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MOTÖRHEAD Drummer Finishes Third In Swedish Reality-TV Competition – Sep. 28, 2009
MOTÖRHEAD drummer Mikkey Dee finished third in the reality-TV competition "Kändisdjungeln", the Swedish version of the popular U.K. and U.S. show "I’m a Celebrity…Get Me out of Here!"Dee was eliminated during the series’ fifteenth episode, which aired on Friday (September 25) and can be viewed in five parts below.

Dee, 45, sat out most of MOTÖRHEAD‘s current North American tour in order to take part in "Kändisdjungeln", which was filmed in the jungles of Malaysia. Filling in for him on the dates that he missed was formerGUNS N’ ROSES and current VELVET REVOLVER drummer Matt Sorum

"There was a breakdown in communication, really," MOTÖRHEADfrontman Lemmy Kilmister told Noisecreep. "Our management didn’t know that he’d signed up for this when they booked the tour. We didn’t want him to have to cancel, they might have sued him or something." 

A total of 11 celebrities appeared in the inaugural season of"Kändisdjungeln", including Mikkey, Swedish wine expert Bengt Frithiofsson and actress Inger "Pippi Långstrump" Nilsson.

The show received a lot of criticism in the Swedish media for failing to attract any A-list celebrities, which was due — in part — to the fact that the contestants reportedly weren’t being paid for their appearance in the program. An artist agent who wanted to remain anonymous told the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet, "TV4 called me [a few weeks ago] to inquire if I could make someone do the show. I asked what the terms were and they said that [the contestants] won’t be paid but that it’s like avacation in a sunny place in Malaysia. What celebrity would travel across the globe and be gone for a month without compensation? Nobody that I know."

Consisting of 16 episodes, "Kändisdjungeln" was originally expected to be one of biggest shows of the fall for TV4, which is Sweden’s largest television network. The program’s format allows viewers to vote, byphone, text message or TV interactive service for the celebrity to complete a physical task usually involving snakes, spiders or other animals and for the celebrity they would like to see win. The last celebrity, after all the others have been evicted, is the winner and is named king or queen of the jungle.

"Kändisdjungeln" contestants:

Ann Söderlund
Bengt Frithiofsson
Catarina Hurtig
Inger Nilsson
Jannike Björling
Karl Petter Bergvall
Katarina Hultling
Kennet Andersson
Mikkey Dee
Rafael Edholm
Torleif Torstensson

Part 1:

Part 2:

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John Lydon


INTERVIEW: John Lydon, Public Image Ltd


John Lydon
John Lydon

Published Date: 22 September 2009
If ever there was a man whose reputation precedes him it’s John Lydon.
For the last three decades he’s been – metaphorically – jabbing a stick in the ribs of the British establishment through music, films, interviews and even I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here.

Yet the John Lydon on the end of the phone from Los Angeles is anything other than ‘The Filth and the Fury!’ caricature. Affable, articulate and self-deprecating, the 53-year-old is honest enough to admit that he wants to get "bums on seats" for his first UK tour with Public Image Ltd in 17 years – and his first visit to Leeds in since November 1983.

"What’s Leeds like these days? Is it a bit run-down?" he asks out of curiosity at one point, at another he talks of his astonishment at seeing Leeds United in the English third division.

But first to PiL, the band he founded after leaving the Sex Pistols in 1978 and in whom he’s been the only constant member in the last 31 years. Speculation has been rife for some time that he might reactivate the group but why this particular moment? "I was gagging at the bit, so to speak," he says.

"There were billions, thousands of reasons for and billions, thousands of reasons not. Mostly there’s a lack of financial support from the record label. Everything I do I have got to scrape the pennies together to get going – so thank you very much, Country Life!" he laughs, praising the dairy firm for whom he recorded the famous "It’s not about Great Britain, it’s about great butter" TV commercial last year.

"I really enjoyed working with them," he says. "They treated me with respect – more than the industry I’m supposed to be thriving in."

There was also a deeper motivation: the spectre of mortality. "The death of my father really did upset me last year," Lydon says. "Death Disco (the PiL song about the loss of his mother) was playing in my head. And there were some serious illnesses in the family and various calamities. I thought, ‘I’ve got to get back to playing.’"

