We have always been a band concerned with looking forwards rather than back. However, to mark the 30 years, this autumn we will indulge in a moment of nostalgia and pride in what we have created. Each weekend we’ll be in a city for a two-night stand. The format of the shows will be very similar to what we did in 2000: two sets on each night – the first starting acoustically and building up over 50 minutes or so. Then a short 20 minute break before another full-on set of up to 100 minutes including encores. The following evening we will do the same but with 100% different material.

Our promise is to play at least 4 songs from each of the 13 studio albums (including the two B Sides/Lost Songs compilations). These will not be played in chronological order, or album-by-album, but a random choice. It’s possible that we may also feature guest appearances from one or two friends and former members on some nights but nothing is fixed at this point. We hope also to include a display of at least a small part of the New Model Army ‘One Tribe’ Exhibition of original artwork and memorabilia – depending on the nature and geography of the venue and other ‘logistics’. We will make further announcements as the shows get nearer.

The following weekends are now 100% confirmed (all are Friday/Saturday, except in Germany where they are Saturday/Sunday):

Sept 3rd & 4th: The Bellhouse, Brooklyn, New York
Oct 15th & 16th: Circolo Degli Artisti, Rome
Oct 22nd & 23rd: Rock City, Nottingham
Oct 29th & 30th: Whelans, Dublin
Nov 5th & 6th: Trabendo, Paris
Nov 12th and 13th: The Szene, Vienna
Nov 20th & 21st: E-werk, Koln
Nov 27th & 28th: Huxleys, Berlin
Dec 3rd & 4th: Forum, London


