Following sold-out rave review concerts in Amsterdam, Brussels and Hamburg, Simple Minds and special guests OMD, start their UK tour tonight at the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena. Both bands join forces together for the first time when they perform Kraftwerk’s ‘Neon Lights’ during Simple Minds’ set. Simple Minds will perform music from their new album Graffiti Soul, plus their classic hits including Alive and Kicking and Don’t You (Forget About Me), while OMD will perform the electro pop classics Electricity, Messages, Enola Gay” and Joan of Arc. Ticket Hotline: 0844 888 9991, Simple Minds / OMD UK 2009 UK tour dates as follows – Mon 30 Nov Newcastle Metro Radio Arena. Wed 02 Dec Birmingham LG Arena. Thu 03 Dec Manchester MEN Arena. Sat 05 Dec Sheffield Arena. Sun 06 Dec Cardiff CIA. Mon 07 Dec London Wembley Arena. Fri 11 Dec Glasgow SECC. Sat 12 Dec Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre.

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our favourite rock n roll punks the mighty LIVING END play their last 3 u.k shows fora while thsi week. catch em at- Nov 30 2009 8:00P ACADEMY 2: Manchester, UK Manchester Dec 1 2009 8:00P ACADEMY 2: Birmingham, UK Birmingham Dec 2 2009 8:00P FORUM: London, UK London Dec 5 2009 8:00P SYDNEY TELSTRA 500: Sydney Olympic Park Sydney, New South

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This year see’s the 5th Nice n Sleazy festival making a welcome return to Morecambe on the late spring bank holiday weekend. (At least 4 other towns and venues have made approaches to stage this growing festival: but we are holding firm and keeping it in this wonderful town) Once again the festival will bring punks together from across the country to savour the festival atmosphere. Many who attend the Nice n Sleazy Festival are veterans of the Holidays in the Sun and the Wasted festivals that were held in the town a few years ago. Most of the punks just love returning to the town, and with many of them now bringing there families along to enjoy just what Morecambe has to offer on this fun filled weekend: it can only be good for the town. Once again we will see bands from across the country performing including has usual a strong contingent from Scotland, Bradford and the north east: hopefully we will also be able give stage time to some local bands (please get in touch) Punk legends Eddie and the Hot Rods (Do Anything You Wanna Do) will be one of the headlining bands alongside John Robb’s band Goldblade “whose live performances are legendary”, Their will also be one or two surprises again including what is probably the best Stranglers tribute at the moment Straighten Out will simply be un-missable! They will be playing all the Stranglers hits and more including Nice n Sleazy “the festival was named after this hit” Also after last years success of the comedy lounge, we will be showcasing a lot more comedy and alternative stuff! In the lounge bar (free to locals) In all over 40 acts will be playing at the resorts Trimpell club on 28/29/30 May- with tickets at an unbeatable £25 (advance 1/10/09 till 31/12/09) which includes camping, it represents great value for 40+ live bands. Festival goers will also have food and merchandise stalls to browse around over the weekend giving the feel of a larger Festival! Tickets on sale from October 1st You can Purchase tickets and get further info online at – Also locals can get tickets from Megagames on Morecambe sea front (near Rita’s café and B&M bargains

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Music publisher Omnibus Press has announced a new book covering the history of hardcore pioneers, Black Flag. The book is titled Spray Paint The Walls: The Story of Black Flag and is due out later this November 2009.

Assembled by Stevie Chick, the book features older interviews with Henry Rollins and Greg Ginn and a new interview with Chuck Dukowski. According to SST Records-affiliated Joe Carducci,

The story, laid out from the band’s earliest practices in 1976 to its end ten years later, makes a far more dramatic book than the usual shelf-fillers with their stretch to make the empty stories of various chart-toppers sound exciting and crucial and against the odds.

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Details on the recently announced 30th Anniversary edition of London Calling have been revealed. Set for release on December 14, 2009, exactly 30 years after the album’s original release in 1979, the album will feature a slightly different feature set than the 25th anniversary edition which is now out of print.

The new version will include the Don Letts documentary The Last Testament: The Making of London Calling as well as three music videos and some home-movie footage of the band. It will not, however, include the Vanilla Tapes from the 25th Anniversary edition. The Vanilla Tapes was a 21 track set of demos and alternate takes from the original recording sessions. In replacement for that, will be a new 20-page booklet and new vinyl "replica" sleeves to match the original version.

