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Former Misfits singer Michael Graves is touring America as part of Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg band. On bass and guitar is Clare and Alex Kane from uk band Anti Product. Graves has an awesome voice and does alot of the Ramones songs justice. They are currently touring America-no word yet if they will make it to the UK soon.

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The latest issue of Big Cheese magazine is a US punk special including cover stars NOFX, a history of California punk, New Found Glory plus Captain Sensible ,Gallows and Propagandi! Get it now at

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Vive Le Punk has exclusively got hold of the new garage punk album from 77′ legends the Vibrators. Singer Knox passed a copy onto us and it features 14 tracks including classics like Shaking Street, Brand New Cadillac, Psychotic Reaction and Have Love Will Travel. It will be released later this year on Cleopatra records and from we have heard its storming!

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The Clash


The Clash

The Clash’s Mick Jones has put his memorabilia on display


Mick Jones, guitarist and songwriter with The Clash and producer of The Libertines, today opens his own ‘rock & roll library’.

Jones has been collecting music and culture paraphernalia for most of his 53 years. The collection includes books, magazines, videos, stage clothes, instruments, flight cases, records, amplifiers and recording gear, posters, original song lyrics and much more.

Rarities include rare David Bowie tapes and hand-written poems by Allen Ginsberg.

Jones says: "Since the millennium I’ve been on a mission. The world didn’t end so I thought it was time to share [the collection] with others. On one level it’s a way of finding out if all this stuff from the 20th century means anything in the new century.

"It means something to me. A lot of my life is tied up in this. But does it mean anything to others?"

The collection includes a gold disc for the debut Clash’s debut album.

Jones says: "There’s a funny story connected to this. I didn’t know you could play a gold disc, but we put it on and it was an album by Abba.

"They [the record company] just sprayed it gold, put a label on it, and recycled it."

You can visit the Micks exhibition in Chelsea, London, from 18 March.

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frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has declared that new album ’21st Century Breakdown’ has been fuelled by his distrust of politicians.

The band are currently finishing the album, which is due out in May, but explained that its theme – a narration loosely fitted around two characters ‘Gloria‘ and ‘Christian‘ – encourages people to get involved and not put too much hope in their leaders.

"A lot of people were born into an unlucky time, the era of George W Bush," he told  the Rolling stone magazine. "There is an optimism now with Obama… be aware. Don’t look at this guy as the answer to our prayers. You still need to be involved."

The record is produced by  Butch Vig, who worked with the band to condense ten-minute jams over the last two years into tight pop-punk for the finished album.

"Even with all of those ideas, Butch got his head around it, where it fit," explained the band’s Tre Cool. "Nothing go swept under the rug or forgotten."


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REDLIST LIVE, the festival in aid of endangered animals in Kent-June 19-21st has gone punk-with the addition of the Concrete Jungle stage and the involvement of Big Cheese magazine.  Bands set to feature include The Damned, the Alarm. the Undertones, Middle Finger Salute,the Strawberry Blondes and more.Check it info at

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The first, intimate full-length 80 minute documentary on Sid’s life to mark 30
years since his death, when he was just 21 years old from a heroin overdose.
Many of those closest to Sid speak for the very first time about the only true
punk icon – who burnt out, but never sold out.

Odeon Entertainment  –
Running time: Approx 86 minutes

Considerable mystery surrounds the short life of Simon John Beverley. Better
known as Sid Vicious, to many fans he was a hero of the punk movement and a
cultural icon. Sid lived his life in chaos and anarchy. He was a drug addict
from a teenager and as a member of the Sex Pistols he lived up to his name –
once attacking NME music journalist, Nick Kent, with a bicycle chain.
Eventually, heroin abuse took its toll and Sid died aged twenty-one in 1979.

To mark the 30th anniversary of his death, a new documentary, in association
with ITN Archive, relates the definitive story of Sid’s life. Critically, the
DVD documentary includes interviews with the people who knew Sid best – Malcolm
McLaren (Sex Pistols manager), John Wardle aka ‘Jah Wobble’ (a childhood friend
who is available for media interviews), Vivienne Westwood (Sex Pistols
designer), Rat Scabies (The Damned), Steve Severin, ex-flatmate Viv Albertine
(The Slits), Ron Watts (100 Club), Caroline Coon, Glen Matlock, Marco Pironi,
Sex Pistol’s tour manager, John Tiberi, and many more of Sid closest mates

Ritchie joined the Pistols after bassist Glen Matlock’s departure in February
1977, his first gig was on 3 April, at the Screen on the Green in London. Soon
after joining the Sex Pistols Sid told the Daily Mirror: "I’ll probably die by
the time I reach 25."

Manager Malcolm McLaren said had he met Sid before he had hired Johnny to be the
singer, Sid would have been the Sex Pistols front man. Although Sid couldn’t
play guitar very well, and it was often unplugged at live gigs, he had the most
charisma of anyone on that stage.

Although Sid fixed the iconic greatness of the Sex Pistols, just 12 months after
he joined, the band collapsed. His year with the Sex Pistols is rightly covered
extensively in this DVD – highlighting Sid’s contribution to the group on stage.

The final chapter of Sid’s life revolves around his girlfriend, Nancy Spurgeon –
a fraught relationship which would eventually lead to her death. Sid himself was
found dead of a heroin overdose in New York’s West Village on 2 February 1979.
How he acquired the last fatal dose of heroin remains the subject of
controversy. Punk era music photographer, Peter Gravelle, claims he sold Sid
that last dose and is available for media interviews for the first time. Many of
Gravelle’s back catalogues of photographs of the Sex Pistols and Sid are to be
exhibited for the first time at Proud Galleries, Camden, London, on 25 March.
Some of the photographs are available for copyright-free use in features and a
number of them are available to purchase as prints – details are included in the
DVD notes.