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 Yo Monkey Lovers!   After a few months of silence, the Aper is back with some news about the band we still call THE APERS. I had to take a few months off from rockin' out because of some throat problems, but everything is ok again. In less than two weeks we will play our first show of the year at the PMK in Innsbruck, followed by a show for our friend Ema who passed away last December. After that, shit is on! We're booking shows as we speak, and both September and October are pretty much full. I'll list all the shows, complete with info and all that crap at the bottom of this email. No stress, you know how we do!   Now what is up and on?   In August we will hit the studio with Sharky from The Real Danger in order to record 7 songs. 5 of those will appear on a split CD with Sons Of Buddah from France. Sons Of Buddah is the other band from Ed Uncommonmenfrommars, and boy do they rock! For this split we will also record a video with our friend Jordi Ostir, who also shot the Priceduifkes video for 'Mikey Is A Geezer'. Dirty Witch Records from France will put out this record. And the other 2 songs? They're for a compilation on Stardumb Records. It's gonna be their 50th release, and all I know so far is that Jerry Hormone and Kepi Ghoulie have also recorded tracks. How can one not be excited?   Last year we played the Insubordination Fest in Baltimore, MD, USA and our set was filmed. The good Americans from Insubsordination Records, the same guys that released 'Reanimate My Heart' in the USA, have released this entire set on DVD! Pretty cool huh? You can get it from Interpunk, just go to and get your copy today. Or just download it, punk!   3 Voor 12 Rotterdam celebrates their 5th anniversary and to add to the party flavour, some DJ made a remix (or whatever they call it) of several Rotterdam bands. The Apers are included with 'It's All Over You Know' and I have to say, it sounds pretty funny. We're almost a real band now! If you wanna download the fucker, go to I think you have to do something with the right mouseclick yo.   Mmm, yeah, that's it for now. Ivo, Kelvin and Mikey will be in Innsbruck in 11 days, where we shall have a bit of bandpractise. Check out the shows and come by for some beers and good old punkrock party action!   L8r, Kevin Aper   The APERS shows 2010   Thu 20 May @ PMK, Innsbruck (IT) w/ Peacocks + Casinos  Fri 21 May @ Circolo Delle Arte, Mariano Comense (Milan), (I) w/ Manges + Zatopeks + Tough + Teenage Gluesniffers + Ricobellis   Sat 22 May: Final Champions League! Fri 28 May @ De Beuk, Barendrecht (NL) w/ The Roman Line + The 20 Belows Sat 29 May @ Popas, Assen (NL) w/ Accelerators + Paceshifters  Fri 4 June @ Wild At Heart, Berlin (D) w/ Bat Bites + Zatopeks  Sat 5 June @ Conny¹s Atomsmasher Fest, Grossenhain (D) w/ Bat Bites + Zatopeks + Dear Landlord + more  Sat 12 June @ Vera, Groningen (NL)   Thu 22 July @ Blue Rose, Bresse (MI) (I)  Sun 25 July @ Holzrock, Schopfheim (D) Sat 4 September @ Skatefest JH Den Joc, Olen (B)  Fri 17 September @ Metropool, Hengelo (NL)  Sat 18 September @ Front, Vroomshoop (NL) w/ Paceshifters  Sat 25 September @ Elektra, Sliedrecht (NL)  Fri 1 October @ De Pit, Terneuzen (NL)  Sat 2 October @ Jahnhalle, Nordenham (D)  Sat 9 October @ Exit, Rotterdam (NL) w/ Sugus + Murderburgers + Priceduifkes  Thu 14 October @ Le Chimere, Lille (F)  Wed 20 October @ Le Bartola, Perigueux (F)  Fri 22 October @ Le Ninkasi, Lyon (F) w/ Annita Babyface & The Tastey Poneys + Opium Pour Le Peuple  Fri 29 October @ JH De Bassment, Houthalen-Oost (B) w/ Priceduifkes + Rejected Bastards  Sat 30 October @ De Piek, Vlissingen (NL)  --  Monster Zero Inc ( <> )  The Apers, punkrock est. 1996 ( <> )  
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 Here's a link to an MP3 of Darker My Love covering The 13th Floor Elevators' classic 'She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own)':  It's taken from 'The Psychedelic Sounds Of The Sonic Cathedral: A Tribute To Roky Erickson And The 13th Floor Elevators', which is released on Sonic Cathedral Recordings on June 7. It will be available on limited-edition yellow vinyl (with a Roky acid blotter print) as well as CD and download.  The full tracklisting is:  1. Roller Coaster - Roky Erickson & The Black Angels 2. Reverberation (Doubt) - The Strange Attractors 3. Don't Fall Down - All The Saints 4. Tried To Hide - A Place To Bury Strangers 5. Kingdom Of Heaven - Dead Meadow 6. She Lives (In A Time Of Her Own) - Darker My Love 7. Splash 1 (Now I'm Home) - Sarabeth Tucek 8. Fire Engine - Lower Heaven 9. Dr Doom - Hush Arbors 10. You Don't Love Me Yet - Cheval Sombre* 11. I Love The Living You - Le Volume Courbe** 12. Unforced Peace - Black Acid 13. Goodbye Sweet Dreams - I Break Horses  * Featuring Sonic Boom ** Featuring Kevin Shields 
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Knox, Eddie and Pete take the  VIBRATORS on a world tour!

CANADIAN TOUR (supported by Farler’s Fury –

  Tues. 11 May

OTTOWA, Maverick’s

  Wed. 12 May


  Thurs. 13 May

MONCTON (NB), Paramount

  Fri. 14 May

JONQUIERE (QC), Bar L’Imprevu

  Sat. 15 May

MONTREAL (QC), Katacombes

  Sun. 16 May

ROUYN-NORANDA (QC), Cabaret De Le Derniere Chance

  Mon. 17 May


  Tues. 18 May


  Wed. 19 May

BURLINGTON (ON), Legendary Red Rooster

  Thurs. 20 May

LONDON (ON), Moon Over Marin

  Fri. 21 May


  Sat. 22 May

TORONTO (ON), Garisson’s

  Mon. 24 May

THUNDER BAY (ON), Kilroy’s

  Tues. 25 May

WINNEPEG (MB), Royal Albert

  Wed. 26 May

HUMBOLDT (SK), Uniplex

  Thurs. 27 May

EDMONTON, (AB), New City

  Fri. 28 May

CALGARY (AB), The Distillery

  Sat. 29 May

VANCOUVER (BC), Funky Winkerbeans



  Sat. 5 June

LONDON, The Gaff (382 Holloway Road, London N7 6PN)





