Living Colour will release their first new studio album in five years entitled The Chair In The Doorway on November 30th via Megaforce Records. Living Colour formed in NYC and still contains the original members Vernon Reid, Corey Glover, Will Calhoun and (since 1993) Doug Wimbish. 
The legendary downtown NYC rock band, who exploded out of CBGB’s in the late ’80s and landed all over MTV, the cover of Rolling Stone and stadium stages around the world with their Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum debut album Vivid, are back and "fierce" as ever. The band gathered at Sono Studios outside of Prague in The Czech Republic during the fall of 2008 and spring of 2009 to write and record what would become The Chair In The Doorway. The results stretch from the modern soul anthem "Behind The Sun" to the politically-charged, heavy rock of "DecaDance” to the sacred steel blues of "Bless Those.” The artwork for The Chair In The Doorway was compiled from thousands of contest entries by fans from around the world.
"We feel like this is the best record we’ve made yet and we couldn’t be more excited to be releasing it with the legendary Megaforce Records," says guitarist Vernon Reid.  "Some of our favorite bands were or are Megaforce artists, Metallica, Bad Brains, Anthrax, Black Crowes, so it’s an honor to be part of a label with a great legacy."
Living Colour will announce plans for a world tour shortly. With dates set to begin in September, it will include their first North American tour in four years along with performances in South America, Europe, Australia and Asia.
Having helped to pave the way for a number of contemporary African-American artists to follow in their wake, ranging from Rage Against The Machine to Lenny Kravitz to Ben Harper, with a multi-dimensional sound that drew equally from Jimi Hendrix, Bad Brains, Talking Heads and Ornette Coleman, the success of Living Colour broke down the color barriers in rock music. Guitarist and founding member Vernon Reid also founded the Black Rock Coalition to use his influence to further this cause.
Discovered by Mick Jagger who produced their first demo and later offered them an opening slot with The Rolling Stones, Living Colour would go on to create a repertoire that includes a multitude of classic songs, including "Cult Of Personality," "Elvis Is Dead," "Open Letter To A Landlord," "Glamour Boys" and "Love Rears Its Ugly Head." With The Chair In The Doorway, the fifth album of their storied career, Living Colour expands the scope of their timeless body of work and, in the process, proves vital as ever.
The band play the following UK dates in December
3rd – Tunnels – Bristol, UK
4th – The Globe – Cardiff, UK
5th – Robin 2 – Wolverhampton, UK
6th – Garage – London, UK

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Elvis Presley’s grandson BEN PRESLEY has been offered a $5 million record deal with Universal to make up to 5 albums. The 17 year-old son of Elvis’ daughter Lisa-Marie Presley. The teenager has stated "the music will be nothing like Elvis, nothing like him at all." Having big shoes to fill seems a bit of an understatement! The album should be out next year.

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CRO-MAGS frontman John Joseph will release a book called ‘Meat Is For Pussies’. He is also in training for the Ironman competition for 2012, when he will be 49.

"I have been a vegetarian/vegan almost 30 years now, people today are bombarded by advertising for cheap fast food and ingestion of those foods not only wreak havoc on your system but most of the havoc wreaked on the planet is due to the slaughter of the animals."

"It’s still me, my anecdotes used for examples, how I wrote "Evolution of…." and "Meat Is For Pussies" and any other book will be the same because I write in a conversational style, just like I’m sitting around a table with the reader.”


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SOCIAL DISTORTION have talked about their new album.

"Some of the songs were more old school punk rock based, but lyrically the thing that people seemed to really grasp was the somewhat optimistic nature of the songs and the lyric. Not quite so angry as most of the past stuff. There are always things you can get angry about, but it would be a different sort of an anger, a more mature level of anger. We’re not 22-year-old kids. We have to write from where we’re at. We can’t pretend we’re teenage punk rockers running the streets still, because we’re not. That would be ridiculous."

The album will be recorded in the Foo Fighters’ Studio 606 in January.


