How DISCHARGE created hardcore punk and never gave in.

Stoke On Trent’s legendary punks Discharge are pretty much responsible for taking punk, dragging it thru the gutter, speeding it up with a large helping of Motorhead, and spitting it back to the world. Somehow punk would never be the same and along the way somewhere they sort of invented hardcore. Discharge changed punk, and changed a lot of people forever. So just what are the facts? Vive Le Punk went asking…

– Discharge formed in 1977 in Stoke On Trent. Founding members Terry ‘Tezz’ Roberts (vocals) and Roy ‘Rainy’ Wainwright (guitar) soon recruited Terry’s younger brother, Tony ‘Bones’ Roberts on lead guitar, Nigel Bamford (Bass) and Tony ‘Akko’ Atkinson (drums).

– This line up recorded their first demo in 1977. The musical style was heavily influenced by 1977-era punk bands such as The Sex Pistols, The Clash and The Dammed.

– When the band recruited Kelvin ‘Cal’ Morris to take over vocals, seeing Tezz move to drums, the group abandoned their previous Sex Pistols style material to develop a new set of songs for the lyrics written by Cal.

Discharge in Flipside ‘zine.

– The stylistic transition of the band to incorporate heavy, distorted and grinding guitars coupled with shouted or screamed lyrics soon became part of a broader trend in the early 1980’2 known as ‘UK82’.

– The first gig with the new line up and new sound was at North Wood Parish Hall. Among the audience was local record shop owner Mike Stone, who’d recently started the Clay punk record label.

– In 1980 Discharge signed with Clay records and recorded their first single, ‘Realities of War’ that February. The single made it into the UK Indie Charts at number 5 after being played by John Peel.

– Guitarist "Bones" departed after 1982’s "State Violence State Control"/"Dooms day" single, described in local punk fanzine Love and Molotov Cocktails as "…just about the most perfect realisation of a combination of the musical power of Motorhead and the lyrical mastery of Dead Kennedys at their best. Discharge are out there on their own, at the top of their game and it’s hard to see how they can improve on this."

– The lineup changed once more in 1986 for Grave New World, a mainstream metal album with a glam sound from Cal’s high-pitched singing style. Although the album reached the indie top 10 (before exiting the chart as swiftly as it had entered), the change from punk band to a typical hard rock band prompted a negative reaction from fans, and the group disbanded in 1987.

– In 2001, the original line up reunited after meeting at a party held by original bassist Bamford, and in 2002 they released their self-titled album Discharge, returning to their original1980s style of politically infuriated and aggressive style.

– The band have released a new album with Rat titled ’Disensitise’ in 2008. A book is also currently being written about Discharge, although, after departing the band, Cal’s whereabouts are unknown, and as his input is essential on documenting the history of Discharge, it is indefinitely on hold.

– Discharge’s music influenced hardcore punk, thrash metal, crust punk, grindcore and various extreme metal subgenres such as Metallica, Anthrax, Napalm Death and Sepultra, all of whom have covered the band’s songs.

– Earlier this year, the Discharge released a split EP with American punk band Off With Their Heads, released through Drunken Sailor Records.

Read Rainy from Discharge’s view on the UK82 scene in the UK82 special new issue of Vive Le Rock, out now.

Order your copy HERE.

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London ghoul duo DEVILISH PRESLEY have just released their second album, the glammed up graveyard stomptastic ‘Flesh Ride’. Vive Le Punk tracked down bass slinger Jacqui for the lowdown on all things devil related.

Tell us about the new album?

Jacqui Vixen:

Flesh Ride is probably the best album to come out of the UK underground scene for years, if not ever. The songwriting is head and shoulders above the competition – and the range of material way is beyond most current bands. The reason is simple, we have gone back to the roots of where punk came from, just like we did with our early gothic material. A heavy dose of bubblegum glam-metal guitar is at the heart of our sound, that and a true DIY spirit. If we are ever satisfied with just rolling out a Clash by numbers album – you have my permission to shoot us! We have also a widened our lyrical scope too, the acoustic songs like "Lonesome No More" & "Viva Lost Vagrants" have words and a broad range of influences that have already been praised by discerning reviewers.

