After 2 months of design and preperation we are now ready to launch the Vive Le Punk T-shirt range. Focussing on Icons from the Punk era, the first 3 designs will feature Sid Vicious, Paul Simonon (the Clash) and Iggy Pop. Our new shop will launch on the vive site at the end of next week where you can order the shirts online.You will also be able to get a sneak peak and buy them at next weekends Rebellion festival.Stay tuned for more designs too.

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Cherry Red have a book on UK Hardcore coming out in September, by Ian Glasper.
He previously wrote Burning Britain and Day The Country Died for us. He also
played bass in Decadence and Stampin’ Ground, and is currently in thrash
band Suicide Watch. It is an absolutely brilliant book detailing the
undergroud hardcore scene in the UK. We are also going to release a CD to
accompany the book, which be out in October.


                              TRAPPED IN A SCENE
– UK HARDCORE 1985-89
Ian Glasper

•    Market    Music Biography / Pop     •    Published    21/09/09

The underground hardcore scene of the mid-late Eighties was UK punk rock’s last significant creative gasp. Emerging from the wreckage of the anarcho punk scene spawned by the likes of Crass and Conflict, it took its influences from the studs ‘n’ leather punk bands of the early Eighties such as Discharge and GBH, and also the nascent American hardcore movement and the emerging metal/punk crossover scene.

Filter all of this through some through fiercely DIY aesthetics and you had a potent movement that spawned such seminal acts as Napalm Death, ENT, The Stupids and Heresy. With the backing of John Peel and an unwavering work ethic, these bands, and the labels that launched them (including Earache and Peaceville – both now widely regarded as having some of the finest metal rosters in the world), pushed musical boundaries into new and previously unexplored avenues of extremity, helping to shape the alternative music scene we know and love today.
Ian Glasper is the critically acclaimed author of two previous books for Cherry Red, 2004’s ‘Burning Britain’ and 2006’s ‘The Day The Country Died’, and ‘Trapped In A Scene’ is the long-awaited closing volume of his celebrated trilogy on the UK punk scene of the Eighties.

As per those first two books, it digs deeper than anyone has previously dared into a subculture that was as manic, exciting, innovative and defiant as anything before or since, if not more so. Constructed upon meticulously gathered first-hand accounts and heaving with exclusive never-seen-before photographs, ‘Trapped In A Scene’ is the definitive document on UKHC and essential reading for anyone with a passing interest in the convoluted evolution of genuinely challenging punk music.

Other Ian Glasper titles published by Cherry Red Books:

The Day The Country Died: A History Of Anarcho Punk 1980 To 1984
ISBN: 978 1 901447 705
480 Pages / Paperback

Burning Britain: A History Of UK Punk 1980 to 1984
ISBN: 1-901447-24-3
414 Pages / Paperback


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DANKO JONES Announce Nine US Main Support Tour Dates With THE DAMNED

Posted on Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 01:23:43 EST

Toronto’s DANKO JONES have announced nine main support tour dates with THE DAMNED for the US. They are as follows:


21 – Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues

22 – Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s

23 – Pittsburgh, PA – Diesel

24 – Detroit, MI – St. Andrew’s

26 – Chicago, IL – The Metro

28 – Denver, CO – Bluebird

29 – Salt Lake City, UT – In The Venue

31 – Seattle, WA – Showbox


1 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom

As previously reported, BW&BK recently received the following press release:

Danko Jones are ready to invade the US with the release of Never Too Loud, their brand new studio album, out September 8 via Bad Taste Records/Caroline.

Hailing from Toronto, the group teamed with Grammy award-winning producer Nick Raskulinecz (RUSH, FOO FIGHTERS, COHEED & CAMBRIA, STONE SOUR, VELVET REVOLVER) and recorded Never Too Loud at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 in Los Angeles. Ted Jensen (Green Day, REM) came onboard for mastering duties. “We really wanted to step it up sonically on this album, and Nick was the perfect guy for that,” explains Danko Jones, the band’s lead singer and guitarist.

“There’s something to be said for the bands that stick to the story, MOTÖRHEAD, AC/DC, SLAYER, THE RAMONES, they’re the ones who have survived,” he adds. “We know who we are, but we upped the ante and experimented with varied styles of hard rock on this album.”

The group tapped John Garcia of KYUSS fame and punk legend Pete Stahl (WOOL SCREAM, GOATSNAKE) for the six-minute SABBATH-influenced epic ‘Forest For The Trees’. From first single and album opener ‘Code Of The Road’, to the infectious melodies of ‘City Streets’, to the Bon Scott-channeling title track, Never Too Loud showcases the group’s adrenalized, raucous garage rock that encompasses everything that’s fun about hard rock past and present.

