The Life and Times Of Jeffrey Lee Pierce and The Gun Club

Debbie and I met Jeff in the late Seventies somewhere in Los Angeles. He was a big Blondie fan and a very moody kid… within a few years of meeting him he started working on his own music. At first I was just pleased that he had an outlet but when I started to hear what he was working on I was genuinely impressed at how sophisticated the stuff was.

I guess another few years passed and by then Jeff had established himself and The Gun Club in the growing world of new music. Then in the early Eighties Jeff and I talked about my producing a recording with the Gun Club – when did we do the thing? ’81-’82 somewhere in there. Over the years I have seen comments by surviving Gun Club members to the effect that the album wasn’t raw enough, too clean, etc. I am genuinely sorry that any of these guys feel misrepresented but… Jeff and I talked at length about the quality and style of the record and I really feel that we were faithful to his vision. I know for certain that he wasn’t interested in making a punk style recording, that he wanted to mix genres, and that was where part of the genius derives from; his pulling in elements of Tex-Mex, Country, Punk, etc., etc… (besides that, while we were working I really don’t recall anyone saying anything about the texture of the guitars, etc. and that would have been the time to speak up not more than twenty five years later…) Memory is objective and hindsight is as they say crystal clear. I was just looking at record reviews on, just ones put there by average people who bought the record and I was really pleased to see all of the positive comments; ‘haunting’ is a word that kept reappearing; I think that Jeff would have been pleased as well.

One evening in Amsterdam, Blondie was playing the Paradiso. I don’t remember for sure if it was before or after we did Miami, probably after. Sometime during the proceedings, like after our sound check, there arrived Jeffrey, and he was an impressive presence: he was followed by a camera and sound crew, was wearing a tough leather trench coat, looked like maybe George Raft had he been a rock star, his demeanour was very understated and intense… I have always loved that particular moment because even then it told me that he had ‘arrived’, at some place that he was looking towards; he was respected and idolized and was in charge… that’s a memory that may be distorted over time but one I like to hold on to when I think about Jeff… those thoughts of him are frequent…

Chris Stein
Blondie guitarist and producer of Gun Club Records Miami and Death Party for Animal Records

To say The Gun Club’s musical journey was a roller coaster ride would be an understatement! The Gun Club were a true fire of love and hate and power and force and good old fashioned Rock’n’Roll. Preaching and screaming da Blues!

Jeffrey Lee Pierce went to that there crossroads and stuck two fingers up at the Devil and told him he was going to do it his way and take the highway and follow his path, his vision and his relentless goal.

No prisoners were taken and many fell by the wayside. In the end what remains is a legacy of a man’s vision and quest to either create or destroy the very music that he made.

Hero, Villain, Joker, Anarchist, Misunderstood, plum loco or just down right crazy? Who really knew the real Jeffrey Lee Pierce?
This box set is a tribute, a way of preaching The Gun Club’s Blues, a way of saying ‘hey screw you, all this was the real deal and if you missed it… you missed it!’ And, boy oh, boy, did you miss something special.

From the many different line up changes featured in this audio document of studio and live recordings it is easy to hear the different styles of music through the short time The Gun Club were around. Their chemistry produced a wonderful selection of music: from the early rumblings of punk blues created on the wonderful and highly acclaimed first album Fire Of Love (originally released on Slash Records’ subsidiary label Ruby), through to the mid-period white noise Stooges-esque thunder of the glorious Death Party E.P. recorded on Chris Stein’s Animal Records label, rolling on to the evolving brilliance of The Las Vegas Story right up to the comeback album Mother Juno LP produced by Cocteau Twins’ Robin Guthrie and culminating in some wholesome traditional blues on Jeffrey’s second solo record Ramblin with Jeffrey Lee.

The Gun Club originally took form in 1979/80 as Creeping Ritual (a lurid moniker later used by Jeffrey as a calling card for The Gun Club’s publishing company). It is well documented that Jeffrey was originally a writer for the long-defunct L.A. music paper Slash magazine which later evolved into Slash Records.

Writing aside, Jeffrey was no stranger to performing and had been in various bands such as Phast Phreddie’s Precisions and groups of his own called the E Types and Red Lights, early pop outfits apparently inspired by Blondie whom Jeffrey had met in Los Angeles and for whom he ran an early fan club.

To understand The Gun Club phenomenon it’s important to understand from whence Jeffrey and the band drew inspiration. Blues legends such as Skip James, Howlin’ Wolf, Blind Willie McTell through to later bands and artists such as Creedance Clearwater Revival, Dylan, Marc Bolan, Jim Morrison, The Stooges and Debbie Harry all played a part in helping steer the band’s musical direction.