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Courtesy of Spinner UK

Jello Biafra has never been one to mince words when he sees a problem. During a recent interview about his latest musical project, Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine’s ‘The Audacity of Hype,’ the former Dead Kennedys mastermind told Spinner about what annoys him about politicians, health care, the media and American culture these days. Here are his five best rants.

1. Health Care: [What annoys me is] the audacity to exploit a desperate people who are desperate for real change and who are overwhelmingly in favor of universal health care complete with — call it what you will — a public or single-payer option. The coin-operated people in both Congress and the White House are blocking the will of a large majority of the population. Obama even said repeatedly during the campaign that people read into him what they want to read into him — he was never as progressive as a lot of people think he was. The trouble with branding yourself with hope and change and then turning around and hiring Bill Clinton’s economic team that screwed up the laws in the first place and allowed our economy to collapse, that’s slamming the door on a large number of the people who voted for you. As lame as most coin operated Democrats are, I fear that if Obama continues to blow the healthcare opportunity that we’re going to have another off-the-wall Republican Congress after the 2010 election.

2. Bailouts: What really bothers me about these bailouts is not that they just came with no strings attached right when there was a golden opportunity to strong-arm some reform into the greed structure. There’s this nagging question when all these financial institutions say ‘Oh, we need to be bailed out, tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars because we lost all other people’s money.’ Well, how much of that money was really just speculation? ‘We’ve invested this much money assuming we’re going to get this much of a return if the housing prices continue to rise,’ but then they’re getting bailed out in a way for money that never even existed. The way they could have done it with all these mortgage foreclosures is give the money to the people who are stuck in these bad mortgages, they pay off their mortgage, the banks get their money anyway, but people get to stay in their homes? Why didn’t they do that?

3. Conservative Media: Some people have urged me to try and go on Bill O’Reilly or see if I can get on with Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck but I don’t see the point. Why waste my time when all they’re going to do is yell at me to shut up and I won’t get a word in edge-wise? How can I communicate anything of value that would inspire anyone that goes out of their way to watch Fox News? The things they nitpick — not just about politicians but about pop culture figures as well — I’m like ‘Hey, how can you nail me on this? Drugs, adultery, creative crime and sabotage, vandalism, bad attitude — hey, I’ve already done that and I’m not ashamed of any of it.

4. Music Media: I’m realistic about the glass ceiling that’s kind of been over me and my projects from the very beginning. You don’t come out as openly anti-entertainment industry as I am without expecting some people in that industry are not going to want to admit you exist unless something bad happens to you, which is kind of the way I’ve been treated by Rolling Stone and Spin for as long as I can remember. If I get my knee smashed by thugs at Gilman Street, that’s worth putting in Rolling Stone but if I put out a new album, it doesn’t get reviewed. They feasted on the Dead Kennedys lawsuit too, in part because those guys were hiring Hollywood publicists and things and using money they owed me to help pay for it.

5. Censorship: Any time an artist in a position of influence ranging from Tom Morello to Steve Earle to Michael Franti to Green Day, when they stick their neck out and risk being chopped to pieces — not just by the Glenn Beck’s of the world but by their own corporate music label — I say ‘more power to ’em.’ Sometimes it’s almost a deafening silence, like when Tipper and Al Gore launched their war against free speech and freedom of expression in music. Where was Bruce Springsteen? Where was Bob Dylan? Even the bigger name metal bands and people like Prince were completely silent even though they were the targets. When the LAPD decided to make me their pigeon and maybe the City Attorney could get some political mileage out of kissing ass to Tipper Gore, the prosecuting attorney said he thought I was just going to pay a $50 fine and that would be it and then they could use that as a precedent to go after the big fish. Instead, I fought them and put a year and a half of my time into that but it made them a lot more reluctant to go after other artists.