  Thurs. 10 June

AUCKLAND, NZ, The King’s Arms. (With The Managers + DJ Argy Bargy + Guests)

  Fri. 11 June

WELLINGTON, NZ, Bodega. (With The Offbeats + Black Chrome and Black Lick)

  Sat. 12 June

CHRISTCHURCH, NZ, Al’s Bar. (With Gripper + Abortion Bucket)

  Sun. 13 June

MELBOURNE, VIC, The Arthouse. (With Sin City, Bastard Squad + Mince Meat (Tas))

  Wed. 16 June

ADELAIDE, SA, Enigma Bar. (With Kamikaze + Sin City (Melbourne) )

  Thurs. 17 June

WOLLONGONG, NSW, CBD Bar, (With Psychotic Knumskulls, Oxygen Thief, Topnovil, and Rukus) 

  Fri. 18 June

SYDNEY, NS, The Excelsior Hotel. (With RUST, Bladder Spasm + The Corps)

  Sat. 19 June

BRISBANE, QLD, The Jubilee Hotel. (With Mouthguard + Guests TBA )

  Sun. 20 June

PERTH, WA, The Rosemont Hotel. (With Raw Nerve + Zxspecky + Guests TBA )




  Fri. 2 July

BEIJING (CHN),Mao Live House 

  Sat. 3 July


  Sun. 4 July

WUHAN (CHN),Vox live House

  Thurs. 8 July

GUANZHOU (CHN),Tekkwun Live House  

  Fri. 9 July

HONGKONG (CHN),Rockschool Live 



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 VIVE LE PUNK went to this last night and it was great.,check it out!!!!!!!!   >ROCK IS MY LIFE - The Skydog Story > >An exhibition of historical rock memorabilia from Marc Zermati, founder >of the legendary SKYDOG RECORDS, takes place at the 'JOE STRUMMER >SUBWAY' in Edgware Road, London W2 May 7th - 29th.  Two Iggy re-releases >coincide. > >Skydog Records was the first independent punk rock label.  Starting in >Paris in 1973, pre-dating Stiff Records by 4 years - Stiff used Skydog's >London distribution arm Bizarre to sell their early records.  Prior to >Skydog, Zermati opened the Paris underground music store The Open >Market, and over his almost 40 years in rock music has amassed a vast >collection. > >Marc will open his files and boxes and display a range of rare posters, >original drawings and lithographs.  In a second room of the Gallery, the >atmosphere of the Open Market will be recreated, with vinyl, stickers, >badges, tickets for concerts and backstages, letters from musicians, >original drawings, articles from the international rock press, and >photographs of musicians, artists & friends. > >'Rock is my Life' will feature Iggy Pop & the Stooges, Lou Reed & The >Velvet Underground, Motorhead, Damned, Slits, Elvis Costello, Johnny >Thunders & the Heartbreakers, the Clash, Big Audio Dynamite, Eddie & the >Hot Rods, the New York graphic artist Futura 2000, and Jamie Reed, the >illustrator for the Sex Pistols.  Also rare early posters from Sex >Pistols, Jefferson Airplane, Bob Dylan, The Ramones, Jim Morrison and >The Cramps, among many others. > >Early Skydog releases included the Flamin Groovies, the visionary Kim >Fowley, Ducks Deluxe, Motorhead, The Damned, and in 1976 an LP of the >last live show by Iggy and the Stooges, 'Metallic KO'.  Also in '76 >Zermati organized the first punk music festival, Mont de Marsan, in >south-west France, featuring The Damned, Doctor Feelgood, The Gorillas >and Eddie & the Hot Rods.  In '77, more than 4000 people attended his >second Mont de Marsan punk festival, featuring The Clash, The Police, >The Damned and Doctor Feelgood. > >To coincide with both the exhibition and Iggy & the Stooges touring >Europe this year, Skydog reissue two recent Iggy releases at mid-price: >- >Iggy & the Stooges 'Telluric Chaos' (SK20053) is a live document of the >reunited Stooges, some 30 years after their infamous last gig, 'Metallic >KO' on Skydog.  Iggy Pop 'Acoustics KO' (SK20071) finds Iggy unusually >solo and acoustic, both on a DVD with various performances, together >with a CD of 10 acoustic studio recordings.  Skydog is distributed by >Jungle Records. > >'Rock is my Life'  The SKYDOG Story - Marc Zermati Private Collection >7 May - 29 May Subway Gallery, Kiosk 1, Joe Strummer Subway, Edgware >Road / Harrow Road London W2 1DX  