PiL, he explains, is "perfect for an emotional outlet", adding wryly: "I ain’t half bad on stage either."

The new PiL line-up will feature Lu Edmonds (once guitarist in Leeds punk band the Mekons), drummer Bruce Smith and multi-instrumentalist Scott Firth. "There have been 37 people that I’ve worked with in PiL," says Lydon. "I think by now I know the best combination for this current event."

The tour coincides with the 30th anniversary of the release of PiL’s second album Metal Box, a groundbreaking record that on its original release came out on three 12inch singles housed inside a film canister. It’s an event that seems to have passed Virgin, his record company, by, says Lydon, "but hopefully they will have pressed some copies by this tour".

The set list, however, will not be exclusively devoted to one album. "No, why should it be? It will be exclusively from the PiL years.
"There are certain aspects of Metal Box which shine like a beacon but it’s hard to do the whole of it live. Some of it would be impossible but there’s many parts that blend well.

"It will be the full gamut of PiL, every emotion possible. It’s a seriously solid show; it’s a good two hours. It will be an agonising treat for the old vocal cords. There’s some serious challenges to musical perspective going on. I’m tempted to drag my violin and saxophone on stage but I don’t know if I’ve got the wind.

"It’s a real effort on the body, a PiL set," he adds, "but the emotional release is stunning."

Not wishing to be musically pigeonholed, he suggests there could even be elements of jazz "though it could just as easily turn into country and western". "I like all formats (of music)," he says. "It’s against my nature to say, ‘This is music and this is not’. Why deny yourself entertainment on any level or on anything? Except pretentious gits. There’ll be no Radiohead or Coldplay here."

Despite its status as the finest of PiL’s 10 albums, Lydon says Metal Box is not his personal favourite. "No. I think just about every one of them and for different reasons – different subjects, different types that require different approaches. You can’t say, ‘That’s a PiL sound’. Well, you can’t say it’s a total PiL sound. Though if you look at the top albums from the last 30 years you could say a lot of it is a PiL sound.

"A lot of respect has been taken off us. It’s not right. I don’t think the music industry has ever been right. It seems to uphold the highest thief.

"It’s an uphill battle all the time…but no sense of martyrdom or self-pity here."

He doesn’t subscribe to the view that the PiL allowed him the creative freedom denied him by the Sex Pistols. "No, the Pistols gave me plenty of freedom. But times change and the politics, not from inside the band…(it was) the balance between band and management (that) caused all sorts of strife and tensions, no-one knew who to believe any more."

It’s only in the last decade or so Lydon has managed "to take away the silliness" that separated himself from former bandmates Steve JonesPaul Cook and Glen Matlock. "I love working with the Pistols but that’s not all there is, there’s more that needs to be released," he says. "The Pistols were more like outward attacking of social problems but PiL is inner demons…with a danceability if you’ve got three legs – and of course I do."

He says he never felt stifled by the Johnny Rotten caricature that the Pistols’ former manager liked to put across to media. "Malcolm (McLaren) claimed he created everything; in the end he had no control at all. I would sit back at say, ‘It was me that did that’. Here was an old man playing these schoolgirl games with us. It was impossible to cope with. As for protection from bad press? Nothing. That was what he was like."

"I must be something of a survivalist," he adds, remembering friends like the late Sid Vicious who resorted to hard drugs to assuage their personal demons. "I’m not going to use the drug route; I’m not going to go that way… (Sardonically) Though I seem to seem to be profiteering from them."

Irony’s not lost on Lydon. "I love it," he says, "though it’s sadly lacking in American culture." (Lydon’s been living in California since the early 1980s). "Slowly but surely" he’s introducing it to his adopted homeland. 

"I keep ending up in law courts an awful lot," he laughs. "Things can get so badly misinterpreted." By way of example, he talks about the Sex Pistols’ song Bodies which a Republican website took to be anti-abortion. "The lyrics state both cases. I agree with both sides at the same time – not for religious reasons," he says, but for "humane ones".