Jeffrey also had a love of Reggae music and had ventured to Jamaica on one occasion to hang out. Indeed many of his Reggae record reviews were finished off with the signature…Ranking Jeffrey Lee. Writing for Slash also opened the door to recording when Jeffrey left a cassette tape of Gun Club demos on constant play in the Slash office cassette machine, leading to the band’s first release on Ruby Records.

Late 1979 saw Creeping Ritual play live shows featuring the early guitar work of Jeffrey’s best friend Brian Tristan aka Kid Congo Powers. Brian would shortly defect to The Cramps, whose guitarist Brian Gregory had just left, creating an opening for their new musical fuzz/Garage direction. However, this did not happen until Creeping Ritual had played a few shows and had been re-named by Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks as The Gun Club.

CD 2 Shake Me Up Some Punk Blues of this box set features live performances by this early line up of Jeffrey Lee on vocals, Brian Tristan on guitar, Terry Graham on drums and Rob Ritter on bass.

Or do these recordings in fact feature the original Creeping Ritual band members Don Snowden and Brad Dunning who made up the original rhythm section in those early days? It’s unlikely, as the recordings featured on the band’s ABC Records release Birth, Death and The Ghost came from the collection of Terry Graham.

The newly re-Christened Gun Club promptly attempted to destroy the music with live shows featuring Jeffrey Lee as a demented preacher man taking a bible on stage and throwing it to the floor only to then jump up and down on it to get a greater reaction from the crowd!

Most clubs just did not get it but to understand The Gun Club you have to appreciate the love/hate relationship between the band members and the music they wanted to play and destroy at the same time! Arguably it’s this volatile chemistry that provided the explosive energy for making The Gun Club breathe their fire!

Or to put it another way: Out of chaos and da blues came genius!

Another contradiction is the band’s apparent hatred of Rockabilly music but here you have a band taking the classic Rock’n’Roll song ‘Fire Of Love’ by Jody Reynolds and turning it into their own, even managing to go one better on the MC5’s cover version of said same song!

For many the classic line up is deemed to be Jeffrey Lee, Terry Graham, Ward Dotson and Rob Ritter, the line up that was to go on to record the band’s first full-length LP Fire Of Love, a punk blues behemoth featuring such classics as ‘Ghost On the Highway’ and ‘She’s Like Heroin To Me’ – a love song to end all love songs.

Terry Graham and Rob Ritter came from legendary L.A. Punk band The Bags while Ward Dotson had done stints in bands such as Der Stab and Sexually Frustrated. Another Bags band member would later join The Gun Club. Patricia Morrison featured on bass guitar and would later go onto play bass in Fur Bible (formed following the break up of The Gun Club in December 1984), The Sisters Of Mercy and later The Damned, as well as releasing one solo album.

Go Tell The Mountain (CD1) can to all intents and purposes be viewed as a long overdue ‘Best Of’ featuring classic cuts from The Gun Club as well as songs from Jeffrey Lee’s two solo records Wildweed and Ramblin Jeffrey Lee.

Once asked what his future plans were back in 1982 Jeffrey replied “No Future man. I’ve never been so bored in my whole life. I’ll go anywhere anyone wants to take us and do anything. To be a piece of dust and just float. I’ve got the Bo Diddley attitude of hey, let’s make some records, there’s nothing else to do. I’ll blindly trudge on. I don’t care if we make it or not. I just want to have some fun for a while”.

Following The Gun Club’s first record, Chris Stein of Blondie was given his own label by Chrysalis Records called Animal Records to which The Gun Club would find themselves signed for their second studio LP Miami. Recorded in New York with a very tight budget, it was during these sessions Rob Ritter decided he’d had enough and wanted to quit the band.

Rob left and formed 45 Grave with whom he played bass for many years until his death from a heroin overdose in 1991. Rob was replaced by Patricia Morrison and she was to stay until The Gun Club’s disbanding which would see Jeffrey Lee Pierce start his solo career, spawning the Wildweed solo record.

October 1982 saw the new Gun Club undertake their first major European tour with the new line up of Jeffrey Lee, Terry Graham, Ward Dotson and Patricia Morrison. This was to be a short-lived line up and, depending on who you believe, both Ward Dotson and Terry Graham decided to leave or Jeffrey Lee had them replaced.

Jeffrey Lee called on new friend Jim Duckworth of Panther Burns fame after the bands crossed paths whilst on tours in the U.S. Christmas 1982 saw Jeffrey and Jim spend time together drinking and talking about making music together within The Gun Club set up, as Jeffrey once again found himself in New York with soon-to-be new member and drummer Dee Pop of the Bush Tetras.

In January of 1983 Jim was asked to fly to Manhattan to record the next Gun Club venture on vinyl which was The Death Party E.P. once again for Animal Records. Patricia Morrison did not feature on the recording but was later to re-join and this line up would go on to tour before further band departures occurred.