And theres influences on the album from the 50s right thru to the 70s/

Jacqui Vixen:

Yeah but earlier than that too, we go back to the Devil’s music of the Thirties, we are 100% influenced by Robert Johnson, Leadbelly and Blind Lemon Jefferson. Although we will admit to admiring seventies stuff like Silverhead and Jobriath, we are really genre defiant, we aren’t punk, psychobilly, goth or anything else, we are unique. That is why bands like The Meteors and The Damned like us, we aren’t satisfied with just getting the tattoos, just getting the hairdo’s – we have ideas. Never forget that any band that is hailed as being "the real thing" is just as fake
as the next lot – ‘cos in rock ‘n roll just as in life – just being yourself is the biggest pose of all.

Dare I ask exactly what a Flesh Ride is??!!

Jacqui Vixen:
Lady Fucking Godiva.

Is it hard being a 2 piece band?

Jacqui Vixen:
In some ways yes, for example until we got a full time driver/roadie in the shape of the wonderful Brian – we had to do everything ourselves. Arriving home 6am Monday after a weekends worth of driving and gigs – then going straight to work was fucking hard.
Also we were usually two or three people down on most bands – either on stage or off -so we were always doing twice the work!! On
the other hand we don’t have to rely on – or get fucked about by – other people. Because drummers are almost 99% fucking useless
we are so pleased to have proven conclusively that we can do a proper tour of top class venues (supporting The Damned) without one
of the fuckers being involved. However being drummer-less still does work against us in some areas, because a lot of people are so fucking
boring and CONSERVATIVE!! They think they are punk rock but they are really narrow minded!

Any good tour stories recently?

Jacqui Vixen:
I have so much gossip you would not believe. Some of the people you think are horrible are not, and some of the people who come over SO
cool are total cunts, but I have been offered a little book deal by a publisher friend of mine to write "I Created A Monster" which has EVERYONE we have ever met in it.

And where to next for the Devilish Presley rock n roll machine??

Jacqui Vixen:

We have a brilliant live DVD being released in June, it was filmed in Birmingham which is our spiritual home, well the midlands
is really – we always have great crowds there ‘cos people always fucking turn out to shows! The LTD edition pre-sales have
been so good that it is virtually sold out already, but there will be a few copies available when we hit the road again in June
& October. Next year 2010 we are back in Europe and then start recording the 5th album.

Cheers & beers.

Jacqui V.xx

Flesh Ride is out now on November Tenth records.

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Blondie are legends. There are no two ways about it. Coming out of New York in the mid-70’s, they brought punk and new wave together and pioneered punk rock as we know it today. They have sold over 30 million albums worldwide, with 20 million of these are solely attributable to their 1978 album ‘Parallel Lines’. However, it hasn’t been plain sailing for Debbie Harry and the gang, as well as their international success they have also suffered many set backs over the years.

Blondie received their first taste of commercial success in Australia back in 1977, after music show Countdown played the current single ‘X-Offender’s B-side, ‘In the Flesh’ on-air, the single and self-titled album both managed to get to the Top 5 in the charts.

However, soon after this bassist Gary Valentine left the band at the end of 1977. He was replaced by both Frank Infante and Nigel Harrison turning the band from its then four-piece into a six-piece.

Within the same year, Blondie released their most successful album in the form of Parallel Lines, which gained the number 1 album in the UK and the number 6 spot in the band’s native US, their first commercial success there. Parallel Lines has been ranked the 140th in the Top 500 albums of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.

Two years later the release of their most successful album, Blondie released their most successful single ‘Call Me’. This was a number one hit in the US, UK, became a worldwide hit and was the number one song of 1980.

Just a year later Blondie announced a brief break for the band, in which members Deborah Harry and keyboardist Jimmy Destri released solo material. Blondie reconvened in 1982 to record album The Hunter, the band’s least successful and poorly received album. With this sudden decline of commercial success but with the spotlight still firming fixed on Deborah Harry moral and friendships within the band dwindled. To add to the ever growing problems in the band, guitarist Chris Stein was then diagnosed with Pemphigus, a life threatening skin disease. It came as no surprise that in August 1982, Blondie officially cancelled all future tour plans and announced their split.