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 Electro pioneer Gary Numan// Ade Fenton// 3 Kitsune artists// over 30 artists in 3 rooms of sound// this Saturday 8th May @ 93 Feet East until 4 am!   Whats next?   Official Secrets Act   Fangs   Saturday 29th May @ 93 Feet East             Electro pioneer GARY NUMAN  Ade Fenton this Saturday @ 93 Feet East- 4am close!! This is it! After months of hard work and planning we are only days away from our redonculous event bringing together some of the greatest UK and international acts of our time including electro pioneer Gary Numan // Ade Fenton// 3 Kitsune artists// 30 artists in 3 rooms until 4 AM!!   Advance tickets have almost sold out already so dont miss out and for all of this tickets are only £8 in advance along with a free drink before 10.00pm!   We would like to thank all of you for such great support over the last twow years and look forward to many more.   Dont miss this!   Room 1:   GARY NUMAN  ADE FENTON- dj// TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS (GRECO-ROMAN)// LOSERS (EDDY TEMPLE-MORRIS  TOM BELLAMY)// YOU LOVER HER COZ SHES DEAD (KITSUNE)// DAVID E. SUGAR (KITSUNE)// GET SHAKES// Rubicks// Leigh De Vries// Charlene Huskinson   Room 2:   LARRY TEE vs. PER QX// PUNX SOUNDCHECK (KITSUNÉ)// DPPLGNGRS// ANDY LEARY (RELATION/ LASERDISCO/ URBAN TORQUE)// JOHN THE BAPTIST (RAMADANCE)   Room 3:   DAN MCKIE (1980/DANCE4LIFE/PACHA)// LLOYD CHAPMAN (1980/PACHA)//MATT WEEKS (ELECTRONIC SESSIONS/FRESH ERA)// MARC USTARI (1980/OXYD/UMM)// ZIGMUND SLEZAK (1980/BENCHMARK)// 3 SH*T DJS (MIXMAG TOUR/GET LOADED 09)   BUY TICKETS HERE <>    
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 Hawkwind   Eastworld recordings is very proud to announce the signing of legendary space rockers Hawkwind   The original pioneers of Space Rock return with their eagerly awaited stunning new album - Blood Of The Earth, their first in 5 years. Produced by the band at state of the art recording facility Earth Studios, Blood Of The Earth takes the listener on a journey through crushing visceral space rock, doom driven poetry, whimsical mantras and imagination opera. An example of humans and machines pulsing in harmony out into the void........ Hawkwind are an English rock band, one of the earliest space rock groups. Their lyrics favour urban and science fiction themes. They are also a noted precursor to punk rock and now are considered a link between the hippie and punk cultures. Formed in early1969 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Dave Brock, Hawkwind have gone through many incarnations and styles of music. Critic Jim Green describes their trademark sound as characterized by "that gargantuan and impenetrable pre-metal/hardcore drone, those great riffs, that inexorable drive to destinations unknown". Dozens of musicians have worked with the group; notable fantasy and science fiction writer Michael Moorcock was an occasional collaborator.         A brief overview of the bands history   1969 - Hawkwind formed by former London busker Dave Brock who remains at the helm today.  