Both CD 2 Shake Me Up Some Punk Blues and CD 3 Some Killing Floor Blues feature a healthy dose of this Gun Club white noise experience. A band full of sex drugs and Rock’n’Roll!

After a gruelling European tour, burnt out and without any money for their efforts Dee Pop was long gone like a turkey in the corn! Terry Graham re-joined the band for a handful of American dates.

However Terry Graham’s return to the drum kit was again short-lived. Prior to a tour of Australia both he and Jim Duckworth decided to quit as the thought of no money again to show for their efforts was a bridge too far.

Jeffrey Lee jetted out to Australia alone and performed the first planned Gun Club show solo. Tracks 18 and 19 on the close of CD2 feature two rare recordings of the yet to be recorded track ‘Moonlight Motel’ and ‘Mother Earth’ from the LP Miami.

Jeffrey put a band together while out in the land down under and Patricia Morrison flew out for the tour dates along with old friend and original Gun Club guitarist Kid Congo Powers, following his departure from The Cramps. Johnny and Spencer from Australian band The Johnny’s were drafted in to complete this Oz-only line up of The Gun Club.

On the band’s return to the L.A. Terry Graham would once more be drafted in to sit behind the drum kit (the only thing having stopped him from going to Australia besides the money was a possible visa problem). This line up – Jeffrey Lee Pierce on vocals, guitar, trumpet (a brief dalliance as the instrument was mysteriously lost in the Las Vegas desert on route to more U.S. tour dates), Pat Bag Morrison on bass, Kid Congo Powers on lead guitar and Terry Graham on drums – was to record the last Gun Club album The Las Vegas Story for Animal Records in March /April 1984 prior to the 1984 split and disbanding. The record was produced by Jeff Eyrich.

A U.S. and European tour followed which saw Terry Graham depart the band once and for all with girlfriend Amy in Paris. Terry had been filming all the shows and backstage antics for a future video release but unfortunately the tour bus was broken into in and all the tapes and cameras were stolen. One filmed show apparently saw Brian Gregory, the first guitarist in the Cramps, and Ike Knox who later replaced Kid Congo in the Cramps for some London shows, jump on stage for an encore of Bo Diddley’s ‘Gunslinger’.

Sadly, to date these tapes and all the rest have never surfaced and this may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back for Terry who upped and danced his way out of town mid tour, landing on my doorstep for a week prior to flying back to LA and out of the music business!
A cat called Desperate was drafted in for the remainder of the tour to play drums and his handy work can be found on the last two tracks on CD3 Some Killing Floor Blues.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was it: the last salute……the gunfight at the OK Corral. Jeffrey and the band decided to do two shows at Dingwalls in Camden Lock in the weeks leading up to Christmas 1984. Australian band The Scientists fronted by Kim Salmon supported the two very packed, sold out shows. The guns were loaded and the shows were a blast. Full force and both barrels delivered by a band about to explode.

Following a short trip to Egypt, a solo Jeffrey Lee quickly recorded a new album for Static records in the UK. Inspired by his trip and a feeling of being free of L.A., a now London-based Jeffrey Lee produced his first solo album Wildweed.

The next two years continued to be a solo effort with Jeffrey pooling in various musicians from the London scene, members of bands like The Cure, Spear Of Destiny and Killing Joke helping out. A follow-up 12-inch EP Flamingos featured two classic cover versions of Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Fire’ and U.S. noise terrorists Flipper’s ‘Get Away‘.

A solo tour was to follow by which time Jeffrey had met a young Japanese lady Romi Mori who would become both girlfriend and guitar/bass player in the next incarnation of The Gun Club. Nick Sanderson would also make his first appearance on drums. The Jeffrey Lee Quartet hit venues in Europe to push the solo records.

London 1985 was a happening place with a thriving music scene throwing up various styles of music from the hard rock antics of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Cult, Lords Of The New Church, and Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction through to the psychedelic monstrosity of Dr & The Medics and Voodoo Child! Clubs like The Bat Cave, Gossips and The Embassy were the place to see and be seen.
The Ramones were also in town for what was to be five sold out nights at the world famous London Lyceum, a venue The Gun Club had played on earlier occasions.

It was at one of these shows that Jeffrey was recognised and approached by Liz Frazer of the Cocteau Twins, a meeting that would eventually lead to the production of the classic 1987 Mother Juno album. The album was recorded in Berlin over six days in the Hansa studio where David Bowie had also recorded. Mother Juno featured the return of Kid Congo Powers following his stint as a Bad Seed for Nick Cave along with Romi on bass and Nick on drums. Nick would later go on to form Earl Brutus and sadly passed away recently.
Following a triumphant return and a blistering live show at the Astoria in London which saw Jeffrey hanging from the venue’s velvet curtains spouting lines from David Lynch’s Blue Velvet, a further album Pastoral Hide And Seek followed.

