The Jim Jones Revue
> Princess & The Frog – Single out June 29th
> Live At 100 Club – 4th June
> “Like The Killer smoking the bones of Link Wray” Album of the year # 10 Big Cheese Magazine, December 2008
> “ If Little Richard had written this, he’d still be boasting about it today”  **** Mojo Magazine, September 2008
> “ This extraordinary debut…….The JJR positively redefine raw, untamed, born-with-a-tail rock ‘n’ roll” 8/10 Classic Rock Magazine, September 2008
> Princess & The Frog” b/w “Freak of Nature” by The Jim Jones Revue is released by Punk Rock Blues Records on 29th June 2009 .To celebrate the release, The JJR will be playing a special launch party at The 100 Club on Thursday 4 June with support from Honkeyfinger (unveiling his power trio line up) and a rock’n’roll DJ set from Andrew Weatherall.
> “Princess and The Frog” takes the traditional Grimms fairy tale and spins it on its head with an injection of filthy sleaze. The track kicks off with the distorted broken down honky tonk piano of Elliot Mortimer before the rest of the band crash in sounding like The JBs if they’d swapped guitars for horns. The Jim Jones Revue have been described as sounding like a car crash between Little Richard and The MC5 and “Princess and The Frog” encapsulates this like a no holds barred cage fight between the Georgia Peach and Detroit’s wayward sons.
> The JJR’s last London show at Madame Jo Jo’s in March literally road blocked Soho  and this show looks to go the same way. The Jim Jones Revue are a raw, unrefined, rude and lewd beast, embrace them with both arms now!
> Live on 4th June -Live At the 100 Club, London
> The Jim Jones Revue + Honkeyfinger ,DJ: Andrew Weathearll (Rock’n’Roll DJ set)
> Ticket Price:   £ 8 Adv (+ B.F)/ £ 10.00  Door  – (Doors: 7.30 pm)
> Box office: 08444 771 000 Online:  www.wegottickets and www.ticketweb.com 
> Direct ticket links: We Got Tickets :    http://www.wegottickets.com/event/45930
> IS 100

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The Briggs and Strawberry Blondes tour together in September.

The Strawberry Blondes second album’Fight Back’ is released on Vive Le Rock records in Sept also.

UK Bristol the croft
08-sep UK Wrexham central station
09-sep UK newport tj´s
10-sep UK glasgow tuts
11-sep UK nottingham rock city basement
12-sep UK leicster charlotte
13-sep UK London barfly, camden
14-sep UK southhampton lennons

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While founded in 1985, Mucky Pup’s 1989

release "A Boy In A Man’s World, paved the way

for a lot of acts in the 90’s.

The New Jersey comedic hardcore metallists,

originally comprised of members Dan Nastasi (guitar),

John Milnes (drums), Chris Milnes (vocals), and Scott

LePage (bass), which led to numerous local shows

and two demos that sold well. This led to a deal with

the independent Torrid label, as the group issued

albums on a steady basis for the next ten years to


Although Mucky Pup never broke out of the

metal/hardcore underground in the U.S., they achieved

much greater success overseas in Europe. The group

split up by the late ’90s, as founder Dan Nastasi (who

had left the group a few years prior) achieved a huge

success with a similarly styled outfit, Dog Eat Dog, in


Today 20 years after the release of "A Boy In A Man’s

World", and this while the band’s heading out to

Europe on tour, I Scream Records is proud to re-issue

this classic album together with the bands 1990 release

"Now". 29 songs, remastered, new artwork and all that

for the price of one (1) CD!

Re-issues of “A Boy In A Man’s World” and “Now”, a

total of 29 songs, all remastered, with new artwork, for

the price of 1 CD!

Formed in the mid-’80s, New Jersey comedic hardcore

metallists Mucky Pup, known for its schizophrenic

combi-nation of juvenile humor, political sarcasm,

and pounding riffs, paved the way for such future

juvenile acts as the Bloodhound Gang, and many

other acts in the 90’s.

Mucky Pup will embark on a European tour this Summer

to celebrate their 20th anniversary, performing songs

voted on by their fans. The band made one US

appearance in New Jersey on April 11, 2009, performing

to a sold out crowd, leaving everybody wanting for



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The Restarts + Eastfield + Insane Society + The Ten O Sevens

Ever popular Anarcho Punks "The Restarts" came back to BH2 with a great collection of support from across the punk genre.
Advance tickets available from http://www.wegottickets.com/event/50574

Category: Punk, Rock
Address: Bridge House 2, Bidder Street, Canning Town, London E16 4ST
Phone: 07544534062
Times: 7pm til late
Price: £7
Travel: Canning Town
Age: 18+

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Greenday are the cover stars on this months Big Cheese mnagazine. And if you pre order the magazine now-you get a FREE GREENDAY WRISTBAND (NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD) plus you get a Free 14 Track cd with Anti Flag, Paranoid Visions , NOFX and more. Order it now at www.bigcheesemagazine.com

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In the tradition of classic old school UK punk bands playing the Warped tour, this year both the Exploited and the UK Subs will play the final dates of the Vans Warped tour. Last year GBH appeared, and the Business have also played in the past.

