A certified proto-punk classic rises to the surface once again next month when Esoteric Recordings reissue the debut album by infamous UK outfit THIRD WORLD WAR.

Originally released in 1971 on the Fly label (home of T REX), the self-titled album has been newly remastered from the original tapes and has been expanded with two bonus tracks and a new essay.

Essentially a duo of Terry Stamp and Jim Avery together with manager and producer John Fenton, Third World War were very much at odds with the prevailing peace’n’love climate of the times, and their primitive politico-rock songs – with titles like ‘Get Out Of Bed You Dirty Red’, ‘Working Class Man’ and ‘Preaching Violence’ – were often more direct than the likes of the PINK FAIRIES.

3rd world war

Listen to ‘Working Class Man’.

You can order Third World War here.

Check out the band’s official website.

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  • Robert Jones on

    Overlooked and underrated, Third World War was clearly a huge influence on Crass a
    decade later. Like The Stooges and The Velvets, TTW was too far ahead of their time.
    Unlike the first two groups, their albums have been deleted for so long they never had
    a chance to build up a cult reputation. Even so, this is great urban rock which was a
    far cry from the hippie drivel of the UK underground scene from that period.

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