1990-91 saw Jeffrey record his second solo album Ramblin Jeffrey Lee with Cypress Grove and Willie Love, a return to Blues music with cover versions of classic cuts from Son House (‘Pony Blues’),Skip James (‘Hardtime Killin’ Floor Blues’) as well as a few originals for good measure.

1993 saw the departure of Kid Congo Powers back to L.A. and the recording of Lucky Jim. By this time things had started to fall apart within Jeffrey’s personal life and in effect this meant the end of The Gun Club.

I’m not here to tell you the woes of Jeffrey Lee, the allegations of drink and drugs nor the relationship problems which may or may not have affected him.

What I will tell you is that I saw some of the highs and lows while working and being on tour with the band.
We all have our demons and we are all affected by life in different ways.

One highlight was introducing The Gun Club on stage to 10,000 people while they supported a known English punk band at the Santa Monica Civic in L.A. (Patricia Morrison in a hacked up wedding dress and Chris D playing roadie). Another was seeing the Jeffrey Lee Pierce Quartet live at the Croydon Underground club in leafy Surrey, England.

I last saw Jeffrey for a drink in Kensington, London in late 1989. I met him that night at a rehearsal room in Hammersmith and he looked well. He was jamming with various musicians, working on getting a band back on the road. We took the tube to a pub (the Kensington Inn) close to where he was living.

My memories of Jeffrey are all good.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce died on 31st March 1996 from a blood clot on his brain in Utah, Colorado U.S.A.

I salute all the members of The Gun Club and I thank them for the music and the memories. If I could turn back time I’d do it all again…
The Gun Club…best punk blues band EVER.

Mike Mastrangelo
President of the International Gun Club Fan Club 1981-1984

Disc 1 GO TELL THE MOUNTAIN (Studio cuts)
1. Bad America 4.55 (from The Las Vegas Story)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
2. She’s Like Heroin To Me 2.36 (from Fire Of Love)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
3. Ghost On The Highway 2.45 (from Fire Of Love)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
4. A Devil In The Woods 3.06 (from Miami)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
5. The Fire Of Love 2.08 (from Miami)
(Jody Reynolds) Ridgetop Music (GB)
6. House On Highland Avenue 3.29 (from Death Party EP)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
7. Death Party 5.52 (from Death Party EP)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
8. My Man’s Gone Now 3.16 (from The Las Vegas Story)
(Gershwin / Gershwin/ Heyward / Heyward) Warner/Chappell North America
9. Hey Juana 3.12 (from JLP solo LP Wildweed)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
10. Eternity Is Here 2.58 (from The Las Vegas Story)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
11. Love and Desperation 5.10 (from Wildweed)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
12. Wildweed 2.41 (from Wildweed)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
13. Moonlight Motel 3.09 (from The Las Vegas Story)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
14. Bill Bailey 3.40 (from Mother Juno)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
15. Hearts 3.58 (from Mother Juno)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
16. Going Down 4.37 (from Ramblin’ Jeffrey Lee)
(Don Nix) Universal Music Publishing Ltd.
17. Go Tell The Mountain 6.23 (from Ramblin’ Jeffrey Lee)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)

1. Sexbeat 3.26 (Madam Wong’s 1980)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
2. Not That Much 2.38 (Hong Kong Café 1980)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
3. She’s Like Heroin To Me 3.08 (Club 88, L.A. 7th March 1981)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
4. Cool Drink Of water 3.31(Accoustilog Studio, N.Y. 5th May 1982)
(Tommy Johnson) peermusic UK Ltd.
5. Fire Of Love 2.07 (Accoustilog Studio, N.Y. 5th May 1982)
(Jody Reynolds) Ridgetop Music (GB)
6. John Hardy 3.26 (Accoustilog Studio, N.Y. 5th May 1982)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
7. Sexbeat 2.52 (Accoustilog Studio, N.Y. 5th May 1982)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
8. Preaching The Blues 4.53 (Accoustilog Studio, N.Y. 5th May 1982)
(Robert Johnson) Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
9. Devil In The Woods 3.07 (CBGB’s, N.Y. 14th May 1982)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
10. Walking With the Beast 4.22 (Fast Version) (CBGB’s, N.Y. 14th May 1982)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
11. Gunslinger. 2.37 (CBGB’s, N.Y. 14th May 1982)
(Ellas McDaniel) Tristan Music Ltd.
12. Louie Louie 0.28 Instrumental (CBGB’s, N.Y. 14th May 1982)
(Richard Berry) EMI Music Publishing Ltd.
13. She’s The Girl I Love/Ghost On The Highway 4.12 (CBGB’s, N.Y. 14th May 1982)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
14. The Lie 3.36 (Live Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland 17th April 1983)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
15. Band Interview 1.13 ( Live Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland 17th April 1983)
(unknown) copyright control
16. Fire Spirit 2.08 (Live Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland 17th April 1983)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
17. Fire Of Love 1.59 (Live Brighton Extreems Club, U.K. 25th April 1983)
(Jody Reynolds) Ridgetop Music (GB)
18. Moonlight Motel 3.19 (Solo performance/Melbourne Australia)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
19. Mother Earth 3.28 (Solo performance/Melbourne Australia)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
20. Moonlight Motel 3.02 (Miranda Venue, Sydney Australia Sept.83)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
21. Brother and Sister 2.48 (Miranda Venue, Sydney Australia Sept.83)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
Tracks 1-3: Jeffrey Lee/Brian Tristran (Kid Congo)/Terry Graham/Rob Ritter
Tracks 4-13: Jeffrey Lee/Terry Graham/Ward Dotson and Rob Ritter
Tracks 14-17: Jeffrey Lee/Patricia Morrison/Jim Duckworth/Dee Pop
Tracks 18 & 19: Jeffrey Lee Pierce from Australian tour / Prospect Hill Hotel Melbourne, Australia 28th September 1983. Jeffrey Lee solo acoustic tracks. (Amazing).
Tracks 21 & 22: Jeffrey Lee/ Pat Morrison/ Kid Congo Powers and Billy and Spencer from The Australian band The Johnny’s