"I’m constantly at war with the world," he admits, "because it does not allow us freedoms, personal choices."

In his autobiography Lydon suggests his contentiousness, his "sense of devilry", emerged at an early age. It seems that as the eldest of three boys, born in hardship in North London to working-class Irish immigrant parents, he had much to kick against. "I don’t suppose much more than anyone else around where I lived," he says. "I’m extremely lucky to have grasped any opportunity to get out of it."

"I’m not hard on people that have to scrimp and scrape for a living by any means," he stresses. "I understand their dilemma, the entrapment of the council house way of life." Nor, he says, is he "anti-middle class". For Lydon, life now is very much "mix and match".

As for whether he feels he’s been misunderstood by a lot of people, "yes, I do," he says. "But a lot do get it very well and there are quite a few people out there experimenting in their own worlds or their own ways that don’t sound or seem to relate to us in any way but they are the ways I respect the most. We’ve all got to build our own roads but hopefully we’ll end up in the same place."

Despite being ostracised by the musical establishment, PiL’s fiercely independent ethic has also been widely influential. From the start the band treated themselves like a business (indeed they were originally called Public Image, after the Muriel Spark novel before Lydon added the ‘Ltd’). Their accountant and video-maker were even accorded member status. In the digital age, many other musicians are following their example. "It’s a good model, it’s a sane model," Lydon says. "It’s true to the inner feel, I don’t suppose with music there’s any other way. We were taking things back to the fundamentals of folk music.

"I’ve always said Public Image is a folk band," he contends, somewhat surprisingly. "There’s nothing contrived in us, no ‘Let’s sit down and write a pop song’. The closest I’ve ever come to that is This is Not a Love Song. Shortly afterwards Paul McCartney put out a similar thing.

"I’ve met Paul," he says by way of an aside. "I liked him. You shouldn’t let institutions put you off. There are many decent people out there struggling in their own ways."

It’s 26 years since PiL last played in Leeds, though not by design, says Lydon. "In the early days with PiL it was mad, this strange, wacky bunch of people. As the years went by it got harder to get into places. It was the way the halls were run, the promoters and not having the venues. It’s terrible, you’ve been starved of your PiL," he laughs. "Now you can overdose on PiL. It’s coming!"

The gig that’s passed into local legend, though, is the Sex Pistols’ trip to Leeds Polytechnic in December 1976. "I remember it as if it was yesterday," Lydon says, jokingly affecting a Yorkshire accent. "What happened?"

I remind him it was, by accident, the start of the Anarchy in the UK tour after other dates were cancelled following the furore over the Pistols swearing on Bill Grundy’s TV show. "It was mad and wacky," he recalls. "It was so strange. We had an audience that was not quite clued in. There was this comprehensive lunacy that was attacking us on all fronts. But I’ve got to say it was a great learning curve to begin a career. It can only get better.

"You know what?" he chuckles. "It didn’t. It’s about the same. Nothing ever seems to fall into place at the right time – except for the opportunity of these gigs now."

He talks about having new material to perform, if he’s allowed the chance. It seems there are copyright issues to iron out with Virgin first. "They do tend to drag their heels with us," he notes. "Virgin is not a record company any more; it’s a warehouse run by accountants. The few friends that I know who work there they are under the shovel all the time. Everything is a problem.

"It’s difficult but somehow it seems to be worth it once you get on stage," he reflects. "That’s all you can hope for. I know I will be in a quagmire before I go on and after but during it’s full fire. There are no party tricks. It’s just full-on, reminding people how it’s done. We have got the principle together but a lot will be to do with the mood of the audience. If they help us to swing, we will swing…And not from the rafters – although there are many who would like us to!

"You’ve got to approach life with a sense of fun," he continues. "Those Paddy roots are in me. I can find depression entertaining. You’ve got to look at as though this is all you’ve got: life. As bad as it gets, you’ve got to say, ‘F*** my luck’, not ‘woe is me, misery’.

"In (the PiL song] Theme I’m screaming, ‘I wish I could die and I will survive’. It’s not a hopeless scream, unless anybody needs reminding."