1970 - The band appeared outside the perimeter fence of the Isle of Wight Festival and played at the first Glastonbury Festival. Hawkwind¹s first single, ³Hurry on Sundown², was also released followed by the self titled debut album, ŒHAWKWIND¹   1972 ­ Band record and release their trademark single ³Silver Machine², featuring Lemmy on vocals, a huge hit that brings band to the attention of the wider public and has since been used in commercials for Mazda cars and Red Square vodka drink. Around the same time various contributors became involved in creative process, these included sci-fi author Michael Moorcock, poet and visionary Bob Calvert, designer ŒBarney Bubbles¹and lighting engineer ŒLiquid Len. Band tour the USA for the first time.   1975 - After a drugs bust in USA, Lemmy leaves the band and goes on to form ŒMOTORHEAD¹.  1980 ­ Release 2 top 10 albums, Live 79 and Levitation, the latter sees former Cream member Ginger Baker on drumming duties.  1979 - 1985 the band¹s singles and albums make regular inroads into the national, independent and heavy metal charts.   1985 - The band performed the ambitious ŒCHRONICLE OF THE BLACK SWORD¹, as a spectacular live show inspired by Michael Moorcock¹s epic saga, ŒELRIC OF MELNIBONE¹.   1986 - Headline the Reading Rock Festival, with guest appearance from Lemmy.   Late 80¹s ­ Early 90¹s ­ Band become more electronic in approach, especially in the studio and are a huge influence on the emerging dance and rave scene.   The 90¹s - As ever the band performed on regular national and international tours releasing more new material along the way. Early 00¹s - Appear on the TV show Top 10 (prog rock edition) and tour Australia for first time. Iconic vocalist Arthur Brown makes various guest appearances at live shows. In 2002 Hawkwind hold the first ³Hawkfest², a 3 day, family friendly event headlined by the band.   2005 ­ Release studio album Take Me To Your Leader.   2006 ­ Release Take Me To Your Future on ³dual disc² format (music one side, film the other)   2009 ­ Headline Beautiful days festival and other major UK festivals, receiving great acclaim. Begin 40th anniversary celebrations with 2 sold out shows at London¹s Porchester Hall, 40 years to the day of Hawkwind¹s first ever gig. In December, joined by guest violinist Jon Sevink of the Levellers, Hawkwind play to sell out audiences on their Christmas UK tour.   2010 ­ Release new album ­ Blood Of the Earth   Throughout their career the band also have continued to perform at numerous free concerts, most famously the STONEHENGE festival, and have supported many and various charities, including SHELTER, GREENPEACE, TRAVELLERS AID TRUST, BRAINSCAN, FREE TIBET CAMPAIGN, SAVE ENDANGERED SPECIES and SEA SHEPHERD.           Blood Of The Earth will be available on the formats below      Hear tracks from the album here   TRACKLIST   EWO042CD 1. Seahawks 2. Blood Of The Earth 3. Wraith 4. Green Machine 5. Inner Visions 6. Sweet Obsession 7. Comfey Chair 8. Prometheus 9. Youd Better Believe It 10. Sentinel 11. Starshine (Bonus Track)     EWO043CDLTD Deluxe - Disc 1 - (Studio) 1. Seahawks 2. Blood Of The Earth 3. Wraith 4. Green Machine 5. Inner Visions 6. Sweet Obsession 7. Comfy Chair 8. Prometheus 9. You¹d Better Believe It 10. Sentinel Disc 2 - (Live) 1. Galactic Angels (Bonus Track) 2. Wraith (Bonus Track) 3. Tide Of The Century (Bonus Track) 4. Magnu (Bonus Track) 5. Levitation (Bonus Track) 6. Long Gone (Bonus Track) + Interview   RCV030LP Side A 1. Seahawks ­ 06:14 2. Blood Of The Earth ­ 02:59 3. Wraith ­ 06:07 Side B 4. Green Machine ­ 04:04 5. Inner Visions ­ 04:29 6. Sweet Obsession ­ 04:45 Side C 7. Comfy Chair ­ 04:54 8. Prometheus ­ 05:48 9. You¹d Better Believe It ­ 07:11 Side D 10. Sentinel ­ 06:03 11. Starshine ­ 07:11 12. Sunship ­ 02:54 (Bonus Track)   