The complete tracklisting for Never Too Loud is as follows: ‘Code of the Road’, ‘City Streets’, ‘Still In High School’, ‘Take Me Home’, ‘Let’s Get Undressed’, ‘King Of Magazines’, ‘Forest For The Trees’, ‘Your Tears My


‘, ‘Something Better’, ‘Ravenous’, ‘Never Too Loud’, ‘My Problems (Are Your Problems Now)’*, ‘Sugar High’*, ‘R.I.P. RFTC’*.

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AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson is considering retirement – because, at 61, he fears he’s getting too old to rock.

The band’s long time vocalist has revealed he planned to quit as the Aussie rockers’ singer in 2010 – 30 years after he replaced Bon Scott in the group – but his bandmates have persuaded him to rock on for another nine months, to fulfill festival commitments into 2011.

Johnson tells Classic Rock magazine, "We were talking about the end of the (current Black Ice) tour and I said, ‘We’re finishing in May (10) – and that’s me done!’

"But Malcolm (Young) said, ‘What are you talk in’ about? We’re not gonna let you retire!’"

Johnson admits he does his best to stay in shape for tours, but he’s not sure he’s got what it takes to carry on.

He adds, "I try to keep myself fit, and I love it being in this band… (but) the other lads are in their early fifties. I’m the old dog in the regiment. It’s a purely selfish thing. I don’t want to look a prat if I try to push it too far. I don’t want for people to see me on stage and say, ‘Oh, poor old f**ker, the band’s carrying him!’"

But, for now, he’s enjoying the ride: "It never gets boring. They’re just the best rock band, and just to listen to them every night, it gets me. Every time they kick in, you think, ‘What the f**k!’ You’re on again and you’re thinking, ‘This is ridiculous! I’m still grooving!’"

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Pauline Murrays punk legends PENETRATION tour at the following dates.


Jul 25 2009 8:00P
THE WICKERMAN FESTIVAL, South West Scotland East Kirkcarswell, near Dundrennan, South West Scotland, Scotland
Sep 18 2009 7:00P
THE ENGINE ROOM Brighton South
Sep 19 2009 8:00P
THE SHED Leicester Midlands
Sep 20 2009 8:00P
THE UNDERWORLD Camden London London
Oct 23 2009 7:30P
FRIARS Aylesbury South
Nov 6 2009 8:00P
THE CITRUS CLUB Edinburgh Edinburgh
Nov 7 2009 8:00P
CAFE DRUMMONDS Aberdeen Aberdeen, Scotland

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 CHUNKSAAH RECORDS ANNOUNCES CHARITY AUCTION FOR RICH CUNNINGHAM  Rich Cunningham formed Happy Days Records in 1995, releasing debut records by Hot Water Music and Ink  Dagger, as well as titles by Endeavor, Times Up, and Human Remains.  In 2000 he formed New Labor, an alternative model of worker organization that combines new and existing strategies to improve working conditions and provide a voice for low-wage, young, immigrant workers in central New Jersey.  In 2005 Rich was diagnosed with cancer and recently his battle has taken a turn for the worse.  Chunksaah Records and The Bouncing Souls will be auctioning off rare records, vinyl test pressing, limited poster prints, Bouncing Souls tickets, and anything else we think will help raise money for our friend.    Additionally, Chunksaah Records is an active sponsor of the Hub City Hardcore Fest (featuring Degenerics, Psyched To Die, The Measure, Static Radio NJ, Detournement, Torchbearer, and many many others) taking place in New Brunswick, NJ the weekend of August 14-16 with proceeds going to help Rich and the Cunningham family.  Please visit < Lt641DpG9zx3tveT2tAXSzIlR1-nFx54Ht1WNi_y4lwnQ5filhKoQ0PZ-CzuI4Vgyc9Qh1FWcX8Q 1PNw-5so_5Xk3PBb1A==>  for a list of Bouncing Souls / Chunksaah charity auctions, weekend passes for the Hub City Hardcore Fest, as well as more information about Rich Cunningham.     
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Crust legends Amebix have unfortuantly pulled out of this years Rebellion festival at Blackpool due to other touring commitments in August. and in other news Napalm Death have now moved to playing on Sunday. For the full festival times go

see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sex Pistols on Bill Grundy’s ‘Today’ show most requested clip

Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols

Punks’ TV swearing tops new poll

Those dirty fuckers the Sex Pistols controversial appearance on Bill Grundy’s ‘Today’ programme is the most requested TV clip ever, according to a professional survey.

The band’s sweary live appearance was aired in December 1976, a year before their legendary debut album ‘Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols’ was released.

The poll was conducted by Freemantle Media, which controls the Thames TV back catalogue, who have recently celebrated their 40th birthday.

They were not intended guests for the early evening show but were replacements for labelmates Queen, who had pulled out of the interview at the last minute.

