The Pogues have added an extra date at Brixton Academy to their December
UK tour. They now finish off on Saturday 20th December – now isn’t that
the best way to get into the Christmas spirit?
And they are supported on most dates by Londons premier booze n’ rock n’ roll vagabonds The Urban Voodoo Machine. Be sure to get there early to catch them.

The Pogues – December 08

Sun 07            Glasgow Carling Academy
Tue 09            Leeds Academy                               
Thu 11            Newcastle Carling Academy          
Fri 12              Sheffield Carling Academy
Sat 13             Manchester Men Arena                   
Mon 15           Birmingham Carling Academy       
Tue 16            Bristol Carling Academy                 
Thu 18            London Brixton Carling Academy  
Fri 19              London Brixton Carling Academy  

Sat 20            London Brixton Carling Academy        



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KILLING JOKE London, October 3rd & 4th 2008

OCT 3rd & 4th
Following the tragic and sudden death of Paul Raven this year, Killing Joke announced it would tour again in his honour-and tonight they are playing their first 2 albums ‘Killing Joke’ and ‘Whats this For?’ on the first night followed by their dance/techno influenced era ‘Pandemonium’ album With screens blasting out old KJ images and their famous Jester icon the ram-packed Forum is treated to Killing Jokes ground breaking grinding punk, dub and industrial. With the original line-up including Youth and Big Paul, this is the real deal and over these 2 nights the band proved why they are such an influential part of so many scenes. From the Likes of ‘Fall of Because’ ‘Eighties’ and the always haunting ‘Requiem’ through to the pulsating and rocked out ‘Pandemonium’, KJ pushed the boundaries in a fitting reminder of what a powerful force they have been over the last 30 years. And while dedicating ‘Love Like Blood’ to Paul Raven, it was a very special night in the band’s history. Monumental!
Eugene Big Cheese

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New York hardcore legend John Joseph recently toured Europe with this Cro Mags jam band. Big Cheeses Rei Nishimoto caught them in .LA.

The Nike Theatre
Los Angeles, California

Original Cro Mags vocalist John Joseph made his long awaited West Coast appearance with his all-star CRO MAGS JAM band at the ‘Radio Silence: A Selected Visual History Of American Hardcore’ book release show. A packed room eagerly awaited the appearance of the tattooed frontman to throw down the old school hardcore jams, and he, along with the band, definitely did. The band, featuring guitarist A.J. Novello (Leeway), drummer Mackie Jayson (Bad Brains, Hazen Street, Madball, Cro-Mags), and bassist Craig Away (Sick Of It All) delivered the goods, punching away at all of the classic tunes and keeping the crowd moving throughout their set. Joseph introduced many of their long-time friends in the crowd, including Lord Ezec (Skarhead/Danny Diablo) and Toby Morse (H20), dedicating songs to them and speaking about the positive message behind hardcore. They played many favourites including ‘We Gotta Know,’ ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ and ‘Hard Times’, with Morse and friends joining in the fun. Showing that despite the drama behind some of the members’ relations, the Cro Mags were definitely a huge part of shaping hardcore and heavy music in today’s scene, nobody should ignore this.
Rei Nishimoto     

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Sham 69 legend Jimmy Pursey was allegedley all set to join the I’m A Celebrity cast in Australia, until he had a sudden change of heart. Producers were keen for him to follow in Sex Pistol John Lydons’ foot prints and cause a bit of chaos, but Jimmy had other plans and did a bunk!! Im A Celebrity crashes onto TV screens on ITV next week. Yipde dee!!!!!!

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Those scary Ghouls the Misfits are rumoured to be reforming for next years Ozzfest and a headlining tour. Whether Glen Danzig can bury his hatchet and come back is unknown. Jerry has of course been dragging the Misfits corpse around on tour, while his brother Doyle has been doing his Gorgeous Frankenstein band.

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The Stranglers bring to an end the UK leg of their hugely successful ‘Greatest Hits Tour’ with two consecutive dates at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th November.

The gigs on the current tour have been getting an overwhelming thumbs-up from fans, press and industry pundits who unanimously concur that The Stranglers are purveying one of the slickest, most energetic shows currently on the circuit.

For further information please contact Dorothy Howe.
Tel: 020 8995 3920 Email: press@dorothyhowe.co.uk

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Its the best Damn Punk festival in the World and its rolling into London on Dec 13th. It is of course Rebellion, and wether its reformed 77 acts like the Shapes and the Radio Stars, newcomers like New Zealands the Rabble or headline legends the Damned-its  got it all.

Heres the facts-now go get yer tickets!!!!!



