Gypsy Hotel Presents – at The Lexington, Angel



The Urban Voodoo Machine , Lady Ane Angel, Lalla Morte, dj Scratchy, Nigel Burch, Vicky Butterfly,
Big Gray & Razor, Anil Desai & SquirellSkin Slippers all hope to see you at the Lexington this Saturday!

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 *DAVID VANIAN, LEAD SINGER OF THE DAMNED, SCORES THE PERFECT SLEEP.* * * *VANIAN'S FIRST FULL-LENGTH FILM SCORE FOR THIS MODERN FILM NOIR WHERE DAVID LYNCH AND THE SOPRANOS MEET **.  *  “A FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL RIDE. IT’S FILM NOIR ON CRACK.” – GARY OLDMAN.  Described by the Independent Film Quarterly as “Goodfellas meets Chinatown… [a] modern gangster masterpiece”, *The Perfect Sleep*, the directorial debut feature from *Jeremy Alter*, is a stylish, contemporary film noir that owes as much to Shakespeare (references to Hamlet, Othello and King Lear abound) as it does to the works of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler. A co-producer of ‘Inland Empire’ and location manager on ‘Lost Highway’, director Alter also wears his Lynchian influences on his sleeve as he presents star and scriptwriter *Anton Pardoe*’s (himself a location assistant on ‘Lost Highway’) hard-boiled, noirish world of ruthless gangsters, femme fatales and morally unsound detectives as a dark and vivid dreamscape full of tormented characters.  Here's the trailer:  http://onlinemoviepromo.com/newplayer.php?id=3698  Co-starring *Roselyn Sanchez* (Without A Trace), *Patrick Bauchau* (2012), *Peter J. Lucas* (Inland Empire) and *Michael Pare* (the Bloodrayne movies), *The Perfect Sleep* is a dreamy, often nightmarish, film noir enhanced by stunning cinematography, ethereal locations and a cool, atmospheric musical score by *David Vanian*, the frontman of punk-goth legends, The Damned.  *Plot synopsis*  In a timeless, unidentified city (which may or may not be Los Angeles), a man with no name (Pardoe) returns to the violent, brutal domain of gangsters and assassins he left ten years before, back when they dubbed him The Mad Monk for his disregard for his own life and his intense devotion to one woman, Porphyria (Roselyn Sanchez).  The girl he grew up with and the love of his life, Porphyria is now a beautiful woman - the only thing he has ever wanted and the one thing he can never have. She, alone, is the reason for his return. Her life now in danger, he is the only man who can save her. But waiting for him are several killers who would like nothing more than to see him die a painful death, while standing at their forefront is the formidable Nikolai (Patrick Bauchau), the man who raised him and just might be his father. To protect Porphyria, this unnamed man must revisit his former life of torment and torture and confront the father figure he turned his back on so many years ago.  *The Perfect Sleep* (tbc) is released on *DVD* (£15.99) by *Icon Home Entertainment* on *26th July * 
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 Music Industry Expert Martin Atkins Infiltrates The World Of Entrepreneurial Business And Education  LOS ANGELES, CA - (LSI) -July 08, 2010 - Seasoned music industry veteran Martin Atkins <http://tstouring.com/>  has taken a "do-it-yourself" punk rock approach to nearly all of his professional ventures.  Now, the renowned multi-dimensional artist will bring the legacy of punk rock attitude into the world of business and education.  Atkins is booked for several upcoming speaking engagements including the Word of Mouth Marketing Supergenius <http://gaspedal.com/supergenius/nyc/>  conference in New York on July 20th-alongside Tony Hsieh of Zappos.com, Groundswell author Josh Bernoff, and WOM Supergenius Andy Sernovitz.  He is hosting the touring movement at the NYC New Music Seminar on July 20th-21st, speaking at All2GetherNow (Berlin) in September, and lecturing at the UK Magic Roundabout Unconvention held in Swindon, UK from Friday, October 1st to Sunday, October 3rd.   Atkins is conducting three day immersion seminars at his Tour:Smart headquarters in Chicago for those in need of an entrepreneurial kick in the pants.  Appropriately named, his Secret D.I.Y. Seminars <http://www.toursmartplus.com/>  are limited to 25 attendees.  A summer session is scheduled for July 23rd - 25th, and registration is $225. "It's the one-to-one attention that really makes a difference in someone's career.  I like getting to know everyone who comes to a weekend seminar and help them take their career to the next level," says Atkins.    About Martin Atkins:  Martin Atkins is the definition of entrepreneurial activity in cultural arts endeavors, his 30+ years in the music business spans across genres, borders and industries.  He was a member of Public Image Ltd and Killing Joke. He founded industrial supergroup Pigface, The Damage Manual, and Murder Inc., and has contributed to both Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. He is currently the owner of Invisible Records and Mattress Factory Recording Studios (est. 1988). Additionally, he is the author of Tour:Smart, a Suicide Girls columnist, former instructor at Columbia College Chicago, and current teacher at Madison Media Institute.  Martin is a producer, drummer, documentary filmmaker, DJ, and father of four. Whatever the future of music is, you can pretty much bet that he'll be in the middle of it.   For more information on Martin Atkins:   http://onesheet.luthiersociety.com/martinatkins  http://tstouring.com/   
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BBC Trust rejects 6 Music closure plan