1. Lost Highway/Moonlight Motel 7.27 (Live On Broadway S.F. 30th December 1983)
(Payne) Sony/ATV Music Publishing UK / (Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
2. Bad America 5.15 (Live On Broadway S.F. 30th December 1983)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
3. Preachin The Blues 6.27 (Live On Broadway S.F. 30th December 1983)
(Robert Johnson) Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
4. Gunslinger 2.40 (Live On Broadway S.F. 16th March 1984)
(Ellas McDaniel) Tristan Music Ltd
5. Death Party 8.29 (Live On Broadway S.F. 16th March 1984)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
6. Stranger In Our Town. 5.14 (Pandora’s Music Box Festival 22nd September 1984)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
7. Gila Monster New Mexico/Preachin The Blues 9.40 (Pandoras Music Box Festival 22nd September 1984)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB) / (Robert Johnson) Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
8. My Dreams 4.28 (Leeds University England 22nd October 1984)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
9. Bad America 4.56 (Leeds University England 22nd October 1984)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
10. Walking With The Beast 5.01 (Jeffrey on Saxophone) (Nottingham Rock City England 23rd October 1984)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
11. Moonlight Motel 3.36 (Nottingham Rock City England 23rd October1984)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
12. Eternity Is Here 3.10 (Nottingham Rock City England 23rd October 1984)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
13. 96 Tears 3.32 (Dingwalls London 10th December 1984)
(Rudy Martinez) Westminster Music Ltd.
14. Do The Twist 3.07 (Dingwalls London 10th December 1984)
(Hank Ballard) Lark Music Ltd.
Tracks 1-12: Jeffrey Lee/ Pat Morrison/ Kid Congo Powers and Terry Graham.
Tracks 13 & 14: Jeffrey Lee/ Pat Morrison/ Kid Congo Powers and Desperate.

Disc 4
LAST ROLL OF THE DICE! (Live and Radio) 1985 to 1993
1. Sex Killer 3.34 Jeffrey Lee Pierce solo show. (Paradiso, Amsterdam 25th May 1985)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
2. Fire 3.42 -Jeffrey Lee Pierce solo show. (Paradiso, Amsterdam 25th May 1985)
(Jimi Hendrix) Sony/ATV Music Publishing UK
3. I Asked for Water, She Gave Me Gasoline 4.02 Jeffrey Lee Pierce solo (VPRO studio 3rd December 1989)
(Tommy Johnson) peermusic UK Ltd.
4. Pastoral Hide And Seek 3.59 (I Beam, S.F 17th July 1989)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
5. Flowing 4.36 (I Beam, S.F 17th July 1989)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
6. I Hear Your Heart Singing 3.33 (Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France 17th November 1990)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
7. Another Country’s Young 5.37 (Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France 17th November1990)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
8. Hearts 3.54 (Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France 17th November 1990)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
9. Fire Spirit 3.29 (Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France 17th November 1990)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
10. Temptation And I 4.31 (Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France 17th November 1990)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
11. Little Wing 4.33 – Jeffrey Lee Pierce solo (Tivoli 25th March 1992)
(Jimi Hendrix) Sony/ATV Music Publishing UK
12. Yellow Eyes 9.34 – Jeffrey Lee Pierce solo (Tivoli 25th March 1992)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
13. I’m Going Upstairs 2.45 – Jeffrey Lee Pierce solo (Nozems A Go Go 4th March 1992)
(Chester Burnett) Jewel Music Publishing Co. Ltd.
14. Be My Kid 2.47 – Jeffrey Lee Pierce solo (Nozems A Go Go 4th March 1992)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
15. L.A. County Jail Blues 3.48 – Jeffrey Lee Pierce solo (Nozems A Go Go 4th March 1992)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
16. Lucky Jim 3.49 – Jeffrey Lee Pierce solo (Villa 65 6th April 1993)
(Jeffrey Lee Pierce) Bug Music Ltd. (GB)
17. Laughing 4.58– Jeffrey Lee Pierce solo (Villa 65 6thApril 1993)
(David Crosby) Sony/ATV Music Publishing UK