More details at www.warpedtour.com

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Gallows play an ultra small show at the Purple Turtle, Camden  this coming Thursday for their gig for XFM. Should be a crazy night

Their brilliant new album’Grey Britain’ is out now-we recommend it!!! www.myspace.com/gallows

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I have just been in Los Angeles interviewing Rancid about their new album-read all about it in Big Cheese -out June 25th. And in the meantime you can stream the entire new Rancid album’Let the Dominoes Fall’ at www.myspace.com/rancid

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Leamington Spa The Assembly
April 26th

Here are two fan reviews of the VLP festival. All photos are copyright Uglypunk.

The venue was excellent, recently refurbished – and it looked it too. Great stage with good visibility from anywhere in the room. There was mention of a new £250,000 sound system having been installed, and after hearing all the bands play you couldn’t argue with it either – they all sounded exceptionally good. Even the light show was very good all day and reached its peak at the end of the night for the UK Subs and the Anti Nowhere League. The only downside during the whole proceedings was the over-use of the smoke machines for the last few bands – so much so that Nato (the ANWL drummer, for those that don’t know) couldn’t even read his set list at one point – and it was less than three foot away from him !!!!!

ALL the staff (yes, INCLUDING the bouncers) were excellent, and as usual at these events there was no trouble whatsoever – just everybody having a good time and really enjoying themselves watching the bands.

First up on stage were a local band called SECTION 13 (4/5) – pictured below – who did a great set, watched by a decent gathering for first on like. Very energetic and watchable frontman, with a good punk sound made for a fine start to the days proceedings.

Next up – the ever fast and furious VARUKERS (4/5), who never fail to produce the goods, with Rat stalking the stage and taking command as usual. Bit early in the day for them to be playing – but with so many other good bands still to come someone had to be second on!

Similar can be said for the third band too, THE LURKERS (4/5) – but Arthur was needed later on for the 999 set, so we’ll give yer that one !! Another polished performance by the three piece punk legends and very well recieved.

The day was still only young and already it was time for the consistently brilliant VICE SQUAD (4/5). With the super Beki Bondage up front they put in another great performance (even when Paul’s Amp blew! But he sorted it out, and most punters probably didn’t even notice!) Excellent delivery and energy throughout the whole set.

Time for THE MEMBERS (3/5) now. Recently re-formed after approx 20 years (so I was told) and this was only about their fifth gig since then. The least lively band of the day, which was only to be expected – played a mixed range of tunes including some slow ska/reggae types and the crowd pleasing Solitary Confinement and Sound of the Suburbs. Not my type of music – but that is nothing against their collective performance.

Arthur has had a long enough break now! So it’s the turn of 999 (4/5). Brill set with lots of old stuff mixed with a few of the new album tracks, and they all went down well. Nick Cash was lively on the large stage and even managed to get airborne a couple of times too!

Enter the maestro… Charlie Harper and the UK SUBS (5/5). Charlie was on top form, clad in leather jacket and Vibrators T shirt – prancing around, throwing the mike stand in the air, jumping about, and more. How does he do it after all these years, AND, at his age?! Sorry Charlie. A great performance from a great man. He always has time for the many people that want a word or a photograph with him, and today was no exception – mixing with the crowd/fans all day/night. Top man. Anyway, an excellent set produced by the whole band – even though Jamie (the drummer) was clouded in smoke for most of it!

Headline time, and the ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE (5/5). Up steps Animal to take centre stage, flanked by Shady and the recent new member Johny Skullknuckles (still playing with Goldblade as well by the way), and the awesome Nato pounding the skins at the back, and the power level is massively increased with the shout of "We ARE The League". A fabulous show put on by all of them, well over an hour of their fav/best songs had the crowd enthralled and bouncing around. A great finale helped by the top quality pa system and the cranked up light show. Even the smoke effects looked good for the punters (and the photographs!), but it was a bit much for the band members.

Another all-dayer like this should be a must. Big thanks from me and many others to Nigel, the General Manager, and ALL involved at The Assembly in Leamington Spa for their hospitality and for Hosting the event. If you’ve never been to this place to see a gig, then GO ! You wont be disappointed.


ALL photographs are copyright of ‘Uglypunk’ and may not be reproduced without prior permission.


Had an excellent weekend in Leamington, rounded off by a superb gig promoted by the Vive Le Punk website.

The venue, The Assembly Rooms in Leamington is ideal for a gig. Great sound and great lighting with a couple of well staffed bars.

The gig started off with local band SECTION 13 (3/5), whom I had not heard before, and they got the afternoon off to a great start. More hardcore than ‘77 punk but very enjoyable. They even played Black Flag and Bad
Brains covers, which they nailed.

Next up were the VARUKERS (4/5) who are celebrating 30 years of hardcore punk! Rat, Biff and the crew piledrived out a great set of apocalyptic sounds and
proved they still have the fire. They are off to New Zealand and Australia right now as part of a world tour. Catch ‘em when they are back.

We then had THE LURKERS (5/5) who never disappoint. Arturo is a great frontman and the band always play a great show. They played old and new tracks including “Rubber Room", "Shadow" and the brilliant "Come and reminisce if you think you’re old enough", finishing off with "Go ahead Punk".

Next up were VICE SQUAD (4/5), who despite early amp problems, were excellent.

999 (5/5) took to the stage next and like The Lurkers were on blistering form. We got the usual tracks, "Homicide", "Nasty Nasty", "Feeling alright with
the crew" as well as a couple of tracks from the superb "Death In Soho" album.