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 Date: Sat Dec 12 Genre: Punk, Rock, Bands: One Way System + Left For Dead + UK Vacant + Rage DC + The Jack Brews Hosted By: Dagger's Punk Promotions  1979 punks One Way System return to London for the first time in over 3 years!!! With 4 of the finest up and coming punk bands on the circuit. Advance tickets from <;query=detail&amp;even t=354339>  More info at  Where: Bridge House 2, Bidder Street, Canning Town, London E16 4ST Phone: 07544534062 Times: 6pm til late Price: £8 Travel: Canning Town (DLR / Jubilee Line) Age: All ages   Thank you very much Dagger's Punk Promotions Clive: 07544 534 062   
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COCK SPARRER support STRUMMERVILLE COCK SPARRER AUTOGRAPHED TEST PRESS BOX SET CHARITY AUCTION……ALL PROCEEDS GO TO STRUMMERVILLE! Pirates Press Records are holding a silent auction for a set of autographed Cock Sparrer test pressings packaged in a casebound 12" boxset and autographed by all members of Cock Sparrer! This is truly a one-of a kind collectors item and ALL PROCEEDS will go to STRUMMERVILLE. The package includes: € Shock Troops (LP Test Press) € Runnin’ Riot ’84 (LP Test Press) € True Grit Outtakes (LP Test Press) € Guilty As Charged 2009 (LP Test Press) € Two Monkeys 2009 (LP Test Press) € Live n Loud (LP Test Press) € Back Home (LP Test Press) € Here We Stand (LP Test Press) € England Belongs To Me (7" Test Press) € The Spirit of ’76 Etched (7" Test Press) € 8×10 Photo Autographed by all members of Cock Sparrer € Strummerville 35"x23" Flag € Strummerville and Pirates Press Goodies € 12" Box Autographed by all members of Cock Sparrer Current high bid is $475. Please send bids to

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Iconic British band Fields Of The Nephilim have announced the imminent release of a new product for early 2010. It has been confirmed that this will be a multi-format offering which will include audio elements, DVDs featuring live performances from the Ceromonies events, documentary footage and exclusive packaging options for collectors. An exclusive preview of what we can expect early next year can be viewed here Though much of the footage and recordings were captured throughout 2008/9 the final products will be mainly focused on the London Shepherds Bush two-night special ŒAd Mortem and Ad Vitem¹ shows on July 12th & 13th 2008 respectively. The band have also confirmed that following the conclusion of the Ceromonies events they will turn their attentions to new material which is likely to follow shortly after the initial audio-visual release. The bands enigmatic frontman Carl McCoy said ³ The production of the live material has consumed most of our time recently, though it is now in its final production stage so we can now look to the future and concentrate on our new studio material, At this stage I can¹t tell you what this will evolve into but we are working towards something new being released in 2010². Carl McCoy ­ Amphi Festival, Germany – 2009 Furthermore and to coincide with the completion of the Ceromonies it has been announced the Fields Of The Nephilim will perform another special 2 night show at Club Progresja in Warsaw, Poland on January 22nd and 23rd. The Ceromonies series began in Warsaw back in March 2008.

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Hi Folks heres our (CRASHED OUT) new updated gig list: 5th Dec The Bullfrog, Motherwell Scotland, with Hi Fi Spitfires, Fire Exit and others (all day xmas bash) 11th Dec The Jockey, Wakefield. with Hi Fi Spitfires 12th Dec The Old Bell, Derby, with Argy Bargy, Guitar Gangsters, Hi Fi Spitfires, Angry Agenda. 28th Dec Trillians, Newcastle, with Hi Fi Spitfires. 21st Jan The Three Tuns, with The Real Mc Kenzies, The Speedogs 23rd Jan Bannermans, Edinburgh, with Real Mc Kenzies more to follow….. please check out our site: for more dates band info videos and sounds cheeeeeeazzzzzz

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Hello folks,


The 2nd long-player from the Cute Lepers, entitled "Smart Accessories" is due out on December 7th. It’s available to pre-order now from the DG online shop. The limited vinyl comes on a choice of 4 different colours (red/green/white or grey), or a bundle pack of all 4 colours. The CD is a lovely digipack. Click on the cover art to order yours:-


“Smart Accessories” is the second album from Seattle’s Cute Lepers who, as I’m sure you know, are a six/sometimes seven-piece band from Seattle, WA equally influenced by first wave punk, mod-revival, power pop, with the spirit of Johnny Thunders…together with occasional hints of doo-wop, early 60’s rock ‘n’ roll and a load of female back-up vocals. Led by chief songwriter Steve E. Nix & Kicks (yes that’s Steve E. Nix & Kicks from seminal Seattle band The Briefs!).

