues amongst others. Do not ask him to play Madonna! Do check out his weekly radio show though! http://scratchysounds.co.uk/    £6.66 before 9.30pm (with correct change only) £9.99 after  Advance tickets are available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/122042  Doors 8pm  Show starts 9.30pm sharp Drinkin’ and Dancin’ till 3am  NO UGG BOOTS!  THE STAGS HEAD, Hoxton/Dalston 55 Orsman Road N1 5RA 020 7739 6741  BOOZE: Ale 2.90/3.00/3.10, beer from 3.20/3.30/3.50 and single house spirit starts @ 2.70 (3.20 plus selected mixer)   TRANSPORT: Haggerston or Hoxton Overground/Old Street Underground Buses: 67, 149, 242, 243, 39 The barstaff will also call you a mini-cab.  THE STAGS HEAD HAS A NICE BIG BEER GARDEN/SMOKING AREA BY THE WAY! IT'S SUMMER AFTER ALL!  Street map here: http://www.streetmap.co.uk/map.srf?x=533377&y=183688&z=110&sv=orsman+road&st=6&tl=Map+of+Orsman+Road%2C+London%2C+N_1&searchp=ids.srf&mapp=map.srf   **GYPSY HOTEL COMPILATION CD**  Gypsy Hotel Vol 1 is compiled by our resident wax-spinner dj Scratchy and host Paul-Ronney Angel, Gypsy Hotel Vol 1 features 16 of the finest bands that have played the club including The Urban Voodoo Machine, the Jim Jones Revue, Mama Rosin, Little Victor, Nigel Burch, Trans-Siberian March Band and many more!   Released through Gypsy Hotel Records/RSK Entertainment available on CD with a tasty 24 page booklet and Download. Full track listing and order info here:   http://www.amazon.co.uk/Bourbon-Soaked-Charmin-RocknRoll-Cabaret/dp/B0049OQI72/ref=pd_sxp_f_r    "IF YOU HAVE 12 HOURS TO LIVE SPEND IT AT GYPSY HOTEL!" Time Out   
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