Grundy, who has since claimed he was drunk at the time, flirted with Siouxsie Sioux before Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones reprimanded the host, resulting in the following exchange:

Jones: "You dirty sod. You dirty old man."
Grundy: "Well keep going chief, keep going. Go on. You’ve got another five seconds. Say something outrageous."
Jones: "You dirty bastard."
Grundy: "Go on, again."
Jones: "You dirty fucker."
Grundy: "What a clever boy."
Jones: "What a fucking rotter."

Jones‘ language, along with Johnny ‘Rotten’ Lydon‘s use of the word "shit" prompted the headlines ‘The Filth And The Fury’ in the Daily Mirror and ‘Punk? Call It Filthy Lucre’ in the Daily Express, which went on to become names of the good old Pistols 2000 film and 1996 tour, respectively.



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 tHIS YEARS Warped Tour '09 Comp CD  kicks off with NOFX.And Vive Le Punk got to the bottom of why the band are also on the cover....   Hi everyone, here's what happened: some people at Side One Dummy Records asked NOFX to be on the cover of the Warped Tour comp. We said "NO!" . Then they sent over some "Comp"-romising photos from our last trip to Japan that no one really needs to see. So we let them use a picture of me and Hefe for the cover. A week goes by and I get a call from them again. This time they want an unreleased song for the comp. I told them to go to hell. Then they sent over more photos. The next day NOFX went into the studio and recorded a new song for them. They liked it so much they only charged me $10,000 for the remainder of the photos. Thanks guys. You're the best! Fat Mike  
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New Zealand street punks The Rabble return to the UK in August  for a European tour. Catch the excellent Kiwi band at Rebellion and a few select UK shows including Londons Underworld.




06.08. Glasgow – Stereo
08.08. Blackpool – Rebellion
10.08. London – Underworld
12.08. Dunkerque – TBA (France)
13.08. Brüssel – TBA (Belgium)
14.08. Aarlon – Entrepot (Belgium)
15.08. Torgau – Endless Summer Festival
16.08. Tábor – Subculture Festival (Czech Republic)
18.08. Stuttgart – Landespavillion (Germany)  
21.08. Moravska Trebova – Fest Pod Parou (Czech Republic)  
22.08. Bamberg – Rock My Ass Festival (Germany)
24.08. Paris – Le parvis de Bagnolet (France)
26.08. Soustons – Le Live (France)
28.08. Marseille – The Black Hand Inn (France)

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7" single released August 24 (plus Itunes download)
Hear ‘Pop Crimes’ and ‘(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny’ now on the Passport audio player here:

Next month The Passport Label releases a 7" for Australian rock pioneer, Rowland S. Howard ( Pop Crimes is released in the UK on August 24 on our signature limited heavyweight vinyl and will also be available to download from iTunes. ‘Pop Crimes’ is also the title track from his first solo album in ten years, to be released in Australia this September.

Rowland S. Howard is a musician whose distinctive style and sound has resonated across the underground rock landscape for three decades. His bands have included The Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls, Crime and The City Solution, Honeymoon in Red, and his collaborations have involved such dissidents as Lydia Lunch, Thurston Moore, Nick Cave and the late Nikki Sudden.

To the delight of his local following, Howard made a rare appearance at the Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Australia earlier this year. It was at these shows that he presented the astonishing new songs from his forthcoming album in a set that encompassed everything from the stunning Shivers which he penned in the late seventies through to material from his acclaimed 1999 album Teenage Snuff Film.

The Passport 7” single features the dramatic ‘Pop Crimes’ as well as the magnificent duet, ‘(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny’. Joined by long-term collaborators Mick Harvey (who has played with Rowland for over 30 years), JP Shiloh (Hungry Ghosts) and producer Lindsay Gravina, Howard is out front on guitar delivering his weary, almost journalistic vocal, dispassionately sitting amidst the sweaty panic of the music, adding to the ill ease.

The band lurch in to ‘Pop Crimes’ as if dragging a rain soaked body across a muddy field. The ghosts of Lee Hazlewood, Snatch, Sergio Leone, The Shangri-Las and nameless guys from a never known chain gang watch on. Within the first few breaths, Howard references Stalin, Calvary and genocide, whilst razoring guitar lines, the current crop of post-punk revisionists could only fantasize about.

‘(I Know) A Girl Called Jonny’ sees Jonnine Standish from HTRK sidle up to the microphone for a duet that will melt even the coldest of hearts. It’s a glorious missing link between the New York girl group sound and the street smarts of Suicide.

Rowland S. Howard makes a fabulous character study of sheer longevity and creativity in the face of commercial blandness. Not to be outshined by his former associates, here he proves his timeless genius as an inspiration to lovers of darkness everywhere.