Though he’s lived in Los Angeles with his partner Nora Forster for nigh on 30 years, Lydon is very British at heart. "It’s fun to put Blighty down," he says. "I’m as British as they come, I can’t help it. It does not matter where I live." His exile, he says, "had a lot to do with police harassment".

"It was pretty unbearable, all those stupid raids on my house. Once they thought IRA terrorism might be going on there. Someone said I had an Irish flag in the window; it was an Italian flag. They got things wrong but they knew what they were getting up to. In those days PC Plod was a nasty piece of work. He homed in on my life as much as possible."

Lydon has hinted that this tour might be a new beginning for PiL. "We start rehearsals in November. I have a pool of material to fling into this," he says. "Once I expose that to the chaps we can spend many a happy hour exploring those musical terrains.

"A lot of what we do is tuneless," he jokes. "Why miss out on a sound because somebody has laid down a rule book? In music, respecting rules is for fools. Though it’s nice to remember the basic gist of a tune."

So does this mean that after the various Pistols reunion tours over the past decade, he’s finally put that old scourge of the establishment to bed? "No," he says bluntly. "They won’t go! They want to stay up late and watch the horror shows. They have too much life in them; to turn and extinguish the film would be dumb as a doorbell.

"As long you keep the (Pistols and PiL) separate they can go on; if they merge, no. They mustn’t clutter or contaminate. It’s a lack of conceit that’s allowed that to happen, although I’ve been accused of planning it all, if people want to think I’m that clever.

"Things are a lot to do with how you land," he reflects. "It making sure you’ve got your feet ready."

PiL play at the O2 Academy Leeds on December 16. Tickets are available in advance from Jumbo and Crash Records or from

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 The New York Dolls have chalked up a grand total of seven UK concerts on their forthcoming December tour. The legendary rock band, who recently released their latest Todd Rundgren-produced album, ‘Cause I Sez So, will now play the following dates –   Cambridge, The Junction (Dec 2)  Bristol, Anson Rooms (Dec 3) London, HMV Forum (Dec 4) Southampton, Talking Heads (Dec 6) Leamington Spa, Assembly (Dec 8) Liverpool, O2 Academy (Dec 9) Edinburgh, Picturehouse (Dec 10)  Ticket Hotline: 08700 603 777. Book Online: Alternatively, check out the individual box office details for each of the seven venues -   The New York Dolls are David Johansen (vocals), Sylvain Sylvain (guitar), Sami Yaffa (bass), Brian Delaney (drums) and Steve Conte (guitar).  
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 THE VELVET UNDERGROUND An Illustrated History of a Walk on the Wild Side  Jim DeRogatis  ISBN: 978-0-7603-3672-4, RRP:  £20.00, Hardback Release Date: Out Now!  Launched to coincide with the bands 45th anniversary  The Velvet Underground were without doubt one of the most inspired and influential rock 'n' roll bands of all time and were ranked #19 on the list of the "100 Greatest Artists" by Rolling Stone Magazine.  The band was founded by Lou Reed and Welshman John Cale, managed by the spiritual godfather of punk Andy Warhol. The band's music and lyrics challenged conventional societal standards of the time, and broke ground for other musicians to do the same. The band favored experimentation, and introduced a nihilistic outlook through some of their music. Their outsider attitude and experimentation has since been cited as pivotal to the rise of punk rock and, later, alternative rock.  This commemorative book is the first to offer a behind-the-scenes access look at this iconic band, from it earliest days in the late 1960s through to its later incarnation. It provides a rare inside view of how the Velvet Underground "opened wounds worth opening with brutal imagery, without apology," as Patti Smith said upon the band's 1996 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  It includes excerpts from Andy Warhol's own memoirs, plus rare interviews with fellow band members. It is packed with never-before-seen photography from Warhol's Factory photographers, as well as vintage concert posters, handbills, and memorabilia.  Author Jim DeRogatis is the pop music critic for The Chicago Sun-Times, the author of several books about music (including Let It Blurt: The Life And Times Of Lester Bangs, America's Greatest Rock Critic), and the co-host of Sound Opinions (, "the world's only rock 'n' roll talk show, syndicated nationally on public radio  
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 One last reminder before we shall pollute your fresh island air with marihuana fueled Rotterdam punkrawk!  THE APERS on the road with The Hotlines: Wednesday 30/09 @ The Queenshall, Nuneaton Thursday 1/10 @ The Grosvenor, London + The Griswalds Friday 2/10 @ The Old Bell, Derby Saturday @ The Hobgoblin, Brighton + The Griswalds  Come party with us and bring your loser buddies!  The Apers  --  Monster Zero * P.O. Box 2570 * 2940 AB Lekkerkerk * The Netherlands *
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 GLEN MATLOCK LIVE AND ACOUSTIC   UK TOUR  OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2009 SPECIAL GUEST TO MOTT THE HOOPLE, HMV HAMMERSMITH APOLLO OCT 5TH 09   October 2009 sees original Sex Pistol Glen Matlock take to the road for a solo acoustic tour. Previewed recently in London, the tour promises to be a big treat for Sex Pistols' fans with unique renditions of God Save the Queen, Pretty Vacant and Stepping Stone amongst other songs from his 30 year back catalogue included in the set.    Glen's output ranges from hits with The Sex Pistols, Rich Kids (his band with Midge Ure), songs written for among others Iggy Pop and he has penned some of the most important tunes in Rock and Roll history including Anarchy in the UK.  The tour promises all these and many more all interspersed with Glen's effortless charm and wit, a rare chance to see a Rock and Roll legend up close and personal.    October 5th  London HMV Hammersmith Apollo - supporting Mott The Hoople  Glen Matlock - Live and Acoustic Headline Shows: 15th Manchester Ruby Lounge 16th Nottingham Old Angel 17th York Fibbers  27th Leicester Musician 28th Winchester The Railway 29th Guildford The Boileroom 30th Portsmouth Cellars 31st Cardiff Barfly  November 4th London Water Rats 7th Hitchin Club 85 8th Cambridge The Boathouse
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A new era is dawning for DEVO, comrades…and with it comes a fresh start for all of us.