Lauren Laverne 6 Music presenter Lauren Laverne expressed her delight on Twitter

The BBC Trust has rejected the BBC’s plans to close the digital radio station 6 Music.

In his initial response to the BBC strategy review, BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons said that the case for the closure of 6 Music had not been made.

He said the trust – which represents the interests of licence fee payers – would consider closing 6 Music only as part of a wider strategy on the future of digital radio.

But the trust accepted plans to close the Asian Network, cut 25% of the online budget and close teen service Blast!

A high-profile campaign to save 6 Music was set up after a strategic review of the BBC’s services was announced in March.

The planned closures identified in the review needed the approval of the BBC Trust.

‘Extremely excited’

Coldplay, who spoke out in support of 6 Music, sent their congratulations to the station, saying it played "a crucial and unique role in British music".

La Roux singer Elly Jackson told BBC Radio 5 live she was "extremely excited" by the decision.

"You always feel slightly ignored, like the individual can’t have any effect on these things, but when things like this happen, you think maybe we can," she said.

6 Music presenter Lauren Laverne expressed her delight on Twitter: "6Music has been saved. Hooooorrrayyyyy!"

The trust published its initial conclusions to the strategy review alongside the BBC’s Annual Report.

Sir Michael Lyons: "You inevitably have some tough discussions"

The trust said: "As things stand, the case has not been made for the closure of 6 Music.

"The executive should draw up an overarching strategy for digital radio. If the director general wanted to propose a different shape for the BBC’s music radio stations as part of a new strategy, the trust would consider it.

"The trust would consider a formal proposal for the closure of the Asian Network, although this must include a proposition for meeting the needs of the station’s audience in different ways."

The trust noted the 6 Music audience was 600,000 a week at the time of the review, but had since risen to one million listeners.

It noted the "significant show of public support" there had been since the closure plan was announced.

It said 78% of the online responses to the public consultation had focused on 6 Music.

Industry support

Musicians including David Bowie, Lily Allen and Damon Albarn also lent their support when the closure was tabled.

Much of the UK music industry mobilised to throw its weight behind the station, saying its closure would remove a key outlet for musicians and weaken the BBC’s ability to fulfil its charter.

The BPI said it was "delighted that the BBC Trust agreed that the case for closing 6 Music was unconvincing".

Have Your Say

6 Music is exactly what the BBC should be doing – providing a service that’s not commercially viable

Whiler Send us your comments

A statement from the music industry association said the trust’s findings "support our case that 6 Music makes a unique contribution to the UK’s cultural life".