December 13th 2008
12 noon till midnight
The Forum
Kentish Town
(nearest tube Kentish Town)
Special Guests to be confirmed
DJ, stalls etc
Tickets – £28.50  – rebelliontickets@btinternet.com <mailto:rebelliontickets@btinternet.com>
http://www.kentishtownforum.com/ <http://www.kentishtownforum.com/>
Tickets selling well this promises to be the best xmas party this year – not to be missed!!!!
The world’s biggest punk festival comes to London for its Christmas party!
Whilst festivals seem to be closing down all over the place the punk festivals are going from strength to strength- especially the daddy of them all- Rebellion.
Celebrating yet another sold out summer punk festival in Blackpool, Rebellion storms London on Dec 13th for a night of classic punk rock action that combines the classic withThe Dammed with the new-The Rabble and all styles in-between from the post punk heroes Penetration to Charlie Harper’s classic UK Subs to the firebrand revolutionary rock n roll of Goldblade to the impassioned genius of TV Smith- this is a bill that shows the breadth and depth of punk rock in 2008.
Rebellion haven been putting punk festivals on for 15 years and are the biggest and the best on the scene, the August Punk festival in Blackpool attracts people from all over the world and always sells out, this year it had more than 200 bands playing over 5 days and has become the focal point of the whole worldwide punk scene.
Punk rock is in rude health in the millennium- reaching out to all generations and this Christmas party at the Forum is a celebration of this.


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Easy Action have just released the second of their excellent live Iggy Pop BOX sets
“Where the Faces Shine Volume 2”

Featuring over Over 100 tracks  its the ultimate Iggy Pop live experience. 6 cds and one dvd are included from his 80s  period when his band included Hanoi Rocks Andy M cCoy , the UK Subs Alvin Gibbs plus contributions from the Sex Pistols Steve Jones. Its the real deal!! Tracklisting is-

Disc One:   Zombie Birdhouse Tour

The Ritz New York  9th December 1982             79.24

1.    Little Boxes
2.    Raw Power
3.    Run like a villain
4.    Eat or be eaten
5.    Sixteen
6.    Street crazies
7.    Platonic
8.    Search & Destroy
9.    Angry Hills
10.    Life of work
11.    The Villagers
12.    Loose
13.    Ordinary
14.    Louie Louie
15.    Bang bang
16.    The Horse song
17.    Ballad of cookie mcbride
18.    Bulldozer
19.    Fall in love with me
20.    Kill city
21.    Your pretty face

Musicians: Frank Infante –guitar, Rob Duprey-guitar / keyboards, Michael Page-Bass, Larry Mysliewicz-Drums.

Disc Two: The Breaking Point Tour

Keystone Palo Alto , California  13th February 1983     69:04
1.    My name is iggy pop and here I am in your town
2.    Mass production
3.    Nightclubbing
4.    Eat or be eaten
5.    Endless sea
6.    I’m a conservative
7.    Street crazies
8.    The villagers
9.    Life of work
10.    Sixteen
11.    Run like a villain
12.    Angry Hills
13.    Some weird sin
14.    Loose
15.    I need more
16.    Bored
17.    Bang bang

Musicians: Frank Infante –guitar, Rob Duprey-guitar / keyboards, Michael Page-Bass, Larry Mysliewicz-Drums.

Disc Three : odds n sods  playin’ with cars n pistols  78:29

1.    Old Mule Skinner Blues      Ric Ocasek Demos Boston ‘83
2.    Warrior Tribe                     Ric Ocasek Demos Boston ‘83
3.    Fire Engine                         Ric Ocasek Demos Boston ‘83
4.    Repo Man                    Demo for Film Soundtrack with Steve Jones, Nigel Harrison & Clem Burke  Cherokee Studios L.A 15&16th March ’83
5.    Woman Dream                     Hancock Park Demos with Steve Jones for new album September ‘85
6.    When dreaming fails           Hancock Park Demos with Steve Jones for new album September ‘85
7.    Beside you                           Hancock Park Demos with Steve Jones for new album September ‘85
8.    Purple Haze                         Hancock Park Demos with Steve Jones for new album September ‘85
9.    Family affair                    Hancock Park Demos with Steve Jones for new album September ‘85
10.    Cry for Love                        Pre A&M Demo with Steve Jones
11.     Real Cool Time                   Live in Edinburgh Scotland 1987
12.    The Passenger                      Live in Edinburgh Scotland 1987
13.    I’m Sick of you                    Live in Bristol 11th June 1987    
14.    Cold Metal                                with Steve Jones live at the New York Ritz 20.7.88
15.    Squarehead                                with Steve Jones live at the New York Ritz 20.7.88
16.    No Fun                                      with Steve Jones live at the New York Ritz 20.7.88
17.    I Wanna Be Your Dog           with Steve Jones live at the New York Ritz 20.7.88
18.    Fire Girl                                     Demo