Then a band that I never saw first time around – THE MEMBERS (4/5). When they took to the stage I thought "Who the fuck are these old blokes?" because they looked like old blokes and not your usual "punk band". Being one of their first gigs in 20 odd years showed and they made a few cock ups, BUT, it was great hearing "Sound of the suburbs", "Soho a go go", "Police car" etc
live. Their new single "International Financial Crisis", which is an updated version of "Offshore banking business", was also played and is superb. Give them a bit of time and go and see them – superb.

Good ol’ Charlie and his merry gang were up next and as usual the UK SUBS (5/5) were superb. Admittedly you could probably know from memory what the band are going to play, CID / RIOT / WARHEAD / STRANGLEHOLD etc but they always play so well. It was good to see the band so high on the list, although quite a few people thought that they should be headlining and a few left before the League took to the stage.

Now I love the ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE (5/5), and despite knowing the set list pretty well, I am never disappointed, and this gig was no exception. From WE ARE THE LEAGUE / SNOWMAN / WOMAN / LET’S BREAK THE LAW to tracks from ROAD TO RAMPTON, always superb. Johnny Knuckles, from Goldblade, is probably the best guitarist they have ever had live and it makes them well worth seeing.

All in all, a superb day and thanks to Vive Le Punk for organising it.

Tim Richards

A big thanks go out to Uglypunk and Tim for their reviews and Uglypunk for the great photos!


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This brand new documentary, in association with ITN Archive, charts the fall and rise of Sid Vicious from punk s hero to society s cultural icon of the twentieth century. Sid s short and controversial life is profiled with interviews from Jah Wobble (childhood friend, founder pil). Steve Severin (Siouxsie and the Banshees), David Vanian (The Damned), Malcolm McLaren (Sex Pistols Manager), Viv Albertine (Flatmate, The Slits), Ron Watts (100 Club), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistol), Rat Scabies (The Damned), Caroline Coon (Writer and Artist), Vivienne Westwood (Sex Designer), Marco Pirroni (Adam & The Ants), John Tiberi (Sex Pistols Tour Manager), and many more of Sid s close friends. Featuring previously unseen archive footage and filmed in HD. This new documentary provides the most definitive and intimate life story of the punk hero who truly lived his life with chaos and anarchy. Fuelled with a soundtrack of Sid s own music, this is the faithful telling of Sid s life story by those who really knew him. Special Collector s Edition DVD Documentary Plus Sid Live in New York 10 Track CD AND Biography by Music Author Mark Paytress

Documentary culled from footage of the ITN’s extensive archives to mark the 30th anniversary of the legendary Sex Pistols’ bassist’s death, this is a candid look into the artist’s life, destructive relationship with Nancy Spungen and the legacy he left in his wake.

To be in with a chance of winning one of 3 boxsets we have to give away. To enter the competition email us at info@vivelepunk.net

Good luck!


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Gruff punk from Down Under.
Following heralded debut ‘This Microscopic War’, Melbourne quartet A Death In The Family are back with this second album, mixed by producer extraordinaire J Robbins (Against Me!, Paint It Black). ‘Small Town Stories’ reflects life growing up in the small communities of Australia. Its powerful drive is fuelled by the same wayward angst as the likes of Hot Water Music or The Draft yet the band manage to cunningly fuse this with a classic Aussie rock feel to produce a sound that is distinctly their own. This is a good solid record and stands shoulder to shoulder with most of its contemporaries but just falls short of reaching outstanding.
Miles Hackett

Former Husker Du frontman with eighth solo effort.
It’s only just over a year since Bob Mould’s impressive return to form that was the impressive alt-rock solo album ‘District Line’ and now he’s back with another record, produced and mixed by the man himself. Whilst ‘Life And Times’ is certainly a worthy addition to fans’ collections, it’s not as compelling as his last album, with an almost alt-folk rock direction and more use of electronics again. ‘City Lights (Days Go By)’ is a nice tune but many songs here lack the impact and infectiousness of ‘District Line’ material. ‘Argos’ proves he can still pen a brilliant melodic punk rock song and this is another solid effort from the punk/post-hardcore hero. Roll on album number nine!
Ian Chaddock

(Captain Oi!)
Pepped-up later albums from the Sparrer.
4/5 / 4/5
These two albums by East London street punk pioneers Cock Sparrer were originally released by German label Bitz Core in 1994 and 1997 respectively, but as the band have apparently never been happy with them, here they have been “re-recorded, re-mixed and re-mastered”. They sound great now – sharp, punchy and doing full justice to some classic later Sparrer works like ‘Because You’re Young’ and ‘Don’t Blame Us’, the stand-out tracks from ‘Guilty As Charged’. And as you also get the four tracks that comprised the 1995 EP ‘Run Away’ as bonus tracks with ‘Guilty’ and four unreleased live tracks with ‘Two Monkeys’. You can’t go wrong here.
Shane Baldwin

(November 10th)
Glam horror duo need to get angry more often.
‘Flesh Ride’ owes more to ‘70s glam and riffage than their previous more rocking releases. The songs are all about the sort of things that any self-respecting ghoul would expect by a duo from the dark side. Dead rockers get the nod in the lyrics (Billy Fury) and in the name of their drum machine (Elvis). Maybe it’s the fault of the King’s namesake, maybe not, but a good half of this album fails to ignite. Interestingly, when Johnny Navarro gets angry, on songs like ‘Bloodsuckers’ and ‘Losin’ Ground’, things start to spark and those moments are well worth it.
Simon Nott