It added: "We’ll be watching carefully to ensure the executive’s review of the BBC’s digital radio strategy is not used as cover for a further attempt to close the station."

The BBC Trust’s Sir Michael Lyons said he wanted the BBC to focus on the "much bigger jobs" of looking at the futures of BBC Radios 1 and 2.

"It [6 Music] has opened up a much bigger debate about the need, first, to sort out the greater distinctiveness about the very popular Radios 1 and 2 and to make sure they are more different from each other and different from what’s available in the commercial sector," he told the BBC’s News Channel.

"And even more important, to actually develop a coherent strategy for digital radio, which the BBC can’t do in isolation. It needs to do (that) with government and the commercial sector."

Andrew Harrison, chief executive of RadioCentre, which represents commercial stations, welcomed the trust’s call "to draw up an overarching strategy for digital radio with the commercial sector".

Jarvis Cocker: "I punched the air when I heard"

He said: "We are pleased that the BBC Trust has mandated BBC management to deliver greater distinctiveness on Radio 1 and Radio 2 and welcome its call to draw up an overarching strategy for digital radio with the commercial sector."

In its review of TV services, the trust said BBC One should be "more ambitious and distinctive".

It said BBC Two needed to become "a clearer alternative to BBC One, even at the risk of reaching fewer viewers".

Both BBC One and BBC Two in daytime were "not meeting audience expectations" on the delivery of public purposes, the trust said.