As you probably know, DEVO has been working on a brand new album – their first in nearly two decades.
This means DEVO will soon be performing many live shows across the USA in 2009, and then worldwide in 2010. Tour dates will be announced soon.

We here at Devo, Inc. have been extremely busy preparing for this new era, working on a new online presence, new costuming for the band’s upcoming concerts, new merchandise designs, new fan club offers, etc.

For many years now, I have been serving DEVO in a number of ways – from creating DEVO’s web sites and providing content, and designing merchandise, to managing their ever-growing  fan club. It’s been quite a lot to manage on my own, and I’ve been very fortunate to receive assistance along the way from many DEVOted fans (to whom I am forever grateful).

This new era of DEVO’s long career will bring with it a new batch of responsibilities for yours truly. Not only will I continue to work closely with the band on Web content, graphic design, etc., I will also be working with a team of comrades at DEVO’s new record label, who will be handling a lot of the technical work of Web site construction and maintenance. This will enable me to focus more on creating interesting content for the Web sites, including daily blogs & inside reports from DEVO events worldwide. The site will eventually be chocked full of video & audio content, plus blogs from me and the members of DEVO on a weekly if not daily basis.

In the coming days, you’ll notice some big changes at We’ll be launching a brand new site – stripped down to the bare essentials for late 2009…introducing the world to DEVO’s new album, videos, etc. The full DEVO site will be reborn in 2010 with the gradual introduction of tons of content, old & new. The new online store will feature old favorites at first, and a selection of brand new items by late 2009/early 2010. The fan club is being completely restructured, and current Club DEVO registered members will retain their lifetime member status, with access to new fan club content.

The very popular Chosen Mutations and Signs Of DEVOtion online image galleries have been moved from to You can still send me your images for those pages, but it may take me a while to add them, since I’ve got a huge backlog of images to add already. Thanks to all of you who have submitted images in the past. The DEVO MySpace page will soon have a facelift, too….but I’m not sure exactly when. will soon feature a full report from the recent Hardcore DEVOtional 2009 Fan Gathering in Cleveland, Ohio. If you have any photos or video from the event, please consider sending to me via email or on disc to this address: Club DEVO, 702 Tyler Rd., Raleigh, NC 27604. I will be sure to credit you for anything I use in the report.