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Label: ATP Recordings
Format: CD / 2LP / Digital Download

The Drones are:

Gareth Liddiard – Guitar/Vocals
Mike Noga – Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals
Fiona Kitschin – Bass/Backing Vocals
Dan Luscombe – Guitar/Piano/Melodica/Backing Vocals
The new world of The Drones is an exotic place, one populated by dark corners, rarely explored avenues, sparse canvases and dense, exhilarating peaks.
In February Gareth Liddiard began writing new songs for their fourth album in a mud brick cottage..Two months later guitarist Dan Luscombe, the Drones’ most recent addition, and drummer Michael Noga joined Liddiard and Fiona Kitschin to rehearse the new material. Then producer and engineer Burke Reid (The Mess Hall, Gerling) lugged his recording gear through the door and off they went – two weeks flat out – until it was done.
Havilah, like everything The Drones have done, is an album of contradictions, where bombast meets beauty, melancholy wrestles with violent guitars and singer Liddiard’s incendiary voice lights up his angular poetry, this time on the nature of, in no particular order, the moon (Penumbra), divorce (The Drifting Housewife) and the acquisition of godlike power and the cult of John Frum (I Am the Supercargo).
It’s an album that’s brimful of the innovation and artistic integrity that has made The Drones one of Australian rock’s most critically acclaimed acts.
There are vaguely familiar nods to Neil Young’s paint-stripping guitar spasms on Supercargo and Oh My, while the deliciously meandering pop dirges of Suicide and the Velvet Underground echo in Careful As You Go and Luck in Odd Numbers.
It’s melancholic, certainly, but Havilah, in its tone and its delivery, is also a celebration. It’s a more positive statement than its predecessor.
Once you’ve been around these 10 songs for a few hours, it’s not hard to make up your mind about them. They are bold. They are romantic. And they are dangerous.
Track Listing:
> 1. Nail It Down
> 2. The Minotaur
> 3. The Drifting Housewife
> 4. I am The Supercargo
> 5. Careful As You Go
> 6. Oh My
> 7. Cold And Sober
> 8. Luck In Odd Numbers
> 9. Penumbra
> 10. Your Acting’s Like The End Of The World

RIP JOE STRUMMER 21.8.52-22.12.02

The greatest frontman in rock n roll, the Clashs’ Joe Strummer died 2 years ago on Monday. He will never be forgotten-a true Punk Rock Warlord. Vive Le Punk salutes Joe and will be playing White Riot on Monday in his honour!!

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Jail Guitar Doors is a charity set up by Billy Bragg to supply musical instruments to prisoners locked up by Her Majesty. Its a good cause-so go to  to  check it out.

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I am delighted to invite you to the Jim Jones Revue Christmas rave up to end all rave ups at Whats Cookin’s in The East End this Saturday.

Admission is totally FREE and the ‘Revue will hit the stage at 10 pm

Whats Cookin’ is upstairs at The Sheep Walk, 692 High Road, Leytonstone, London, E11 3AA. Nearest tube is Leytonstone which is on the Central Line a couple of stops down from Liverpool Street.

What’s Cookin’ is quite unlike any other club night in London. Its situated above a rowdy  East End boozer full of West Ham fans either celebrating or commiserating, depending on their teams performance. However if you venture upstairs you are transported into an oasis of rock’n’roll heaven with a room decorated with garlands of flowers and portraits of the great and the good   of rockin’ including Hank Williams, Little Richard, Jerry Lee and many more.

Hope to see you on Saturday



Jim Jones Revue press…..

"Like The Killer smoking the bones of Link Wray" Album of the year # 10 Big Cheese Magazine, December 2008


" If Little Richard had written this, he’d still be boasting about it today"  **** Mojo Magazine, September 2008


" This extraordinary debut…….The JJR positively redefine raw, untamed, born-with-a-tail rock ‘n’ roll" 8/10 Classic Rock Magazine, September 2008 & top 45 record of 2008


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Fresh from Saturdays brilliant London Rebellion fest, we can let you know that in keeping with recent years addition of ‘Glam’ style bands-Rebellion 2009 will feature Erik Faulkners Bay City Rollers. Which one Erik was we cant remember-but he was an original.! He will join other recent additions like Roxy Legends the Banned, plus the Stupids and the rather brilliant Kunt and the Gang!