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 Well first off we'd just like to say well done to the BBC Trust for saving 6 Music...not that they should have ever have thought of closing it in the first place!  And talking of 6 Music, did you hear Betty And The Werewolves live session on Marc Riley last night? Well if not you can catch it on the BBC iPlayer for the next 6 days.  And that brings me to the two new albums out this week, first up is Betty And The Werewolves debut 14 track indie-punky-pop monster 'Teatime Favourites'. It's on LP, CD & Digital and it's out now   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/betty-and-the-werewolves/>  And don't forget their latest single 'Paper Thin' which is nearly sold out on 7" but don't worry there plenty of the digital singles in stock still   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/betty-and-the-werewolves/>  AND TALKING OF NEW ALBUMS...  The debut 19 (yes, 19) track album from The Cyanide Pills, packed with wonderful punk-pop classics of the future, UK tour soon and European dates planned for later in the year too.   <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/cyanide-pills/>  Lastly we have the Billy & The MBE's U.S. 12" back in stock and some of the Smart Guy 'Vermin Poets' 7" as well.Click Here <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/dept/~billy-childish-s/>  and a set of three badges for a quid...Click Here <http://damagedgoods.greedbag.com/buy/damaged-goods-badge-set/> 
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 When the sun sets we have some great shows for you at South of the Border, venue on Old Street, the El Paso Bar, upstairs serves a great selection of cold beers ciders, spirits and mixers and Hot Mexican food. and great live bands playing downstairs for a perfect summers evening  Thursday 8th July *Alternative /Rock/ Emo* South of the Border VERSES THE HYPE THEORY £5.00adv 9pm doors http://www.wegottickets.com/event/85443  Friday 9th July *Hair Metal / Glam Rock* South of the Border AQUANET 80s Hair Metal club playing the classics Gun n Roses, Motley Crew, Posion, etc 9.00pm to late  Saturday 10th July *Thrash Metal* CAUGHT IN A MOSH ! Thrash metal club night London only if not UK only dedicated Thrash night, expect the classics  and a  few rare tracks from DJ Hackett on the decks throwing shapes and drinking beers, come down and drink beers and thrash and join the mosh! £4.00 / £5.00 http://www.wegottickets.com/event/83495 9.00pm - 2.00am  Wednesday 14th July *Rock* South of the Border P.I.G (Featuring BIG JON + SARAH from CONFLICT) PETTYBONE £5.00adv 8.00pm doors http://www.wegottickets.com/event/85444  Thursday 15th July *60s girl actress & singers, inspirations Jane Birkin* A night of classic 60 sounds. South of the Border VIRVE SA VIE LIZZY & THE YES MEN http://www.myspace.com/vivre.sa.vie  Friday 16th July *Punk Rock club night* South of the Border EVERYTHING SUCKS Punk night Guest bands THE ARTERIES + DOM RAMOS PLAYERS 9.00pm doors £5.00  Thursday 22nd July *Alternative / Punk* South of the Border WONK UNIT + supports £5.00adv 8.00pm doors  Thursday 29th July *Alternative / Indie* South of the Border HOME. UNDER.GROUND. RECORDS, Presents CHEATAHS DIGNAN PORCH NOT COOL COLOURS 8.00pm doors  Friday 30th July *Punk Rock / Garage* South of the Border NEAT NEAT NEAT Punk club night with guest band XX CORTEZ £4.00 b4 11pm £5.00 after 9.00pm doors http://www.wegottickets.com/event/85446  Venue Closed for a refit & refurbishment 3  weeks in Aug, back on Aug 27th with Neat Neat Neat, then closed for early Sept for more work on the refit refurbishment. Hit us up for  mid Sept onward bookings now  Friday 27th Aug *Punk Rock / Garage* South of the Border NEAT NEAT NEAT Guest band THE TEN O SEVENS £4.00 b4 11pm / £5.00 after 9.00pm doors  Friday 17th Sept *Punk Rock* South of the Border EVERYTHING SUCKS Club night Guest band t.b.c £5.00 9.00pm doors  Sat 18th Sept Re launch of SOTB South of the Border New venue official opening party Special Guests  Friday 24th Sept *Punk Rock/ Garage* South of the Border NEAT NEAT NEAT  Punk rock club Guest band THE REAL NUMBERS ( USA) £4.00 b4 11pm/ £5.00 after 9.00pm doors  Saturday 25th Sept *Thrash* South of the Border CAUGHT IN A MOSH Thrash Metal club night Guest Band t.b.c 9.00pm doors  Thursday 30th Sept *Rock* South of the Border ATLAS & I + supports £5.00 adv 8.00pm doors  Saturday 2nd Oct *Rock* South of the Border HOPE & STATE SOCIAL CLUB £5.00adv  Bands coming up in October,check website or myspace for up dates CHICKENHAWK  MARCH OF THE RAPTORS KNUCKLE DRAGGER  http://www.kbyrocks.co.uk www.myspace.com/southoftheborderrocks     