Now…onward, Spuds!
It’s going to be an exciting time for DEVOtees in the coming months…


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Think of BBC1’s Top of the Pops at its 15 million viewing peak during the early 70s and a mental image of Slade – stomping, smiling, shining Bacofoil bright – is rarely very far away.

But the band’s relationship with BBC Radio was not always as joyous or as uncomplicated. “Jimmy Young said he’d never heard such a row in all his life,” remembers Jim Lea, the group’s bassist and musical powerhouse. “Tony Blackburn machine-gunned our first hit live on air. Ed Stewart said we’d never make it. Tommy Vance hated our guts to begin with. John Peel was always suspicious of us. And Noel Edmonds used to call us ‘Never’, as in ‘Slade’ ‘Never!’”

All were leading DJs on the Beeb’s new flagship station Radio 1 and all would be won over in the end. “We were a fantastic band,” Jim says, “and I had no doubt that we would make it. The Spencer Davis Group had made it. The Moody Blues had made it. The Move had made it.” The Midlands had a great track record. “Besides,” adds Jim with no hint of a raised eyebrow, “we were just so much better than anybody else on the local circuit at the time.”

The era documented here, 1969 to 1972, witnessed Slade’s transformation from a self-confessed travelling rock ‘n’ soul jukebox into the nation’s favourite glam rock combo. And just as it had helped to break The Beatles and many other bands, the BBC played a vital supporting role in Slade’s rise to the top.

Such is the enduring power of Slade’s magnificently successful wall of sound and riotous anthems, which earned them 17 Top 20 hits between 1971 and ‘76 and rave endorsements from the Sex Pistols, Oasis and virtually every other rock notable since, that the world is often only aware of a single, one-dimensional Slade.

Compiled and produced with the help of the group, this fantastic collection of previously unissued material presents not only the studio Slade and the in-concert Slade, but the pre-fame Slade; a tight, hard-hitting combo that cut its teeth on a range of soul, psychedelic, pop and rock covers, while making tentative and highly successful inroads into writing their own material. ‘Slade Live At The BBC’ hits the streets almost exactly 40 years to the day after they shortened their name (at manager Chas Chandler’s suggestion) to Slade from Ambrose Slade, the moniker used on their early singles and debut album.

Slade ‘Live At The BBC’ CD1 is compiled from sessions with former Radio 1 DJs John Peel, Pete Murray, Stuart Henry and Jimmy Young. It features both originals & some startling cover versions, among them The Moody Blues’ ‘Nights In White Satin, Alvin Lee’s ‘Hear Me Calling’, the John Sebastian/Lovin’ Spoonful ballad ‘Darling Be Home Soon’, Traffic’s ‘Coloured Rain’ (from their debut album Mr Fantasy), the Beatles ‘Getting Better’ and most significantly their bludgeoning take on Little Richard’s ‘Get Down And Get With It’. Enthusiastically plugged by Radio 1 DJs John Peel and Johnny Walker, ‘Get Down And Get With It’ would give Slade their very first Top 20 hit a few weeks after the BBC session was aired in May 1971.

CD2 is Slade Live at the Paris Theatre, London. Recorded in August 1972 for a Radio 1 Live In Concert broadcast as part of a Slade two part special, it’s Slade in all their rollicking glory, tearing up the stage with a mixture of singles & covers including Janis Joplin’s ‘Move Over’. However, the gig wasn’t without its problems. Older audience members, “the Jimmy Young crowd, who came in from shopping,” as Jim Lea remembers, had a hard time dealing with the ear-shattering volume. There were also problems with the equipment and MC Mike Harding’s constant interjections. Their performance is further notable for the fact that it witnessed the premier of ‘Mama Weer All Crazee Now’, which would net them their third Number One single a month later.

The detailed sleeve notes are penned by journalist Mark Paytress who conducted brand new interviews with each member of the band.