Harry and Stein, a couple at the time, retreated whilst Stein was ill with Harry to look after him. While other members Destri and drummer Clem Burke continued with their musical careers as session performers.

It wasn’t until 1997, that all five original members would play live together again. After three live concerts, Blondie announced an international tour for late 1998 to early 1999. This excitement was short-lived when it emerged that bassists Infante and Harrison planned to sue, trying to prevent a reunion under the name Blondie. Thankfully this fell through and Blondie remained. Later on that year the band released their seventh album ‘No Exit’. which again gained the number one album spot in the UK, although without Valentine playing on the record and in 2004, Destri also left the band, announcing he was retiring from touring, leaving just three of the original five members to continue.

In 2006, Blondie were included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. All members were invited to the ceremony in New York, including Infante and Harrison. However, this too was short-lived when an argument broke out on-stage between Infante and Harry when Infante requested to play with the band and was turned down.

The last year has been rather hectic for the punkers. Last June Blondie began their tour which saw them playing around the world, including a sold out gig at the Raanana Park Amphitheatre in Israel. Also, an expanded 30th Anniversary Edition of Parallel Lines was released complete with a special edition DVD and four bonus tracks.

With a new album on the horizons as well as a summer tour of the US, it looks like Blondie are back for action.

Amy Jones

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Sad but true, but let’s face it, almost as soon as the punk movement became reality, cheeky opportunists and charlatan shitehawks were queuing up for a quick hit, some quick cash, and to make a mockery of your punk rockery.  Look away, die hards, as we show integrity the door, and peruse a sordid parade of reprehensible punk novelty discs….


‘Pogo dancing, it’s the latest thing around, why move from side to side when you can jump up and down’…

Almost unarguably the first punk novelty disc, this collaboration appeared in November 1976, almost before any other UK punk discs existed!  The Vibrators were sometimes reviled by purists as hoary pub rockers who cut their hair and took their flares in when they saw which way the cards were falling, but they were hardly alone on that particular count, and proved their worth with subsequent punk-pop classics such as ‘Baby Baby’ and ‘Automatic Lover’. The collaborator in this exercise, Spedding, had a pretty respectable rock’n’roll track record and punk credentials to boot, having produced some early demos for the Pistols. But he was also the kind of journeyman who’d take almost any kind of work. Including putting on a big furry suit to play guitar for the Wombles in 1975.

2) PLASTIC BERTRAND – Ca Plane Pour Moi

Keep an eye on TOTP2 for this glorious piece of eurotrash.  A couple of Belgian producers (one of whom was named, amusingly, Lou DePryk) knocked this together for their specially groomed ‘punk’, Plastic Bertrand, resulting in a huge UK hit in the summer of 1978, a kind of bastard synthetic punk descendant of the Singing Nun (another French language ‘novelty’ and a whole other story in its own right). It’s a downright hammy pastiche that splices punk with the Beach Boys, but this was summer after all, and that ‘oooh oooh oooh oooh’ hook proved plain infectious to the British public. Plastic never scored another UK hit after this, although the tune was pinched by Elton Motello for ‘Jet Boy, Jet Girl’, (an ode to oral sex that was covered by Captain Sensible), and was later reprised by Hollywood for ‘National Lampoon’s European Vacation’.  Don’t ever tease a French speaking person about this record and don’t ever ask what the lyrics are about.  ‘Comme un indian dans son igloo’  for fuck’s sake.  Salut Plastic!

The b-side was called ‘pogo pogo’ by the way.

3) JILTED JOHN – Jilted John

‘Gor-don is a Mor-on!’ The first single I ever bought. The burgeoning punk scene in late 1970s Manchester meant that certain oddballs who would normally never be let loose on a stage or studio would get their opportunity, most famously drama student Graham Fellowes, who wrote this song of gawky Photo-Love angst around a 2 chord riff, originally to be released on the local punk label, Rabid records.  Ineptitude triumphed as ‘Jilted John’ was picked up by EMI and the tale of John’s rejection by Julie for Gordon the Moron became a top 10 hit, with the result that TOTP audiences were subjected to the choice lyrics ‘She is a slut, he thinks he’s tough, she is a bitch, he is a puff.’ If your name’s Gordon and you had to endure school any time up to 5 years after this record’s release, we’re sorry for you.