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  Hellcat Records punks ORANGE tour the UK in July on a Big Cheese sposnored tour. The band will also give away a Free 15 trcak album with the June 26th issue of Big Cheese magazine. dates are-  July   wed     7 Hereford,Jailhouse thur      8 Cheltenham,2 Pigs fri         9 Exeter,Timepiece (Free entry!!) sat      10 Hastings,Brass Monkey sun     11 Bristol,Bierkeller mon    12 DAY OFF tue     13 DAY OFF wed   14 York,Fibbers thur    15 Nottingham,Rock City  w/SPUNGE fri        16 Birmingham,Academy 2  w/SPUNGE sat      17 Newcastle,Academy 2 w/SPUNGE sun     18 London,Islington Academy w/SPUNGE mon    19 Guildford,Boiler Room tue      20 DAY OFF wed     21 DAY OFF thur     22 Doncaster,Leopard fri        23 Wickerman Festival sat      24 Edinburgh,Citrus Club sun     25 Glasgow,Ivory Blacks   
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 To view as a Webpage, click here < QBl4N1mSWMSWpnN%252BOuqLXP6g2EDLC%252FJmFMaq7R2q5LoC95h1vKxff7Ekzllh%252BsPu j9mNn9y%252BsoE4jl7ZcF0nnw%253D%253D> BIG NEWS!!   Batusis debut record drops today worldwide!  The legendary Rodney "On The ROQ" Bingenheimer of beloved Los Angeles radio station KROQ, celebrated the band on Sunday night by spinning not one -- but two!! -- songs from the band's self-titled release: "What You Lack In Brains" and "Bury You Alive."   You can hear excerpts of both here: <>    POLLSTAR.COM recently enthused "The good news is Batusis ­ the band featuring Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls and Cheetah Chrome from Rocket From The Tombs and Dead Boys, has a fresh list of North American dates."  
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 THE MEN THEY COULDN¹T HANG SILVERTOWN and THE DOMINO CLUB   12TH JULY (T-BIRD)      Formed in 1984 The Men They Couldn¹t Hang released the single ŒThe Green Fields of France¹ which became a big hit on the UK indie chart and was No. 1 in John Peel¹s Festive 50 for that year. The following year they were signed by Elvis Costello to his Demon Label.   In 1988 they signed to the new Silvertone label and released their SILVERTOWN album.  The highlights of the album included ³Rain, Steam and Speed², ³A Place in the Sun² and ³A Map of Morocco².   This re-release comes with 6 bonus tracks, including demos/extended mix and single A+B sides plus liner notes that includes a new interview with the group.   The Domino Club released in 1990 on the Silvertone label had a more conventional rock sound than their previous album Silvertown.   Lead singers Swill and Cush take you through an emotional rollercoaster of a ride where one minute your heart feels like it¹s breaking - ŒAustralia¹, ŒKingdom of the Blind¹ and the next you can¹t help smiling - ŒGrave Robbing In Gig Harbour¹, ŒDogs Eyes, Owl Meat, Man- Chop¹.    This re-release comes with 3 bonus tracks and the liner notes feature a new interview with the group.       THE MEN THEY COULDN¹T HANG SILVERTOWN (TBIRD 0031CD) THE DOMINO CLUB (TBIRD 0030CD) OUT 12TH JULY 2010 ­ T-BIRD VIA CHERRY RED RECORDS 