(Rowdy Farrago)
Another Destructors split album.
In this, probably the 232nd Destructors 666 split album, the Peterborough outfit team up with Milton Keynes’ Dun2Def, with pleasing results. The latter play decent enough old school punk, chugging along nicely with two of their own songs, ‘You’re A Disease’ and ‘Drinking & Fighting’, before having a fair stab at the UK Subs’ ‘Riot’ that misses Charlie Harper’s trademark growl. In contrast, Destructors 666 singer Allen Adams, the only survivor from the ‘80s Destructors, does a more than fair Colin Abrahall impersonation on GBH’s ‘Diplomatic Immunity’, and the band’s own songs here are proof that, through all these releases, they really are coming on in leaps and bounds.
Shane Baldwin

(Boss Tuneage)
Snuff legend collaborates with friends on first solo album.
Duncan Redmonds has been the driving force behind UK punk heroes Snuff for the last 20 years, as well as Billy No Mates and Guns N Wankers. He’s currently playing in Toy Dolls and Duncan’s Divas too. Over the last four years, Duncan has put this record together, featuring guest collaborations with friends from all over the world. Highlights on the 22-track CD include songs with Frankie Stubbs (Leatherface), Fat Mike (NOFX), Simon Wells (original Snuff/Southport), Ken Yokoyama (Hi-Standard), Hard Skin and No Means No, to name just a few. ‘Bubble And Squeak’ shows exactly why Duncan Redmonds is a punk legend.
Ian Chaddock

(Century Media)
Syracuse straight edge legends return with a bang.
While their militant straight edge stance attracted controversy over the years, NY’s Earth Crisis helped to define the metallic hardcore genre in the mid-‘90s; and anyone who remembers the awesomeness of ‘Firestorm’ and ‘Destroy The Machines’ is sure to be intrigued by what the band have to offer more than a decade later. It’s a pleasure to report that they’ve lost none of the things that made those albums so important – Karl Buechner’s raging vocals and a blend of chugging riffs and thrashy mid-sections that’s both bruising and dynamic. Sounding surprisingly fresh and energetic throughout, it’s great to have them back.
Nick Mann

(People Like You)
The best home grown punkabilly album of the decade.
The Grit have come up with what will go down as an all-time classic album, simple as that. This has all the elements of what’s great about their genre bending style of punk rock. The songs are relevant and heartfelt, the tunes are infectious and the pace only lets up when it’s the perfect time to do so. This album also stands out because it is totally British and unashamedly so – from the lyrics, to the accent and slang – but not in a jingoistic way. This will assure their place right up there with the greats. Joe Strummer would be proud.
Simon Nott

(Boss Tuneage)
Finnish Trio have the right mix of power pop and punk.
Never judge a CD by its cover. One look at the trio trying to look whacky, with their daft glasses and even dafter expressions, had me not really wanting to play this. I’m glad that I did. The guys do nothing new, their sound could quite easily fit into the Hellcat roster (no doubt pissing all over a few of them) but they simply play power pop punk in a way that anyone who likes the genre is going to love. It’s all great sing-along, snotty fun that conjures up images of Californian sunshine. What more could you ask for?
Simon Nott

(Damaged Goods)
Reissues from the first lady of Medway Delta blues.
4/5 / 3/5 / 3/5
First coming to public attention as a member of the Headcoatees, the girl-group counterpart to garage hero Billy Childish’s Headcoats, Ms Golightly was to forge a distinctive solo identity for herself as a chanteuse from the mid to late 1990s, as these reissues reveal. Taking the Headcoats’ no-frills valve-amp credo as a starting point, Golightly’s songs vault stylistically from blues to jazz to ‘60s girly pop, with a measure of femme-punk sass to top things off. One in the studio and the other two live, this brace of reissues catches the stark authenticity of Holly Golightly’s lo-fi kitchen sink dramas rather admirably.
Hugh Gulland

(Rough Trade)
Further observations from folk music’s funniest punks.
Jeffrey Lewis mixes observational comedy and folk-pop; he even does wonderful Robert Crumb-esque illustrations and comic strips. So it’s a pleasant surprise when Lewis starts the album loose and dirty, bringing an Undertones/Replacements-esque punk rock riff to the punchy mess of ‘Slogans’. Throughout ‘Em Are I’ it’s clear Lewis thinks and ponders a lot, probably too much. His insecurities devour him on the perfect ‘Broken Broken Broken Heart’ and all Lewis can do is “try not to think”. ‘The Upside-Down Cross’ is a no funk free jam that pulls tightly until its verses explodes in messy feedback. ‘Em Are I’ is an excellent and rewarding album.
Jonathan Falcone

(Suburban Home)
Drag The River and Armchair Martian frontman goes solo.
Having recently embarked on a UK tour with good friend Joey Cape of Lagwagon and Bad Astronaut fame, Jon Snodgrass’ first solo outing picks up where his other bands left off. His gentle, heartfelt croon makes acoustic alt-country tracks such as opener ‘Brave With Strangers’ and ‘Murderfield’ rub shoulders comfortably with the electrified country rock of ‘Remember My Name’ and ‘Fast In Last’, which bring to mind Lucero at points. A talented and deservedly respected singer/songwriter, ‘Visitor’s Band’ is the perfect laid back record to listen to while enjoying springtime out in the sun.
Ian Chaddock