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 Breaking Rocks – Charity Album // Out 26th July via Silverdoor Records  In support of the Jail Guitar Doors initiative, an organization set up by Billy Bragg which aims to provide instruments to those who are using music as a way of achieving the rehabiliation of prison inmates, July 26th will see the release of a download album from which all profits will be used to fund return visits to UK prisons.  The initiative is supported by Strummerville, the Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music, plus has seen involvement from the likes of Mick Jones (The Clash), Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters), Wayne Kramer (MC5) and Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape, Fly).  Released via Silverdoor Records, the album will be priced at £8 and will feature 31 tracks, including an exclusive recording of Billy Bragg live from one of Her Majestys Prisons, plus tracks from Pete & The Pirates, Baddies, The Neat, The Victorian English Gentlemans Club, Kids Love Lies, and many more (full tracklisting below).   ----  'Breaking Rocks' Tracklisting:   1.     Televised Crimewave - Objects of Desire  2.     Pete & The Pirates - Knots    3.     The Arcadian Kicks  - I Can't Sleep  4.     The Neat - Ode to Joy  5.     Baddies - Holler For My Holiday  6.     The Might Roars - Kiss It  7.     The Victorian English Gentlemans Club - Drivers Companion  8.     My Tiger My Timing - The Distance  9.     Shock Defeat! - As A Vegan I Was So Tired  10.  The Brownies - Secret (Andy Gill Version)  11.  Phantom - Great Pretender  12.  Billy Bragg - I Keep Faith (Live)  13.  Castrovalva - Triceratops  14.  Jonny Neesom - Grey Walls  15.  These Monsters - Call Me Dragon    16.  Violet Violet - Company Man  17.  Version88 - Cocaine & Guinness  18.  Oh! Qunquit - Facebook Killer  19.  The ABC Club - Friend of Mine  20.  Islington Boys' Club - Misfit Sugar    21.  William - Midi  22.  The Lucky Face - No Personality  23.  David Cronenberg's Wife - Suicide - Stretch Out (Prison Friendly Mix)  24.  The Kabeedies - We Make Our Own Adventures  25.  Raven Beats Crow - Puncture Kit  26.  Kaputt - Blow Up These Lights  27.  LR Rockets - High Tide  28.  Kids Love Lies - Hex  29.  For Abel - First Killing  30.  Leon Walker - Borrow Me A Fiver  31.  Dolly & The Clothespegs - Stayin' Til The Morning       
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Hi Folks Here we are again, the sun is shining and the summer is looking good with only five weeks to go until Rebellion Blackpool. Now you all know about yer Bad Religion, New York Dolls, Stiff Little Fingers and all the other great bands that are on over the weekend but I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you about the other great things that are happening over the festival weekend. AMAZING EXCLUSIVES! Firstly, as if the headlining of Bizarre Bazaar on Saturday wasn’t hot enough to have yer Magnums’ melting, Peter Murphy the seminal Bauhaus frontman is going to do two things he never ever does! One, he will appear on Saturday at the Literary Festival (see further down for more news on this) and be interviewed by our very own John Robb and then take questions from the audience. Second, he has agreed to meet 50 people at an exclusive ‘meet and greet’ whereby fans will get the chance to meet the man personally and get a signed Rebellion poster. In order to select the 50 lucky