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 HELLO BROTHERS AND SISTERS_,  It's time to check into Gypsy Hotel again tomorrow nite for some more Bourbon Soaked Snake Charmin Rock'n'Roll Cabaret! The party kicks off at 8pm, with action non stop on stage from 9pm. DJ Scratchy will keep the dancefloor jumpin till 4am.  _HOPE TO SEE YA THERE!_   GYPSY HOTEL AT BARDENS BOUDOIR 36 STOKE NEWINGTON ROAD LONDON N16 7XJ TEL. 020 7 249 9557  DOORS 8PM (SHOW STARTS 9PM SHARP!) DRINKIN' AND DANCIN' NOW TILL 4AM!  COVER �6.66 BEFORE 10pm, �9.99 AFTER!!! [1] [2]  NO UGG BOOTS!!!                        COMING UP:           SATURDAY 15 MAY           BLACKBERRY WOOD (CAN) – Ragtime-Circus-Gypsy-Folks!           KITTY BANG BANG – Stray Cat Strut!           TIMOTHY VICTORS FOLK ORCHESTRA – Country And Eastern!           QUEEN CREOLE – A Tribute To The King!           PHIL “KNOXVILLE” HASTED – Comedy And Twisted Magic!           THE HI AND LO – Two Man Roots Attack!           JACK LATTIMER – One Man Ukulele-Beatbox Juggling Lunatic!           SATURDAY 5 JUNE           BIG JOE LOUIS – The UK's Premiere Blues Man!           NANCY "> – The Ubermeister Of Lounge And His Daughter!           DARKTEASER – Burlesque Bad Girl!           MONSTERS OF SCLOCK – Freak Show Fuck Ups!           SATURDAY 19 JUNE           PIERRE OMER featuring San Tiago Rapallo – Former Dead Brothers Man!           THE BARON - Nipples And Nerves Of Steel!           ANDREW RANKEN "> – The Pogues Drummer Sings Dirty R'n'B!           MAT RICARDO – Impossible Feats With Impeccable Style!            MISTER MEREDITH - Filthy Piano Bashing Chanteur!           LE SKELETON BAND – Tom Wait's French Cousins!           SATURDAY 17 JULY           MANUELLA AND THE MUSICMAKERS – Manic Rockin Rhythm'n'Blues!           And much more mayhem TBC           SATURDAY 21 AUGUST           FANNY DIVINE – Burlesque Diva!           And a whole lot more shakin' going on!           SATURDAY 4 SEPTEMBER            REVEREND BEAT MAN – Mr Voodoo Rhythm Himself!           JOHN DRAIN ">– River Thames Delta Blues!           ANETTE BETTY – Saucy Shakin!    Links: ------ [1] [2]   
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 THE LIVING END are still locked away safe in a Melbourne studio, hard at work on tracks for their brand new record.  Fantastic news, as the band have been working on demos and look to record sometime in the coming months.  Chris took some time out from he studio to attend the launch of MTV's new channel MTV Classic last week. He even stepped up to the stage to present the final performance of the evening; Guns'n'Roses own Slash playing firing up for classic Paradise City.  After scooping up the illustrious APRA Song of the Year Award for White Noise in 2009, it seems the accolades just keep coming in for The Living End's monster rock track. Last week White Noise took out the rock category in the 2009 International Songwriting Competition. Fellow Aussie Sarah Blasko took out the folk category. Click here for a full list of winners.  Some news that TLE fans will no doubt be very happy to hear is that The Living End will be doing a special one-off performance come June. The Community Cup is something of a Melbourne institution, with the celebrity football match annually supporting the Reclink charity. Reclink raises money to provide sporting and musical opportunities to disadvantaged folks, and to help the cause The Living End will fire up for a special half-time set. The theme of this years' match is The Clash, so get down to the match and you may just hear TLE play a couple of sneaky covers. For more info head to:  THE LIVING END TOUR DATES: Sun Jun 27 - Community Cup, Melbourne VIC  Tickets and more info: Website: Myspace: 
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