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SEX PISTOLS bassist Glen Matlock has spoken about how the band are yet to decide for certain whether or not to record a new album.

The Sex Pistols? We’ve done our bit this year…we’ll meet again in the new year and see what we want to do. We were not recording a new album – I think that journalists are making it up, but you can never say never. We all got ideas between us. It’s a double-edged sword if you do it not good as the original, and if you don’t do it people want to know why – but it’s up to us. We are the masters of our own destiny.

Will they? Won’t they? 2009 may well hold the answer. 


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With the new MUTINY FESTIVAL offering up a stunning line-up of punk and ska, old and new, and supporting a very worthy cause, this could be one of the festivals of next year!

On 16th May 2009, the newly refurbished Bridlington Spa in East Yorkshire will be flooded with punk rockers for an all-dayer event (2pm – midnight) celebrating the strength of underground music. The impressive bill includes Stiff Little Fingers, Neville Staple (ex-The Specials), Anti-Nowhere League, UK Subs, Goldblade, Strawberry Blondes and Middle Finger Salute. There will also market stalls and children under 16 are welcome (with adult supervision). Tickets are priced at a very reasonable £30 for adults and £20 for under 16’s.

The festival fully supports The Sophie Lancaster Foundation and S.O.P.H.I.E. campaign (Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere). Sophie Lancaster was beaten to death by five youths in Bacup park for her goth image when she tried to stop them attacking her boyfriend Rob. Mutiny Festival is the chance to celebrate the punk scene and the entire punk/goth/alternative community – something Big Cheese is completely supportive of. See you at Mutiny Fest ’09!

For more details, head over to:

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 An Anthology: 02.78 – 06.81
Re-mastered with singes & b-sides
Release date: 9 February 2009
To coincide with Magazine’s first UK tour since 1981, EMI is proud to announce the release of a definitive, double-anthology, CD retrospective of the band’s highly-influential career, including singles and b-sides.
Featuring songs from the band’s four studio albums – Real Life, Secondhand Daylight, The Correct Use Of Soap and Magic, Murder And The Weather – in chronological order, the anthology highlights the breadth of Magazine’s diversity and talent.  Founded in 1977 by former Buzzcock Howard Devoto, the band wilfully ignored the prevailing musical orthodoxy of the punk era, rejecting punk’s reductiveness for a musical template which incorporated keyboards and a textuality that had blinkered and faint-hearted critics crying out that prog rock had returned. Magazine were progressive, but their music was focused, concise: never an overblown showcase for musical virtuosity. Melody was never sacrificed. It says volumes for Magazine’s scope that they were lauding John Barry at a time when the world was seemingly trying to be The Clash or re-write The Ramones songbook.
As well as Devoto, the band featured the talents of Guitarist John McGeoch (who sadly passed away in 2004) – an inimitable stylist who later went on to join Siouxsie And The Banshees and Public Image Ltd; and bassist Barry Adamson who has carved out a notable solo career, in addition to working with Nick Cave. Magazine’s producers included John Leckie (The Stone Roses) and the legendary Martin Hannett. Devoto’s adroit choice of collaborators helped make Magazine unique.
The Anthology includes all the band’s singles and b-sides (listed below). The album artwork will be designed by Malcolm Garrett (Buzzcocks, Magazine, Simple Minds, Peter Gabriel, etc).
1.                       Shot By Both Sides – Original Single Version
2.                       My Tulpa
3.                       Definitive Gaze
4.                       Parade
5.                       The Light Pours Out Of Me (co-write with Buzzcocks’ Pete Shelley)
6.                       My Mind Ain’t So Open
7.                       Touch And Go
8.                       Goldfinger
9.                       Rhythm Of Cruelty – Original Single Version
10.                   Back To Nature
11.                   Permafrost
12.                   Feed The Enemy
13.                   Give Me Everything
14.                   I Love You, You Big Dummy
15.                   TV Baby
1.                       A Song From Under the Floorboards
2.                       Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
3.                       Sweetheart Contract
4.                       Because You’re Frightened
5.                       I Want To Burn Again
6.                       Model Worker
7.                       Twenty Years Ago
8.                       The Book
9.                       Upside Down
10.                   About The Weather
11.                   Vigilance
12.                   Come Alive
13.                   The Garden
14.                   In The Dark
15.                   The Operative
1-5: from Real Life
6: Shot by Both Sides b-side
7-8: non-album single & accompanying b-side
9-12: from Secondhand Daylight
13-14: non-album single & accompanying b-side
15: b-side of Rhythm of Cruelty
1-6: from The Correct Use Of Soap
7: b-side of A Song From Under The Under The Floorbaords
8: b-side of Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
9: non-album single
10-13: from Magic, Murder and the Weather
14-15: b-sides of About The Weather 12”
Magazine will play the following live dates – their first live for 28 years – in 2009:
12 Feb @ The Forum, London
13 Feb @ The Forum, London
14 Feb @ Club Academy, Manchester
16 Feb @ Academy, Glasgow
17 Feb @ Club Academy, Manchester
The line-up will include Howard Devoto, who formed the band after he left Buzzcocks in 1977; Dave Formula, who joined after post-punk anthem and debut single ‘Shot By Both Sides’; Barry Adamson and John Doyle. The replacement for the much missed John McGeoch will be Noko, who was the co-member of Luxuria with Devoto, and in Apollo 440.