people we have decided to have an email competition – basically tell us in 100 words or less why you think you should get to meet Peter and we will choose the 50 worthiest/funniest/genuine to meet him, email jennie@rebellionfestivals.com Oh and I forgot as if this wasn’t enough, he will be playing a Bauhaus song just for Rebellion that he never does and won’t be doing on the rest of the dates. LITERARY FESTIVAL – new for 2010 and the wonderful idea of John Robb, never mind Hay on Wye here is the first Rebellion Literary Festival hosted by John Robb! From 1pm until 3pm each day in the Pavilion Theatre there will be talks, interviews, spoken word sets, question and answer sessions, book signings and more. We are really really excited to announce that PENNY RIMBAUD and STEVE IGNORANT will appear together in conversation with John Robb and may even do questions and answers. John Joseph from The Cro-Mags spoken word set, Neville Luxury from Punishment of Luxury – Poetry, Brian Young (Rudi, Shame Academy) and Sean O’Neil on the history of the Punk scene in Northern Ireland and of course Peter Murphy plus a lot more exciting stuff to be confirmed. BIZARRE BAZAAR – Got some really great stuff this year including Viv Albertine from the Slits with her new band, her songs are wonderful, check her out on myspace. Chas is back with his new band now that Dave is doing other stuff. As well as Peter Murphy on Saturday we also have special guests UK Decay, also Friday, back by popular demand are The Cravats. Sunday sees the return of Ed Tudorpole who’ll be compereing as well as doing his own set. There will be Burlesque every night and some great DJ’s too as well as the usual visuals and what nots. Thursday’s BB is also going to be a bit of a summer party night – for all the gossip on this see below (after Almost Acoustic) ALMOST ACOUSTIC – After the success of last year we are once again having AA in the Theatre Bar, the intimate atmosphere in there was just amazing last year and the sound was awesome. Highlights for this year include – Atilla the Stockbroker, Vic Rugerrio from The Slackers, Kevin Seconds (7 Seconds), Tom Hingley from Inspiral Carpets, Mick Crudge (The Fits), Neck acoustic, Chas Palmer Williams from Lightyear, Wakey (English Dogs/Wernt) plus loads more – check the website out for full details. Of course as is tradition and it would be churlish to miss it out, there is the unmissable Punk Rock BINGO with our very own Max Splodge. FANCY DRESS PARTY IN BIZARRE BAZAAR THURSDAY! What a cracking line up – come in 70’s or 80’s fancy dress, win a prize (first prize two tickets for Rebellion 2011) and boogie on down to T-REX, ABBA SENSATION, THE GLITTER BAND (full band not acoustic), Barbieshop (all girl acapella group) and back for one night only the outrageous MONGEY CREW!!!! Plus Burlesque with Lucy Longlegs and Scarlet the Harlot. Also just hot off the press – Darren says he will give a large bottle of Vodka to the first person that dances worse than him through the Abba Sensation set. Cor blimey gov I’m getting knackered just typing all this, when will you fit it all in and still go watch Punk Rock bands –argggggh! Ok quickly to finish – PunkArt exhibition – now in its fourth year, bigger and better than ever and moved to the Ballroom Balcony Bar, up the stairs in the Ballroom Foyer – follow the signs, there will be tea and coffee available in there this year – www.myspace.com/punkartuk for the latest. Finally and I mean it – the third annual hairdo competition, each year two lucky people (one male and one female) win a pair of tickets to the following year’s festival simply by letting my good friend Colm get a good mug shot of them, leaving their mobile number so we can get hold of them and wait till Charlie Harper, John Robb and myself have judged the best ones on Sunday afternoon. Couldn’t be simpler really!!! For all info and more visit www.rebellionfestivals.com and get your tickets soon, understandably they are selling like cold beer at the moment (and a lot faster than England Shirts!!!) Jennie xxx