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As Jello Biafra is heading to the uk for his Vive Le Punk/Big Cheese sponsored tour-heres a rundown of how he got his band together.


Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine

     In the twenty or so years since his brainchild Dead Kennedys 
officially disbanded,Jello Biafra has made a career of spoken word 
gigs interspersed with musical collaborations with some of the  most 
compelling figures in underground music. Recording projects and 
touring with the likes of Melvins, No Means No, DOA, Mojo Nixon and 
Lard (with Ministry’s Al Jorgensen) among others have kept his 
"hardcore as political weapon" message sharp, but the lack of his own 
band made these collaborations usually short-lived and  left Biafra 
with a ton of songs that had never seen the light of day.
     Inspired by Iggy Pop’s 60Th birthday gig at the Warfield in San 
Francisco, Biafra laid plans for his own 50Th birthday party and  
finally decided it was time to start a band of his own. Ten years 
before he had been attempting the same thing with the likes of 
guitarist Ralph Spight (Victims Family,Freak Accident,Hellworms) and 
drummer Jon Weiss (Sharkbait,Horsey). They had also previously worked 
with basist Billy Gould (Faith No More) who was tapped for the new 
group. After cramming rehearsal for a month the four piece band known 
as Jello Biafra and the Axis Of Merry Evildoers took the stage in a 
sold-out two night stand at San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall 
and subsequently spent the next 9 months in rehearsal for an album 
project.Before entering the studio guitarist Kimo Ball (Freak 
Accident,Carneyball Johnson,Mol Triffid,Griddle) was recuited and the 
resulting twin guitar attack took the groups sound to new, noisier 
heights. The quintet now known as Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo 
School of Medicine began recording tracks  for the upcoming LP/CD 
entitled "The Audacity Of Hype"(Alternative Tentacles Records) slated 
for release in October 2009, produced by Biafra and engineered by Hip 
Hop legend and long time Jello co-conspirator Matt Kelley 
(Hieroglyphics,Tupac,Digital Underground,Victims Family) at Prairie 
Sun Recording in Cotati,CA and San Francisco’s Hyde Street Studios.
The band’s sound retains some of the the spy-music-on-meth chaos of 
the DK’s while adding a healthy dose of Detroit style proto-punk mixed 
with layers of sonic guitar noise, and Weiss’ industrial excursions 
into metal percussion. Topically, the album explores how our forced 
Iraqnophobia and Homeland Insecurity continues to feed lawlessness at 
the top("The Terror Of Tiny Town") vs. a runaway police state and 
class war towards the bottom ("Three Stirkes","Electronic 
Plantation")."Clean As A Thistle" becomes more timely every day as 
"Family Values" blowhards get caught in sinful trysts while, album 
closer "I Won’t Give Up" offers an age of Obama anthem on how change 
comes from agitation from below, not glamor and soundbites from the 
top. Thirty years on,  Jello Biafra has made an album that solidifies 
and expands his uncompromising vision and updates it for the new 
century, with a powerhouse band that promises to be a terrifying live 
machine, featuring Jon’s brother Andrew Weiss (Rollins 
Band,Ween,Butthole Surfers) filling the live bass position recently 
left vacant by Billy Gould’s return to Faith No More.


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AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson will appear on the next episode of Top Gear, with an interview and a lap of the programme’s track as the star in a reasonably priced car.

The show airs this Sunday (26th July) at 8pm on BBC2.


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STREET DOGS have announced a UK tour in Oct/Nov. The band will tour with Hellcat labelmates CIVET at the following dates:

31 Manchester Academy

1 Glasgow King Tuts
2 Sheffield Corporation
3 Birmingham Academy
4 Sheffield Academy
5 London Islington Academy

Vocalist Mike McColgan has revealed that the band have been working on a new record:

"We have been holed up as of late this summer crafting new ideas into songs.This latest batch of ideas and songs seem to lend themselves to a more aggressive and smashmouth type of punk record.We also,like on previous efforts,want to write substantive songs that mean something to people and hold up over time.Songs that mean something and resonate with listeners over time are always more important than what fashionista clothes your currently wearing or what genre is the hot train to jump on right now."


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SOCIAL DISTORTION are set to tour the US from late July to mid-October and have confirmed that, once off tour, they’ll be heading into the studio to record a new EP. Frontman Mike Ness said,

"Right after our fall tour, we’re going into the studio. But I’m opting right now to do an EP, just because I don’t want to wait until I have 12 songs. Plus I think it would be cool to go back to the day of the EP. People can get new material and we can tour with new songs. And maybe we can come back in five months and do another one, and then put it all together with a bonus track later for the people who actually want to still buy a CD. I think that’s the way to roll with the times and keep it kind of old-school."

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