CD1 – Studio sessions 1969-72

1. Coming Home
2. The Shape Of Things To Come
3. See Us Here
4. Know Who You Are
5. My Life Is Natural
6. Coloured Rain
7. Man Who Speeks Evil
8. Move Over
9. Omaha
10. Sweet Box
11. Nights In White Satin
12. It’s Alright Ma, It’s Only Witchcraft
13. Raven
14. Gudbuy Gudbuy
15. Getting Better
16. Darling Be Home Soon
17. Let The Good Times Roll
18. Dirty Joker
19. Get Down And Get With It
20. Wild Winds Are Blowing

Radio 1 jingles

21. “Radio 1 where the best music’s on”
22. “Everyday the sounds we play on Radio 1”
23. ”This is Radio 1, we’re all having fun”
24. “We’re Slade!”

CD2 – Live at the Paris Theatre, London, August 17, 1972

1. Introduction
2. Hear Me Calling
3. In Like A Shot (From My Gun)
4. Look Wot You Dun
5. Keep On Rocking
6. Move Over Baby
7. Mama Weer All Crazee Now
8. Lady Be Good
9. Coz I Luv You
10. Take Me Back ‘Ome
11. Get Down And Get With It
12. Good Golly Miss Molly

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Self proclaimed ‘Yorkshire Cricket Punks’ Geoffrey Oi!cott! release their barnd new 3 track vinyl single ‘I was Montys Double ‘ on Aug 10th on Bosstuneage records-and its really rather good-and funny! Look out for it!

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 MEAN FIDDLER PRESENTS     THE SLITS Plus KASMS   FRIDAY 16-Oct-09   ULU ­ LONDON University of London Union Malet Street London WC1E 7HY     £15.00adv <> <>     DOORS: 19:30 <> <>     The Slits are a British <> punk rock <> band <> formed in 1976.   Narnack Records is pleased to announce the October 20, 2009 release of Trapped Animal, the first full-length release from The Slits in over 25 years. 2009 also marks the 30th anniversary of The Slits debut album Cut, the historic album released on Island Records.   The Slits became a part of the punk pantheon with songs that even today continue to be meditations on alienation and angst. With Trapped Animal , The Slits remain the same genre bending band they were in their inception, still standing out from the rest of the pack. In the title track they examine how the conveniences that surround us in today¹s modern world have also trapped us. Other tracks include ³Pay Rent² which focuses on the everyday struggle artists face trying to pay the bills through their art along with the sexually charged ³Lazy Slam². ³Ask Ma² will be out as a single in August and will be your first taste of Trapped Animal.   The current lineup features original members Ari Up and Tessa Pollitt along with Hollie Cook (daughter of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook), Anna Schulte and Adele Wilson. The Slits known for their infusion of punk and reggae sounds are one of the most significant female punk-rock bands in history. Both legendary and somewhat notorious there is a satiric, tongue-in-cheek quality to their songs instead of a strident peachiness. The Slits are loud, brash, bold and unrepentant. They never compromised their image or stance and their very presence threatened those that considered rock to be a male-only pursuit. In the late 1970¹s an early 1980¹s the band toured with legendary punks such as The Clash, The Buzzcocks and The Sex Pistols.   They went on to influence many generations of bands including The Gossip and Sonic Youth whom they played with in 2007. The Slits continue to expand the boundaries of punk, combining it with various ethnic and experimental sounds and plan to continue doing so for years to come.   In addition to the new album, a book about the band, Typical Girls? The Story Of The Slits written by Zoe Street Howe, is scheduled to be published in the Fall.    
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Its with regret that Vive Le Punk heard Spear Of Destiny/Theatre of Hates Kirk Brandon was taken ill in August. He spent a worrying time in hospital but isnow recuperating in Brighton. We wish him well. He hopes to be gigging again in January. All the best from Vive Le Punk.

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Vive Le Punk is looking for writers, and anyone anywhere who can help us promote the site. Especially keen for contributers in USA and Australia, and Europe. If you are interested please get in touch at  cheers!

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Ex Adam and The Ants Marco and Chris release their second Wolfmen album on Oct 19th. And its pretty damn great!! 10 songs of brilliant melody and rock. ILook out for live dates.

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