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The Damned Announce Second Brighton Date As Final Night Of UK Tour 22nd December
Catch the band at the following dates:
Fri 12th Corporation, Sheffield
Sat 13th The Forum, London
Sun 14th Academy, Bristol
Tue 16th The Point, Cardiff
Wed 17th Guild Gall, Gloucester
Thu 18th  Robin II, Bilston
Fri19th Academy, Oxford
Sat 20th Roadmender, Northampton
Sun 21st Komedia, Brighton
Mon 22nd Komedia, Brighton EXTRA DATE JUST ANNOUNCED!
Some nice things that people have said about new album ‘So, Who’s Paranoid?’  – out now on The English Channel Records.
“An album of tune-heavy “classic-rock”. They sound terrific.” – The Daily Telegraph
“Their first album in seven years and their best in much longer… Fabulous pop anthems” – The Guardian
“Their best record in years” – Mojo
“When it comes to innovating and creating, there’s few better than Captain Sensible’s mob!” – Big Cheese
“The first album released by these punk rock supermos in seven years turns out to be work the wait… The Damned still have it.” – The Sun

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Killing Joke bass player Raven, who tragically passed away last year was playing with his new project Mob Research shortly before his death. Now it looks like their album will come out in March next yer. Containing guitarist Mark Thaiwaite from the Mission and Warrior Soul singer/legend Kory Clarke, Mob Research are heavy, industrial and a bit like a more metal Killing Joke.

Check em out at

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The Specials have added further dates to their previously announced UK tour for April/May 2009 and over 45,000 tickets sold out this morning in just over an hour.  The band, who are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their debut single ‘Gangsters’ are thrilled to announced 3 further Brixton Academy dates and extra shows in Glasgow and Manchester.

Responding to a statement Jerry Dammers has made to the press the band have responded:   “We don’t agree with what Jerry has said, but we don’t want to talk about it, not least because it is in the hands of our lawyers.  We are all very excited about the overwhelming support shown to us, and the rush to buy tickets would appear to prove that the fans are looking forward to joining us in these dancehalls across the country next year as much as we are looking forward to playing them.”  

“nothing ever change” Do Nothing – The Specials

Live in 2009

22 April    NEWCASTLE, Academy        SOLD OUT
23 April    SHEFFIELD, Academy        SOLD OUT
25 April    BIRMINGHAM, Academy        SOLD OUT
26 April    BIRMINGHAM, Academy        SOLD OUT
28 April    GLASGOW, Academy        SOLD OUT
29 April    GLASGOW, Academy        08444 999 990 – NEW DATE
  3 May    MANCHESTER, Apollo        SOLD OUT
  4 May    MANCHESTER, Apollo        SOLD OUT – NEW DATE
  6 May    LONDON, Brixton Academy        SOLD OUT
  7 May    LONDON, Brixton Academy        SOLD OUT
  8 May    LONDON, Brixton Academy        SOLD OUT – NEW DATE
11 May    LONDON, Brixton Academy        0844 477 2000 – NEW DATE
12 May    LONDON, Brixton Academy        0844 477 2000 – NEW DATE

Tickets on sale now priced £32.50 in advance except London £35.
24 hr CC Hotline: 0871 2200 260 / online:
Doors 7pm except * tbc and ** 6pm.


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The Scottish new wave punks play tonight in Southampton, then London Islington Academy 11, Newcastle 17,Dunfermline 18,Aberdeen 19, Glasgow 21, Edinburgh 22 on their Vive Le Punk sponsored tour! Everyones Gone Top of the Pops!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rocking into Londons Forum this saturday, Rebellion ids the last big punk show of the year. Headliners the Damned are joined by a brilliant supporting cast including Johnny Moped, Penetration, the Yobs, Goldblade, U.K Subs, TV Smith, Radio Stars, Picture Frame Seduction, 999 and the reformed 70s punks the Shapes/. It all kicks off from 12.30. There are still tickets available. For more info go to

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