The record’s producer, Martin Hannett, went on to become a big noise in the post-punk Manchester scene, while John eventually metamorphosed into his more familiar alter-ego, the comedian John Shuttleworth, via a brief stint in Coronation Street.

There’s more of the same on Jilted John’s LP, which has been reissued on CD if you’re curious!


How true.  In the immediate aftermath of their burn out on the 1978 US tour, Sex Pistols existed in name only, but MacLaren was determined to use that name for more cash and notoriety.  Deprived of Lydon’s lyrical savvy, the remaining ‘Pistols’ opted for pure shock and bad taste.  Steve Jones and Paul Cook were jetted to Rio to hook up with ‘Biggsy‘, a failed train robber but very successful and notorious escapee from British justice.  Jones cranked out one of his brawny riffs and the lag turned on the cockney charm for their ‘Punk Prayer’, alternately titled ‘the Biggest Blow’.  Invoking the names of Martin Bormann, the Moors Murderers and Idi Amin, the record was guaranteed a BBC ban on its release in summer 1978 – but in time-honoured Pistols style, its sales were correspondingly high, probably helped by the fact that the flip was Sid’s well-loved rendition of ‘My Way.’  And true to the spirit of things, Malcolm stiffed Biggs for a portion of the money he’d been promised!

Some years later in his autobiography, Biggs, perhaps fearing the extradition that continued to hang over his head, tried to pass off this record as a heartfelt plea for Christian forgiveness for the likes of Hindley and Brady.  Leave it out, Ronnie.

5) THE DICKIES – Banana Splits

Named after the famous work shirts, the Dickies formed initially as a joke in the midst of LA’s late 1970s punk explosion, but paradoxically lasted the decades with their dumbass blend of punk, trash culture and smutty humour.  Back in 1979, when a major label took the unlikely step of taking a gamble on these guys, the Dickies knocked out a speed-punk version of theme from the kid’s TV show, pressed ‘em up on banana yellow vinyl (coloured vinyl was THE gimmick back then and a useful tool for chart-jacking), and bingo! (Fleagle! Droopy! And Snork!) a runaway hit.  Unlike certain other contenders mentioned here, the Dickies managed a follow up hit when they gave the same treatment to the Moody Blues’ ‘Nights in White Satin’ – but it’s for the inspired stupidity of their yellow vinyl debut that they win their punk novelty laurels.


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Remember The Dodgems? You should do. Arch art-punks famous for the Peel approved ‘Lord Lucan Is Missing’? They have a remastered compilation of their work available now through Brightonpunk.com (http://www.punkbrighton.co.uk/dodgemscd.html). Do take a look at the Brightonpunk website too – one of the very best of a slew of regionally themed punk sites that offers a fantastic folk history of the phenomenon.


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The fifth (and final) part of the so-called Mammal Trilogy, from ex-Radio Stars, erm, star, Martin Gordon, will be released in July. The title of this fifth and final outpouring of bile and spite disguised as popular entertainment is ‘Time Gentlemen Please’. Ladies are naturally also invited to participate. Those who simply cannot wait till July will be able to download it in June, via all the usual outlets. But the 20-page interactive booklet and the Mammal competition, for which you need the booklet at hand, might make it worth waiting.  

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Salvo records releases the classic Undertones album ‘Hypnotised’ thsi month with a host of extra tracks, peel sessions, a video,  and a 20 page booklet written by the bands Michael Bradley. 22 tracks in total including chart singles like My Perfect Cousin and the pop perfect, There Goes Norman, look out for the Undertones feature in next weeks June edition of Vive Le Punk! 

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The Big Cheese Sponsored Mutiny fest is this sat!



Whilst many mainstream festivals are closing down in the credit crunch the punk festival scene is booming. Further proof of a strong grass roots sub-culture is provided by the latest addition to the scene calendar.

Mutiny, named after UK punk rock heroes Goldblade’s recent top album, is based in Bridlington, East Yorkshire and looks set to be a big success. Promoted by two newcomers to the scene (Ant Hall and David Fisher) and fired by the DIY spirit of punk rock, it’s very much a fan’s event and looks set to be a big hit with hundreds of tickets being sought even before advertising began. Bands and fans are flying in from all over the world for this celebration of the roots radical.