Blistering punk ska opus from the latest Hellcat heroes.
While frequently measured alongside label bosses Rancid, Left Alone have clawed a commendable position on the Hellcat roster since their welcome in 2005 and this, the third full-length from the Wilmington, CA crew, marks the highest point of their recording career: their own ‘…And Out Come The Wolves’ you might say. Following up from their ‘Dead American Radio’ sophomore success, this self-titled album is packed with catchy punk rock hooks, scuzzy street ska and a smidge of countrified home-cooking. Broadening lyrically into more serious topics, yet retaining the three-chord fun, this is definitely one Hellcat release that it’s hard to find a low point in.
Tom Williams

Seaside ska hi-jinks from Brighton’s signature 2tone troupe. 
Summer fest favourites Los Albertos have beaten out a comfortable niche in the UK underground ska scene since their conception in 2002, along with similar modern 2tone acts like 3 Minute Warning and Smoke Like A Fish. With a definite British flavour, ‘Dish It Out’ merges clever tongue-twister vocals with sharp ska upstokes and bubble-popping brass. Easily as manic, intelligent and openly fun as its predecessors, this third full-length marks another solid effort for the Brighton six-piece and it’s a crop of songs we’re bound to be singing and skanking to in the upcoming sunny months.
Tom Williams

Ultra-rare live cuts from Devoto and co.
On the back of Magazine’s much-lauded 2009 reunion comes this 17-track live anthology, compiled from three live recordings spanning 1979-1980. Naturally there’s a little fluctuation in sound quality, but caveats aside, what you get here is the best document of Magazine’s live dynamic yet available. This group’s interplay was seldom short of dazzling and there’s ample evidence here; along with seldom-heard live renditions of ‘Sweetheart Contract’ and ‘Cut Out Shapes’, the crucial tracks from the Magazine repertoire are well represented, not least with a stinging performance of ‘Shot By Both Sides’ which captures the much-missed guitarist John McGeoch – sadly no longer with us – in fine flow.
Hugh Gulland

(Gratuitous Beaver/Code7/PHD)
Fiery debut from Norwich’s own folk punk minstrels.
Patched together in 2006 from a number of defunct Norwich outfits, Mustard City Rockers are truly a Frankenstein’s monster of music. Merging biting wit, punk rock and a heavy dose of folk, they end up with something that makes you want to jig like a drunken sailor. Fans of Gogol Bordello and Flogging Molly will be in mead-swilling heaven with this full-length UK debut.  Utilizing an entire ensemble of traditional instruments and gruff vocals straight outta the gutter, the band are touring in the near future if you fancy ‘getting involved’. This is one band built for the barroom tiles.
Tom Williams

Un-PC hard-edged punk pop.
This Virginian outfit have been knocking around, in one form or another, since the ‘90s, slogging around the US circuit and playing shows with the likes of Murphy’s Law, the Queers and Agent Orange, with an unpredictable live show that apparently involves dodgy smoke machines, confetti cannons and much politically incorrect banter. And listening to this self-titled EP that actually came out last autumn, one can certainly believe all of the above, especially the last bit. Here the current line-up of Hector XXX (vocals), Bobby Analog (drums) and Gary Sinn (bass) serve up six tracks of pop punk in the NOFX/Dwarves vein, which, while not exactly original, certainly packs a punch.
Shane Baldwin

First steps to solo stardom from the post-Birthday Party Cave.
3/5 / 3/5 / 4/5 / 4/5
Having extricated himself from the wreckage of his seminal band The Birthday Party in 1983, Cave’s early solo efforts templated his subsequent success in their exploration of wracked blues, sea-sick shanties and a long-running Elvis fixation. The first couple of discs are mixed affairs, magnificent cuts fighting for space with morose dirges. The 1986 covers album ‘Kicking Against The Pricks’ saw Cave mapping out his diverse influences, re-working the likes of Gene Pitney and Johnny Cash, an appetiser for ‘Your Funeral My Trial’. Easily the most fully-formed of the early Cave albums, the sense of redemption hinted at lets some light in on that often overbearing Cave grimness.
Hugh Gulland

(Good Music For Good People)
Sing-along punk rock from Wales.
As much as we are taught to avoid judging things by titles, ‘Anaesthetize This…’, the follow up to 2002’s ‘Dry River Fishing’, did come across as a record that would back up the anger it clearly has within it with a blistering pace, but what we are presented with is a far more considered album. ‘Take That up the Arse… and Party!’, ‘Change’ and ‘Your Sport’ offer up great examples of what No Choice are about – righteous, sing-along punk rock with backing tunes to encourage a dance and a real message behind everything. Honestly, it isn’t anything you haven’t heard before, but you will get a decent listen out of No Choice.
Ian Dransfield

Epic, crushing doom-edged hardcore from Baltimore.
Further reinforcing Deathwish’s reputation as the home of hardcore bands willing to try something a bit different, this five-track EP sees Pulling Teeth displaying a diverse sound – from the full-blooded proto-thrash of opener ‘Paranoid Delusions’ to the epic, downbeat ‘Bloodwolves’ that brings proceedings to a close. What comes in between is pretty damn awesome as well, with the band proving they’re just as adept at slow-burning doom as they are full-throttle metallic rage. Perhaps the only criticism that could be levelled at ‘Paranoid Illusions’ is that, at just 23 minutes long, when the EP’s over, you’re left begging for more.
Nick Mann