After a couple sold out singles and lengthy tours of the United States and Europe, summer 2008 their debut album "Can’t Stand Modern Music"  was released on DG in Europe and Blackheart Records (yeah… the label Joan Jett started up a few decades ago!), it combined the attitude of punk rock, the style of mod, and the polished sound of pop. The album went on to win the Best Punk Album category in the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards. Now their back with their second album “Smart Accessories” follows much the same path, 13 new tracks including the recent single ‘Berlin Girls’ along with 12 other future punk-pop classics. The band are doing a lengthy European tour throughout November and December.

If you like the Cute Lepers and punky stuff in general why not check out these 2 recent releases from Damaged Goods…..

Louis Lingg & The Bombs – Hates Your Laws EP (7")

Louis Lingg and the Bombs are goddamn punk-rock-garage-pop-anarcho saviours of the 2 and half minute pop song. They come from Paris where they regularly blow up little bars with explosions of snot and beer fuelled punk rock energy.

The group is named after Louis Lingg, the famous Chicago anarchist who committed suicide on death row in 1887. Some of their songs are ultra-political anarchist punk rock and some of their songs are like children’s nursery rhymes. ALL of their song’s are full of interesting pop hooks and melodies and they are sung with energy and commitment.

The line up:

Josh (ex-Tchiki Boum, ex-In Vitro, Producer of Underground Railroad, Foxglove, First Part, Flashing on Bright, King of Conspiracy and NMA ) on Vocals and Guitar.

Rudi Pourri (from Udigrudi) on Bass and Vocals.

Ben Flob (visual artist) on Guitar and Vocals.

Gilbertmuda (ex- The Troglodites) on Drums and Vocals.

Clem Phlegm (from Foxglove) on keyboards/ Julie Hate on vocals

Their influences:

Punk bands like The Briefs, The Epoxies, Antiflag, Pansy Division and The Dickies. They have a strong love of ’77 style punk like The Buzzcocks, The Clash, The Adverts and The Undertones.

Never forgetting that they are children of the 90s having grown up with bands such as Nirvana, Bikini Kill, Sleater Kinney and The Butthole Surfers. In their song-writing however, their admiration of classic children’s songs is clearly visible, as is their 60s influences; Shirley Ellis, Aretha Franklin and Nancy Sinatra.

Click below to order online:-


Cyanide Pills – Suicide Bomber (7")

This is the second single from Leeds based punk band Cyanide Pills.

It’s a double A-side featuring a punk-pop classic of the future ‘Suicide Bomber’ and then punk garage steamroller that is ‘Black Lightning’. Click on the artwork to purchase online:-


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Latest additions to  Rebellion  festival Blackpool 2010 are:
Stiff Little Fingers
King Kurt
Bombshell Rocks
The Oppressed

Irish punk legends the Defects


UK SUBS  and more.


Theres still time to get a cheap weekend ticket at £70-before they rise to £90 on Dec ist. Go to  now!!!

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STREET DOGS added to COCK SPARRER shows – March 2010
The line up for the 2 Cock Sparrer London gigs is now complete. This is the bands first London shows for 18 years. They will be joined on Friday 26th March by AGNOSTIC FRONT, DEADLINE, THE RABBLE and recent additions STREET DOGS who feature original DROPKICK MURPHYS singer Mike McColgan. Saturday 27th March see’s THE BOYS, PENETRATION, UK SUBS and THE EXPOSED joining streetpunks founding fathers.

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legendary musician  and Clash fan Billy Bragg recently appeared before the Canadian Parliament to talk about the file sharing problem.

The singer and the Canadian New Democratic Party is calling on the government to let artists find a way to make music file swapping a legitimate part of promotion and sales. He is hoping to see new ways to compensate performers while protecting downloaders. One of the options proposed was to impose a levy on MP3 players similarly to how the Canadian government taxes blank CD purchases.

Though that levy is ostensibly to compensate for downloading, the tax is imposed on everyone, even those who do not download music illegally.

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THE MIFGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES have announced the full line-up for their 12th annual Hometown Throwdown, being held at the House of Blues in Boston from December 26 – 28. The band has confirmed that Pilfers and Razors In The Night will support the first night, Darkbuster and The Void Union on the second and Bim Skala Bim and The Pietasters will perform on the third night.

Additionally, the band will be playing on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ in LA on December 11. They will be playing a mini-set for the fans in attendance. T

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