The one-day event will be held at the twenty million pound, newly re-furbished, Bridlington Spa in East Yorkshire. This is a part of the country that has traditionally been starved of pop culture but with excellent communications and plenty of accommodation; it is the perfect location for an event of this scale.

An all day event (2pm till midnight) with a market place of stalls and a very strong and varied bill that encompasses old school punk, Ska and new generation UK bands…

Stiff Little Fingers

Anti-Nowhere League



Sonic Boom Six

Strawberry Blondes

Random Hand

Middle Finger Salute

Comply or Die

Play Daisy

Tickets are £30, which will be for wristbands and re-entry. Further proof of the generational reach of new millennium punk rock is that under 16s are welcome (under adult supervision).

The festival cherishes the memory of Sophie Lancaster the ‘Goth’ girl who was beaten to death by ‘youths’ in a park in Bacup as she tried to stop the 5 youths who were attacking her partner, Rob. The event fully supports The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and S.O.P.H.I.E. campaign








Bridlington Spa, East Yorkshire

Date: 16th May 2009

£30 Adults

£20 under 16’s

Box Office: 01262 678258

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John Robb London book signing

John Robb will be signing copies of his new book at Boogaloos (Highgate Tube)

‘The North Will Rise Again’
an oral history of manchester Music

on Wednesday May 13th…

from 7 till midnight…

John Robb will be getting interviewed by the great Ann Scanlon…and signing books afterwards…

312 Archway rd
N6 5AT
Highgate Tube
43 or 134 bus

book available from Amazon/waterstones OR form the Goldblade website merch section…http://www.goldblade.com where there will be a special offer…


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For immediate release, London, England –

The New York Dolls have confirmed that they will perform songs from their highly anticipated new album ‘Cause I Sez So on the popular British music TV show “Later with Jools Holland”.  The show will be aired live on Tuesday May 12th at 10pm on BBC2 television, followed by a pre-recorded edition of the show aired on Friday May 15th at 11:35pm.

The Dolls new album is released in the UK on Monday May 4th on the Atco label through Rhino. This is the fourth studio album for the Dolls in 36 years, and sees the band reunited with their original producer, Todd Rundgren (Meatloaf, Psychedelic Furs, XTC, The Tubes, Patti Smith Group).

Whilst in London the Dolls will attend an album signing at 1pm on Thursday May 14th at HMV’, Oxford Circus.  One lucky person who attends the HMV signing will be eligible to win a pair of tickets to see the Dolls perform a sold out show at the legendary 100 Club later that night.  The address of the signing is – HMV, 150 Oxford Street, London, W1 1DJ

For further info about the New York Dolls on the Later with Jools Holland show, click on the official BBC website here – http://www.bbc.co.uk/later/

Read the official Dolls album press release here – http://www.noblepr.co.uk/Press_Releases/atco/newyorkdolls.htm

For review tickets and photo passes for the 100 Club show, the new album, and interview opportunities with the Dolls, please contact:
Peter Noble at Noble PR Consultancy / Tel: 0207 272 7772, 0794 908 9762, peter@noblepr.co.uk

For further information about the New York Dolls’ HMV album signing on May 14th, please contact: Liam McMahon (Radar Maker Ltd)
Tel: 0207 247 0623, liam.mcmahon@radarmaker.co.uk

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Vice Squad have been added to the lineup for Bad Brains show at Shepherds Bush empire on May 20th. Also on the bill are Strawberry Blondes so get there early-its going to go off!

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Wales’ best punk band Strawberry Blondes will supprt the legendary Bad Brains at Shepherds Bush empire on May 20th. The Blondes have finished recording their second album’ Fight Back’ which will be released by Vive Le Rock records in Sept. Containing 15 tracks , its their finest slice of street punk yet.