Texan punks struggle to capture their live energy.
The Riverboat Gamblers are a band with a wicked reputation as a live act, putting on intense shows to get the blood pumping and the walls a-bouncing. On first listen to ‘UTO’, it’s pretty hard to understand where this status comes from or how an album that opens so well, with the jagged ‘Dissdissdisskisskisskiss’, can descend into mediocrity so suddenly. Sounding like the offspring of a late night sojourn between The Donnas and The Bronx, ‘UTO’ – while not poisoning the ears – doesn’t live up to the initial explosion it opens with. However, there’s still a hell of a lot of potential with the Gamblers and they look like a band to watch on the live circuit.
Ian Dransfield

(Rebel Alliance)
SB6 return with plenty to say.
Sonic Boom Six have always been one of the most diverse and inventive bands to get lumped into the British ska punk scene. The follow-up to the outstanding ‘Ruff Guide To Genre-Terrorism’ sees the band in equally thrilling territory. ‘City of Thieves’ is something of a concept album as it focuses on city life, from schools and consumerism to binge drinking and traffic issues. The combination of vibrant, eclectic music, dub one minute and RATM vocal samples the next, with some slightly bleak lyrics paints a lively example of the various elements that make up British culture in 2009. It’s smart, joyous music that has plenty to say and does so eloquently.
Paul Hagen

Familiar sounding punk ‘n’ roll.
Listening to ‘Highball Roller’, the band’s debut album, I couldn’t help but think this sounds a lot like The Wildhearts. Which is obviously no bad thing. Turns out singer/guitarist Scott Sorry is currently playing bass with The Wildhearts, so I guess it’s not that surprising. Sorry and co. kick out a mean blend of raucous yet melodic punk ‘n’ roll that puts a smile on your face. The album rattles along at a fair old pace, featuring plenty of choruses and spitting infectious energy out of the speakers with skill and good humour. If you like The Wildhearts, you’ll be hard pressed not to get drawn in by this.
Paul Hagen

(Fat Wreck)
Rare and unreleased compilation from these metallic punk stalwarts.
Strung Out have been kicking around now for an incredible 17 years, so I guess Fat Wreck felt it was about time to release this huge 25 track compilation. As you might expect though the quality of material here is hit and miss and, let’s face it, some tracks are unreleased for a reason! That said, it’s safe to say that about 70% on here is killer. Overall, it’s an interesting comp from an innovative band. It’s probably one for the fans only but the covers alone (‘Bark At The Moon’ and The Descendents’ ‘I’m Not A Loser’) are probably worth buying it for.
Miles Hackett

Somewhat pointless live album from LA hardcore heavyweights.
There are few things more hit and miss in the world of music than live albums, and this effort, which brings you a set at CBGB’s from 2004, is a case in point. While Terror are always a fantastic live band, and this showcases some of their very best songs – ‘Overcome’ and ‘Lowest Of The Low’ – it’s also hampered by a shocking mix, with absolutely no power in the guitars, and the vocals way too high up in the mix. You do hear singer Scott Vogel’s typically ‘enthusiastic’ between-song rants, but the CD comes nowhere near capturing how great Terror are live. One for rabid fans of the band only.
Nick Mann

Sharp-witted rockabilly/soul with a very English slant.
Kent has proved a fertile patch for the garage rock underground and Tom Allalone’s Gravesend-based outfit pack enough sharp-edged rockabilly twang to align them loosely with the Medway sound lineage. They’re distinguished, however, by Allalone’s very individual – and very English – way with a song; witty, and unflinching with it. Allalone forays into the darker sublevels of smalltown Britain in ‘Dogshit Creek’, tangles with nightclub jitters in ‘I’m Just The DJ’ and cocks snooks at social expectation in the amusingly-titled ‘Sign On You Lazy Diamond’. A grimy-edged musical postcard from a dirty old south coast English town, this album brings all the trials and tribulations vividly to life.
Hugh Gulland

Rockin’ latino-garage party.
Down there in the Iberian peninsular, the locals appear to have drunk from the well of frat-shack retro-rock rather enthusiastically, and if the number of exclamation marks in the title are any kind of indication, those latinos must be an excitable bunch. And while my comprehension of the lingo is near-zilch, it appears that a sweaty Chelsea-booted, Farfisa-propelled rave-up is much the same in any language. So while these chaps couldn’t be said to be advancing the art form in any significant way – ‘Viven!!!’ is party music with no pretensions otherwise – they sound the perfect accompaniment to a few Friday night cervezas, and that counts for plenty.
Hugh Gulland

These Bradford indie punks should be huge.
This Yorkshire quartet have already had songs riding high in the UK indie charts and featured on ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’, not to mention support slots with the likes of The Jam and The Subways. Thankfully, this debut album more than explains the buzz. From the energetic opener ‘Burn It Down’, you know this is something special. The melodies are bigger than houses and all tracks are crisp and infectious, whether it’s the nod to The Clash of ‘Hundrum’, ridiculously catchy single ‘Wake Up’ or the massive sing-alongs of ‘Wait For The Weekend’ and ‘We Start Fires’. They’ll be on festival main stages in no time…
Rachel Owen