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UK.SUBS Oz, NZ, Jqapan Tour

Charlie Harper and his UK subs go Dowunder this month for a month long tour. Vive Le Punk will be catching up with them in New zEaland-loook out for a full tour report, and Eugene Vive Le Punk/Big Cheese band Desperate Measures will sport in Chrischurch on Oct 15th (

October 2009

Line up (NZ + Australia): Charlie Harper – vocals, Jamie Oliver – drums, Nicky Garratt – guitar, Chema – bass

Line up (Japan): Charlie Harper – vocals, Jamie Oliver – drums, Nicky Garratt – guitar, Paul Slack – bass

06 – Hyde Park Hotel, Perth. Australia

07 – The Zoo, Brisbane. Australia

08 – The Excelsior, Sydney. Australia

09 – The Excelsior, Sydney. Australia

10 – The Arthouse, Melbourne. Australia

11 – The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart. Australia

14 – Muso’s Club, Dunedin. New Zealand

15 – Al’s Bar, Christchurch. New Zealand

16 – Barrytown Hall, Barrytown. New Zealand

17 – Phat Club, Nelson. New Zealand

21 – The Royal, Palmerston North. New Zealand

22 – Bar Bodega, Wellington. New Zealand

23 – White Hart Hotel, New Plymouth. New Zealand

24 – Kings Arms, Auckland. New Zealand

28 – Kings Cross, Kobe. Japan

29 – TBC, Osaka. Japan

30 – TBC, Nagoya. Japan

31 – TBC, Yokohama. Japan

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Nancy Spungen † Oct. 12, 1978

Nancy Spungen

Died Oct. 12, 1978 (aged 20)

Nancy Spungen † Oct. 12, 1978

Birth name
Nancy Laura Spungen

* Feb. 27, 1958
Lower Moreland Township, Pennsylvania, USA

† Oct. 12, 1978
New York City, NY, USA

She was the girlfriend of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious.

Widely regarded as the main reason for the downfall of Sid.

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While Bruce Foxton and Eick Buckler may still be touring as From the Jam, it appears that relations between them and main man Paul Weller have ‘improved’ and apparently Weller is no longer so against the idea of a full Jam union. They be be huge shows-so watch this space for news of a possible reunion of one of the UKS most loved bands!!