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Vive Le Punk has just got news of the first film of Al Tomorrows Parties festival-that features Iggy and the Stooges, Patti Smith and Sonic Youth among others/ Full details below-



Warp X is pleased to announce the UK premiere of All Tomorrow’s Parties at the Edinburgh International Film Festival screening on 24 and 25 June. All Tomorrow’s Parties is a kaleidoscopic journey into the parallel musical universe of the cult music festival of the same name.
All Tomorrow’s Parties is a DIY concert film featuring performances from an eclectic mix artists including: Battles, Sonic Youth, Belle And Sebastian, Patti Smith, Animal Collective, Grinderman,  Iggy and the Stooges, Portishead, Mogwai, Slint, Grizzly Bear, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Gossip, Daniel Johnston and The Boredoms.
The film is a semi-found bricolage made from Super8, camcorder and mobile phone footage contributed by over two hundred filmmakers, fans and musicians over the festival’s recent history, with key contributions from co-director Jonathan Caouette (Tarnation) and cinematographer Vincent Moon (The Take Away Shows, Arcade Fire).
Future Cinema, in association with Warp Films, ATP and Synergy, will present the premiere of All Tomorrow’s Parties as part of a unique live cinema event at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on June 24.  The film will be screened and brought to life in an immersive and 360 degree musical experience, including live performances from very special surprise guests.
All Tomorrow’s Parties is a fiercely independent festival that many music lovers regard as one of the most important music events in the world.  In an intimate and communal atmosphere, free of corporate sponsorship, it serves up a heady combination of alternative music, crazy golf and chalet-living, with musicians and fans living side by side.  At each festival a band or artist is chosen to gather up their favourite artistswho perform over a weekend in an out-of-season holiday camp by the sea.  Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore described the festival as the ‘ultimate mix tape’.
All Tomorrow’s Parties will have a UK multi-platform release this September with one night only theatrical events, a DVD release and digital download available through Warp Films.

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  Beki Bondages' UK punk legends have just finished recording their new album, and after an exclusive listen Vive Le Punk can reveal its one of their best ever! 13 tracks including Punx United, Old Skool, Identity Crisis and the anthemic Goodnight England are trademark Beki, with big choruses and some razor sharp guitar from Paul Rooney. In the meantime Vice Squad raid the west cost of America-dates below. __________ VICE SQUAD U.S WEST COAST TOUR 2009   Fri. June 19 Pomona, CA Glass House Sat. June 20 Santa Barbara, CA Velvet Jones Sun. June 21 San Francisco, CA Thee Parkside  Mon. June 22 Sparks, NV Vixens  Wed. June 24 Medford, OR Musichead Thur. June 25 Portland, OR Satyricon Fri. June 26 Seattle, WA El Corazon Sat. June 27 Spokane, WA The Cretin Hop Mon. June 29 Salt Lake City, UT The Avalon Tue. June 30 Denver, CO Mo's Thu. July 2 Dallas, TX The Door Fri. July 3 Austin, TX Emos Sat. July 4 San Antonio, TX Rock Bottom Sun. July 5 Corpus Christi, TX House Of Rock  Mon. July 6 Houston, TX Walters on Washington Wed. July 8 Albuquerque, NM The Launch Pad Thu. July 9 Phoenix, AZ The Sets Fri. July 10 Long Beach, CA Alex's Bar (21+ show) Sat. July 11 Hollywood, CA Key Club  
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Joy Divisions Ian Curtis died  29 years ago on Monday. Never a cheerful fellow-his songs will always live on as startk reminders of JDs genius. R.I.P


Ian Kevin Curtis

* Jul. 15, 1956
Old Trafford, Manchester, England

† May. 18, 1980
Macclesfield, England

Cause of Death
After having viewed Werner Herzog’s film "Stroszek" and listening to Iggy Pop’s "The Idiot", Curtis hanged himself in his kitchen.

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(Billboard) American punk icons X haven’t released an album of new material since "Hey Zeus!" in 1993. But that might change soon.

"Exene (Cervenka) and I actually wrote a couple songs," singer-bassist John Doe, who also works with the X singer (his ex-wife) in the Knitters, tells Billboard.com. "There are two or three songs we’re going to do sooner or later. We might get another X record at some point."

But Doe quickly adds that in today’s download-happy musical climate, "What’s the point? People don’t really release records in a traditional sense, so if we do it we’ll probably just put it on the web site and people can download it. Maybe we’ll get (the songs) into a TV show or something."

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