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London Madame Jo Jo’s
March 5th

Sleazed into a sold-out Madame Jo Jo’s, the UK’s best-kept rock ‘n’ roll secret is exploding onstage.
THE JIM JONES REVUE (5/5) take the fire of Jerry Lee Lewis, gargle down a bottle of cheap pills with a whisky chaser and spit it out on great tunes like their current single ‘Cement Mixer’. Culled from their cracking debut album, songs whistle past in a barrelling rampage of punk rock fury and hard licks as Jones stalks the stage like a man hopped-up after a session toking on Chuck Berry’s adrenal gland.
It ain’t new and it ain’t pretty, but it’s so raw and passionate that Big Cheese wants in big time. The Jim Jones Revue will make you love rock ‘n’ roll again. You’ve been warned.
El Prez

Newport TJs
February 21st

With the current recession triggering alarm bells about the decline of the UK live music scene you could be mistaken for thinking that tonight punters might be a bit thin on the ground, but it looks like they’ve had to widen TJ’s door frames to accommodate the crowd that has swelled into the legendary venue to witness the triumphant return of Newport street punks STRAWBERRY BLONDES (4/5). Back on home turf the Blondes explode onto the tiny stage and the crowd erupts into a flailing mass of limbs as front man Mickie Stabbs leads his mob straight into prime rabble rousing anthem’s ‘Rebel Rebel’, ‘Rise Up’ and the ska infused ‘Beat Down Babylon’.
New songs such as ‘Social Control’, ‘Hard Times’, ‘No Way Out’ and ‘Fight Back’ show that Strawberry Blondes have that knack of writing songs that perfectly capture the mood of the times. After an all-too-brief forty five minutes an incendiary ‘Kingmob’ brings their set to a close as they leave the stage to a barrage of feedback and chants for more from the sweat drenched crowd. Tonight there’s no encore but something tells me we haven’t seen the last of this lot.
Tim Grayson


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VIVE LE PUNK reveals the results of last month’s poll…




Just edging it over The Adicts are the band you’re most excited about seeing at Rebellion Fest (Aug. 6th-9th, Blackpool Winter Gardens). The seminal London industrial rockers headline the final day at the Empress Ballroom.

It’s no surprise you’re so excited about seeing Jaz Coleman and co., with the band having just released the stunning 4-disc boxset ‘The Gathering 2008’, capturing the reunited original line-up’s performances at the London Forum on October 3rd and 4th last year. The picture of Jaz above is from one of those already-legendary shows. The boxset is out now on Eastworld.

Vote now for who you think is the greatest outlaw rocker ever!

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Los Angeles 4 piece THE CHELSEA SMILES were formed by former D-Generation /Danzig guitarist Todd Youth.
With a classic rock n roll sound and influences ranging from the 60s to the Stooges and even the New York Dolls the Smiles have just finished a UK tour supporting Wednseday 13, their new album is out now on Demolition records/DR2.

There’s a ton of cool harmonies on the album-what sort of influences are you drawing from?
"I’m a sucker for all the old girl groups like the Shangri La’s Ronettes, which I probably would never had listen to if it weren’t for the Dolls and The Ramones, and I am crazy for the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson is a genius, Cheap Trick, the list could go on forever."

L.A has always been more of a glam scene and you definitely have a Detroit or a Radio Birdman sound?

"Well remember, I live in L.A. but I’m still a New Yorker!!!!!!We’ve never fit in with the L.A. scene, if you could even call it a scene. We’re not some 80’s left over’s like your Bang Tango’s or Faster Pussycat’s, we don’t fit in with the Silverlake Alt. crowd(sorry I’ll never grow a beard!) but that’s a good thing, it’s what makes us stand out in this cesspool of bullshit in the city of angels. Most bands get together to get a big record deal etc. and I don’t work that way. I’ve always loved the music that has come out of detroit, not just the stooges or the mc5,but how John Lee Hooker, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, so much great stuff has come out of that city it’s got such a rich musical history."

Have you ever heard of the football hooligans the Chelsea headhunters?
"No, I’m more of a soccer fan myself!!"

How have the UK dates gone?
"They’ve gone and went!!!!I’m back home in sunny California, but man it was such a great tour, we didn’t no what to expect from Wednesday’s crowd, but by the end of the set we had em!!!!!"

What happens next for the Chelsea Smiles?
"We’ve got some stuff coming up here in the states, and we should be back in the U.K., if all goes as planned sometime this fall."

Eugene Big Cheese
Live photos: copyright Monnshady photography

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With the re-release of THE UNDERTONES classic second album ‘Hynotised’, with extra tracks, videos and a 20 page booklet, Vive Le Punk gets a small insight into the albums story from ‘Tones bass player Michael Bradley. For the whole story pick up the album.


Obviously a reference to the Talking Heads LP of 1978. When we supported Talking Heads at a festival in Scotland in September of 1979, we were in the dressing room next door to them. A band that we held in high esteem (Sire label mates of course) they had just released ‘Fear Of Music’. Great record. Fantastic title. Being of yahoo tendency, we were making a lot of noise in our room. This was the afternoon, there was no alcohol, certainly no other substances, but just us – shouting at each other, slagging each other, and probably producing loud and elaborate farting routines to amuse each other. An employee of Talking Heads, presumably their tour manager, came into our room and told us off for making such a racket. Not being from Derry, he didn’t realise that the only possible response from us, once he went away, was to increase the level of the racket immediately.