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 CHUCK BERRY AND HIS ST LOUIS BAND 2009 UK TOUR    The legendary Chuck Berry returns to the UK  for a full nationwide tour  with special guests at every show    Chuck Berry's music has transcended generations. He earns respect to   this day because he is truly an entertainer. Berry, also known as   "The Father of Rock & Roll", gained success by watching the   audience's reaction and playing accordingly, putting his listeners'   amusement above all else. For this reason, tunes like "Johnny B.   Goode," "Maybellene" and "Memphis" have become anthems to an   integrated American youth and popular culture. Berry is a musical   icon who established rock and roll as a musical form and brought the   worlds of black and white together in song.    Born in St. Louis on October 18, 1926 Berry had many influences on   his life that shaped his musical style. He emulated the smooth vocal   clarity of his idol, Nat King Cole, while playing blues songs from   bands like Muddy Waters. For his first stage performance, Berry chose   to sing a Jay McShann song called "Confessin' the Blues." It was at   his high school's student musical performance, when the blues was   well-liked but not considered appropriate for such an event. He got a   thunderous applause for his daring choice, and from then on, Berry   had to be onstage.    GUITAR LESSONS    Berry took up the guitar after that, inspired by his partner in the   school production. He found that if he learned rhythm changes and   blues chords, he could play most of the popular songs on the radio at   the time. His friend, Ira Harris, showed him techniques on the guitar   that would become the foundation of Berry's original sound. Then in   1952, he began playing guitar and singing in a club band whose song   list ranged from blues to ballads to calypso to country. Berry was   becoming an accomplished showman, incorporating gestures and facial   expressions to go with the lyrics.    It was in 1953 that Chuck Berry joined the Sir John's Trio   (eventually renamed the Chuck Berry Combo), which played the popular   Cosmopolitan Club in St. Louis. Country-western music was big at the   time, so Berry decided to use some of the riffs and create his own   unique hillbilly sound. The black audience thought he was crazy at   first, but couldn't resist trying to dance along with it. Since   country was popular with white people, they began to come to the   shows, and the audience was at some points almost 40 percent white.   Berry's stage show antics were getting attention, but the other band   members did their parts as well. In his own words: "I would slur my   strings to make a passage that Johnnie (Johnson) could not produce   with piano keys but the answer would be so close that he would get a   tremendous ovation. His answer would sound similar to some that Jerry   Lee Lewis's fingers later began to flay."    SOME GOOD ADVICE    Later in 1955, Berry went on a road trip to Chicago, where he chanced   upon a club where his idol, Muddy Waters, was performing. He arrived   late and only heard the last song, but when it was over he got the   attention of Waters and asked him who to see about making a record.   Waters replied, "Yeah, Leonard Chess. Yeah, Chess Records over on   Forty-seventh and Cottage." Berry went there on Monday and discovered   it was a blues label where greats like Howlin' Wolf and Bo Diddley   recorded. He didn't have any tapes to show, but Chess was willing to   listen if he brought some back from St. Louis. So Berry went home and   recorded some originals, including the would-be "Maybellene," then   called "Ida May," and drove back to Chicago later that week to   audition. Much to Berry's surprise, it was that hillbilly number that   caught Chess' attention. Berry was signed to Chess Records and in the   summer of 1955, "Maybellene" reached #5 on the Pop Charts and #1 on   the R&B Charts. Through Chuck Berry, Chess Records moved from the R&B   genre into the mainstream and Berry himself was on his way to stardom.    THE REST IS HISTORY    Berry continued his success with such hits as "Brown-Eyed Man," "Too   Much Monkey Business," "Memphis," "Roll Over, Beethoven!" and "Johnny   B. Goode." "Johnny B. Goode" is Berry's masterpiece, as it brought   together all the elements of Berry's unique musical sound. It   cemented his place in rock history and led to fame in the 1950s. His   popularity garnered him television and movie appearances and he   toured frequently.    Berry's incredible success is due to his ability to articulate the   concerns and attitudes of his audience in his music. At the height of   his success, Berry was a 30-year-old black man singing to a mostly   white, teenage audience. Dubbed the "Eternal Teenager," Chuck Berry's   knowledge of the pop market made it possible for him to break color   barriers and play to an integrated audience.    In the 1960s and 1970s, Berry's music was the inspiration for such   groups as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Berry had a number of   comeback recordings and in 1972 had the first and only #1 Pop Chart   hit of his career with "My Ding-A-Ling. 1986 fittingly saw him   inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as the very first   inductee in history. As a tribute to his pervasiveness in the realm   of rock, a clip of "Johnny B. Goode" was chosen to be played in the   Voyager I spacecraft, proving Chuck Berry and his rock legacy are   truly out of this world.    19.11.09 - Sheffield - Octagon   20.11.09 - Manchester - Palace Theatre   21.11.09 - Liverpool - Olympia Theatre   22.11.09 - Newcastle - Journal Tyne Theatre   23.11.09 - Glasgow - O2 Academy   24.11.09 – Leeds - Town Hall   25.11.09 - Birmingham - Alexandra Theatre   26.11.09 – Oxford - New Theatre   27.11.09 - London - Hammersmith Town Hall   28.11.09 - London - Troxy Limehouse   29.11.09 - Southend - Cliffs Pavilion   30.11.09 - Bournemouth - Pavilion Theatre   01.12.09 - Newport - Newport Centre   02.12.09 - Swansea - Brangwyn Hall    Tickets from    Competitions can be arranged for tickets.  
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