Disc Four: Blah blah blah tour 37:07
St Andrews Hall Detroit  8th November 1986

1.    I got a right
2.    Gimme Danger
3.    Some weird sin
4.    Real wild child
5.    Sister Midnight
6.    Blah blah blah
7.    Baby it cant fall
8.    Nightclubbing
9.    Fire Girl
10.    Five foot one
Disc  Five  47:26
11.    Shades
12.    TV Eye
13.    Down on the street
14.    China girl
15.    Hideaway
16.    Winners & losers
17.    Isolation
18.    Lust for life
19.    Raw Power
20.    Cry for love
Musicians : Kevin Armstrong Guitar , Phil Butcher Bass, Gavin Harrison Drums, Seamus Beaghen Keyboards & Guitar

Disc Six: The Warm up show for the Instinct tour

The Whiskey -a –go-go Los Angeles  8th July 1988  79:54

1.    Instinct
2.    Kill City
3.    1969
4.    Penetration
5.    Power & Freedom
6.    Shake appeal
7.    High on You
8.    Five Foot One
9.    The passenger
10.    Easy Rider
11.    Tuff Baby
12.    I Feel Alright (1970)
13.    Winners and Losers/ Scene of the Crime
14.    Search and Destroy
15.    Cold Metal                    
16.    Squarehead                   
17.    No Fun                         
18.    I Wanna Be Your Dog  
19.    Cold Metal   remix           Bonus track

Musicians: Andy McCoy – guitar, Seamus Beaghen – guitar / keyboards, Alvin Gibbs – Bass, Paul Garristo – Drums

Disc Seven
  -DVD: So this is TV….I’m not !
Recorded at Pinewood Studios in 1988
1.    Squarehead
2.    Cold Metal
3.    High On You
4.    No Fun
5.    I wanna be your dog
6.    I got a right
Musicians: Andy McCoy – guitar, Seamus Beaghen- guitar / keyboards, Alvin Gibbs – Bass, Paul Garristo – Drums
     7. Interview
Plus :
8. Making ‘Shades’ promo 1986
9. Interview Los Angeles 1988

•    Second in the series of fully authorised  Iggy Pop. Two years in the making this year by year document of live performances crams over 100 songs into this box set
•    Includes special rarities album featuring Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols and Ric Ocasek of the Cars
•    Includes unreleased DVD “So this is TV ..I’m Not!”  DVD is standard region free classification exempt
•    7000 word liner notes by renowned rock journalist Kris Needs
•    Un published photographs feature throughout
•    The live shows featured in this box set have not even been bootlegged and have been digitally re-mastered and are extremely rare shows 

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Pauline Murrays mighty Penetration release a double album from 2 live shows from 1978 and 1979  on Easy Action records. Playing Rebellion in nDec with the Damned, make sure you pick up this excellent double cd.

Disc One :
Thames Poly     16.12.78
1.    Future Daze     
2.    Life’s a gamble
3.    Lovers of Outrage
4.    VIP
5.    Vision        
6.    Too many friends  
7.    Nostalgia
8.    Movement
9.    NEVERr
10.    Stone Heroes
11.    Free money
12.    Silent Community
13.    Don’t dictate
14.    Duty Free Technology (encore)
15.     Firing Squad
16.    Money Talks

Disc Two :
     Newcastle   14.10.79
1.    Shout above the noise 
2.    Life’s a gamble 
3.    She is the slave
4.    Lifeline
5.    What’s going on?
6.    Movement
7.    You’re alone now
8.    Lovers of Outrage 
9.    Too many friends
10.    Killed in the rush
11.    New Recruit
12.    On Reflection
13.    Nostalgia
14.    Come in to the open
15.     Danger Signs 
16.      Free Money    (Encore)
17.     Stone Heroes   (split announcement)
18.     Future Daze
19.     Vip
20.     Money talks
21.     Neverr
22.     Duty free technology
23.     Don’t Dictate
24.     Firing Squad
25.    Don’t dictate
26.      Danger signs

•    30 years on from the release of Firing Squad single and the classic Moving Targets album and we present two classic live shows recorded on the manor mobile in 1978 & 1979. The latter being the show in which singer Pauline Murray  announces the band was breaking up , which then turned into a frantic nine song encore .
•    Penetration played a sold out show at London’s famous 100 Club in November 2007 to prove the fan base still exists for this one of the more able bands from the punk era.
•    Lenny Kaye said upon hearing Penetration’s version of his (co written with Patti Smith) song Free Money..”its better than ours !”
•    Marketing throughout the punk websites will alert fans to this eagerly awaited album
•    Album Cover designed by renowned artist Graham Humphries
•    Penetration are special guests of the Damned at London’s ‘Forum’ this December

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