A short while later, the door opened again. It was David Byrne. The head of the Heads. ‘Hi,’ he said: ‘I like your album’.
I was in the chair nearest the door. What could I say to him? “Yours is great too’ was the best I could come up with. He said bye and left us sitting there, quiet as – well, not church mice, more like the congregation just as the priest starts mass. On our knees, praying for forgiveness.

Back to Damian’s song. This was, of course, about the quandary we had found ourselves in. The difficulty in coming up with songs for a second LP.
It has some great lines, especially the opening of the second verse. “Sit down relax and cancel all other engagements/It’s never too late to enjoy dumb entertainment” And yet again, a lovely wee riff .

Michael Bradley 2009


The Undertones were John Peel’s favourite band and they were mine too. They also bagged 11 Top 100 singles, the highest charting being ‘My Perfect Cousin’ from ‘Hypnotised’, which reached number 9 in 1980.

    * "Teenage Kicks" (1978) UK #31
    * "Get Over You" (1979) UK #57
    * "Jimmy Jimmy" UK #16
    * "Here Comes The Summer" b/w "One Way Love" and "Top Twenty" (1979) UK #34
    * "You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It?)" (1979) UK #32
    * "My Perfect Cousin" (1980) UK #9
    * "Wednesday Week" (1980) UK #11
    * "It’s Going To Happen!" (1981) UK #18
    * "Julie Ocean" (1981) UK #41
    * "Beautiful Friend" (1982)
    * "The Love Parade" (1982) UK #97
    * "Got To Have You Back" (1983) UK #82
    * "Chain Of Love" (1983)
    * "Teenage Kicks" (1983) – re-issue UK #60
    * "My Perfect Cousin" – re-issue (1983) UK #88
    * "Save Me" (1986)
    * "Thrill Me" (2003)


    * The Undertones (1979, Chart #13)
    * Hypnotised (1980 Chart #6)
    * Positive Touch (1981 Chart #17)
    * The Sin of Pride (1983 Chart #43)
    * Get What You Need (2003)
    * Dig Yourself Deep (2007)
    *Hypnotised (2009-RE-RELEASE)

    * The Peel Sessions Album (The Undertones) (1989)
    * Listening In: Radio Sessions 1978-1982 (Live) (2004)

     Compilation albums

    * All Wrapped Up (1985)
    * Cher O’Bowlies – The Pick of the Undertones (1988)
    * The Very Best of The Undertones (1994)
    * True Confessions (Singles = A’s & B’s) (2000)
    * The Best of The Undertones (Teenage Kicks) (1993)
    * The Singles Box
    * An Anthology (2008) Salvo records

Still playing regularly today-the Undertones are the ultimate pop punk band. Seek em out!

Eugene Big Cheese


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1ST JUNE 2009
So impressed were they by Siouxsie and the Banshees, that legend has it that John Peel and his producer John Walters attempted to get the BBC to sign the Banshees before the group signed to Polydor. Fitting then that this stunning 84-track, all digitally-remastered, 4-disc hardback book set comprises exclusive BBC sessions, live concert tracks and TV performances recorded by Siouxsie and the Banshees between 1977 and 2001. It comprises 3 audio discs plus a real gem in the form of a 29-track DVD of the band’s best TV performances. All of the featured tracks have been hand picked by the band and the package includes a fantastic 30-page booklet with extensive sleeve notes by journalist Paul Morley, interviews with all of the band members and a unique and insightful introduction written by Siouxsie.
The set features alternative versions of 18 classic hit singles including Hong Kong Garden, Playground Twist, Happy House, Cities In Dust, Christine, Wheels On Fire, Dear Prudence, Peek-a-Boo and Kiss Them For Me.
Discs 1 and 2
These feature key session tracks from 1977 to 1987 and a concert recording from the Apollo Theatre in Oxford in 1985. They include the complete John Peel sessions alongside sessions recorded for Kid Jensen, Richard Skinner and Janice Long.
Disc 3
This contains highlights from the band’s BBC concert recordings at the Apollo Theatre in Oxford and the Royal Albert Hall, London in 1988, where the band performed a storming set, three nights in a row to a sell-out crowd. Highlights include a breathtaking Last Beat Of My Heart, Christine and a rip-roaring, crowd-pleasing, end of show version of Hong Kong Garden.
Disc 4
This 29-track DVD of the band’s BBC TV performances features their complete Old Grey Whistle test broadcasts from 1978, 1982 and 1985, the Something Else performances from 1979 and 1980, the Rock Goes To College broadcast from 1981 and the band’s complete Top of the Pops performances, complete, in places, with cheesy intros! All in all it serves as a fantastic visual documentary of the band, beginning with the OGWT performances of tracks from their 1978 debut album; Metal Postcard and Jigsaw Feeling through the dark years of Juju, performed for the Rock Goes to College show and culminating with the beautifully pure pop bliss of Kiss Them For Me from Superstition.

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Bad Brains have cancelled their show at Londons Shepherds Bush empire this Wed. After pulling out of a Spansih featival last Friday it seems there is still trouble in the Bad Brains camp. More news when we get it.

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