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 BRITISH PUNK HEAVYWEIGHTS TOUR AUSTRALASIA IN OCTOBER  After years of speculation and on the back of their eleventh studio album, Perfume and Piss (Hellcat Records), groundbreaking English hardcore punk band GBH has announced plans to tour Australia and New Zealand in October 2010.  There isn't a self-respecting punk, hardcore kid or subcultural miscreant alive who hasn't seen the GBH logo emblazoned on the back of a leather jacket, a denim vest, or a torn-up t-shirt. And now, Australia and New Zealand will be slapped upside the head with a timely reminder as to exactly why GBH have been the heavyweight band of the UK punk scene for over 30 years.   Fans will look forward to a barn-burning, fist-pumping, palace-gates-storming live show by the band who re-defined the ŒUK82¹ punk sound with tracks like "Sick Boy" "City Baby Attacked by Rats" and "Time Bomb" (to name a few). The highly acclaimed new album carries the torch forward and introduces a new generation of fans to the band's trademark fury that is alternately nihilistic, optimistic, pessimistic, anarchist, violent, humorous and deadly serious all at once.   This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the legendary, mighty, GBH live in New Zealand and Australia. Tickets to all shows are strictly limited so get in quick.   7th OCTOBER, THE KINGS ARMS, AUCKLAND, R18  with Gripper and Sticky Filth   8th OCTOBER, SFBH, WELLINGTON, R18  with Sticky Filth and Black Lick   9th OCTOBER, AL¹S BAR, CHRISTCHURCH, R18  with Sticky Filth and Guests TBA    Tickets on sale August 2nd 2010 from: www.undertheradar.co.nz <http://www.undertheradar.co.nz/> , Moshtix and Real Groovy Records  
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 The Doors: When You¹re Strange   5th July ­ 27th August @ The Idea Generation Gallery   The exhibition will offer an intimate account of The Doors from their rise to fame to their breakthrough on the music scene in 1965. The exhibition will reveal intimate portraits of Jim Morrison and how he became one of the most charismatic lead singers with The Doors becoming one of the most controversial rock bands to exist.   In conjunction with Morrison Hotel Gallery, Idea Generation Gallery will showcase the photography of Henry Diltz, Joel Brodsky, Bobby Klein and Ken Regan, who all documented the bands time together. Alongside their most celebrated works, When You¹re Strange brings together the lesser known archives and previously unseen contact sheets of photography taken over the decade the band were together.    London Calling: 18th June - 4th July The Doors: 9th July - 5th September ‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹‹ T.   +44 (0)20 7749 6850 M   +44 (0)7984399005 F.   +44 (0)20 7729 0513   T:  @IG_Gallery FB: www.facebook.com/IdeaGenerationGallery <http://www.facebook.com/IdeaGenerationGallery> Flickr www.flickr.com/IG_gallery <http://www.flickr.com/IG_gallery>   Idea Generation Ltd 11 Chance Street  London E2 7JB 
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 DANZIG'S DETH RED SABAOTH DEBUT'S AT #35 on BILLBOARD TOP 200 ALBUMS CHART #3 on TOP INDEPENDENT ARTISTS CHART ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  "It's wonderful to hear Danzig & Co. do that voodoo they do so well ... the new record delivers the thrills and chills that fans would hope for, and that Danzig, at his best, is so good at serving up." **** - REVOLVER Brooklyn, NY - The release of DANZIG's brand new album, Deth Red Sabaothreturns the legendary artist to the Billboard Charts this week. Deth Red Sabaothwas released on June 22 on Evilive/The End Records and is Danzig's ninth studio album and first in over six years. The album debuts this week on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart at #35 and at #3 on the Top Independent Album Chart. It marks Danzig's highest-charting album since the release of Danzig 4 in 1994. The 11-track collection was written and produced by Glenn Danzig and joining Glenn in the studio for the recording of Deth Red Sabaothwere guitarist Tommy Victor (Prong, Ministry), a Danzig cohort on and off since 1997, and drummer Johnny Kelly (Type O Negative, Seventh Void). While Kelly has toured with Glenn intermittently since 2002, this is the first time he has recorded with the band. Glenn handled the bass chores for most of the album, and played drums on "Black Candy." The CD cover artwork for Deth Red Sabaothis an original painting by the award-winning artist Joe Chiodo whose work has graced not only Danzig's Verotik  publishing line, but the covers of numerous graphic novels and comic books, including "X-Men Unlimited." Deth Red Sabaothmarks Danzig's ninth studio venture that began back in 1988 with the Rick Rubin-produced, Platinum-certified, Danzig. In 1993 "Mother" became a major hit and added to his iconic status that began over a decade earlier when he founded the near-mythic punk band Misfits and then Samhain. Sales of over ten-million albums later and having been dubbed "goth-punk's godfather" by SPIN, Glenn Danzig is arguably the most versatile talent to emerge from hardcore's first wave, and truly is a renaissance man - a graphic designer, photographer, comic book publisher and composer. His venture into composing and recording classical music yielded Black Aria, that debuted at #1 on Billboard's Classical charts, and Black Aria II, that had Glenn sharing the Billboard/Classical's Top Ten with Itzhak Perlman and Andrea Bocelli. His indelible stamp is on artists like Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, and he has written songs that have been sung by a diverse array of artists, from Metallica to Roy Orbison to Johnny Cash. Over his decades-long career, Glenn Danzig's intense musical and lyrical statements have left a permanent mark on rock music, and continue to do so going into the 21st century. Glenn's song "Thirteen," originally written for Johnny Cash and then recorded for Glenn's own Satan's Child album, was the opening song in last year's box office smash and Golden Globe winner, "The Hangover." Danzig - Glenn, guitarist Tommy Victor, drummer Johnny Kelly and bassist Steve Zing - also a founding member of Samhain with Glenn - recently completed an exclusive 9-city album release tour and will continue to tour extensively to support Deth Red Sabaoth. www.danzig-verotik.com 
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