In addition to the special collector’s edition DVD documentary, filmed in high
definition (HD) and including previously unseen archive footage, there is a FREE
CD recorded live in New York in 1978 with Sid Vicious, Steve Dior, Arthur Kane
and Jerry Nolan. There’s also a 28-page biography of Sid Vicious written by Mark
Paytress, author of Vicious: The Art of Dying Young.

Available for interview:
Sid’s lifelong friend Jah Wobble – member of band PIL.
(Jah was given his name by a drunken Sid, unable to pronounce his real name of
John Wardle)
Simone Stenfors – Sids former girlfriend
Viv Albertine -Sid’s best friend and flat mate (Slits guitarist)
Ron Watts – Ex-Manager of The 100 Club – the spiritual home of the Punk movement
Peter Gravelle – Controversial photographer and friend
Peter ‘Kodick’ Gravelle is holding an exhibition of some of his most iconic
artwork from his head’y days photographing all the major punk rock bands of the
late 70’s. The exhibition of largely unseen photos will be held at
Proud Galleries, Camden, London from Thursday 19th to Sunday 29th March

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The New York Dolls’ today confirmed the U.K. release date of Monday May 4th for their highly anticipated fourth studio album ‘Cause I Sez So. The band has reunited with Todd Rundgren, producer of their influential 1973 debut. The new album will be released by Atco Records (U.S. release date is Tuesday May 5th).

The album was recorded at Utopia Sound Studio in Kauai, Hawaii, and features original Dolls David Johansen (vocals) and Sylvain Sylvain (guitar), plus Steve Conte (guitar), Brian Delaney (drums), and Sami Yaffa (bass). The album cover artwork is designed by Matt Taylor at Varnish Studio Inc, with photography by Max Lakner.

The 12-song track list features 11 original compositions, including the first single “’Cause I Sez So” and a new version of “Trash,” which was on their 1973 debut album. “It was amazing working with Todd again, and I think we were able to evoke the special sound of our first album and drag it by the hair into the present,” says front man Johansen.

For album artwork, full track listing of the album, click here –


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From Her To Eternity, The Firstborn Is Dead, Kicking Against The Pricks and Your Funeral… My Trial – 26th  April 2009

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Mute announce the first four albums in a series that will see the band’s entire album catalogue digitally remastered and remixed for the first time since their original release.

All 14 albums will be available as remastered CD and as a deluxe Collectors Edition which will feature the remastered album plus a DVD with the entire album in 5.1 surround sound, a specially commissioned short film made by acclaimed UK artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard plus the b-sides from the singles and exclusive sleeve notes.
From Her To Eternity, The Firstborn Is Dead, Kicking Against The Pricks and Your Funeral… My Trial are set to be released on 26th April 2009.

From Her To Eternity
Cabin Fever!
Well of Misery
From Her To Eternity
Saint Huck
Wings Off Flies
A Box For Black Paul

Collectors Edition extras
Album in 5:1

Extra tracks:
In The Ghetto  –
The Moon Is In The Gutter
both tracks are on currently available  on the CD versions of the album but were not on the original  vinyl / cassette album. They were originally available on a 7” single. A- side In The Ghetto B- side The Moon Is in The Gutter.
From Her To Eternity (version from Der Himmel Uber Berlin)
Video – also available for download to MP3/Ipod:
Do You Love Me Like I Love You (Part 1: From Her To Eternity directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard)
In The Ghetto –

The Firstborn Is Dead
Say Goodbye To The Little Girl Tree
Train Long- Suffering
Black Crow King
Knockin’ On Joe
Wanted Man
Blind Lemon Jefferson

Collectors Edition extras
Album in 5:1

Extra tracks:
The Six Strings That Drew Blood  (B-Side to the 7” single Tupelo)
Video – also available for download to MP3/Ipod:
Do You Love Me Like I Love You (Part 2: The Firstborn Is Dead directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard)
Tupelo –
Wanted Man

Kicking Against The Pricks
Muddy Water
I’m Gonna Kill That Woman
Sleeping Annaleah
Long Black Veil
Hey Joe
The Singer
All Tomorrows Parties
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
The Hammer Song
Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
Jesus Met The Woman At The Well
The Carnival is Over

Collectors Edition extras
Album in 5:1

Extra tracks:
Black Betty – 12’’ B Side
Running Scared – 7” B Side

Both are available on the current issue of the CD but were not part of the original Vinyl/ Cassette album. They were the b -sides to The Singer.

Video – also available for download to MP3/Ipod:
Do You Love Me Like I Love You (Part 3: Kicking Against The Pricks directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard)
The Singer –

Your Funeral…My Trial
Sad Waters
The Carny
Your Funeral My Trial
Stranger Than Kindness
Jack’s Shadow
Hard on For Love
She Fell Away
Long Time Man

Collectors Edition extras
Album in 5:1
Extra tracks:
Scum – Originally a green flexi disc sold on tour
Video – also available for download to MP3/Ipod:
Do You Love Me Like I Love You (Part 4: Your Funeral…My Trial directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard)


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Blackpools Rebellion Festival just keeps on getting bigger and better. With Killing Joke and Flogging Molly confirmed as headliners, recent additions include Welsh hip hop crazies Goldie Lookin Chain, crusties Amebix, 76 Roxy club legends The Banned, US 80s punks the Freeze and UK  80s skatepunks the Stupids. Cheap tickets are still available so book now at and look out for a massive Rebellion preview on Vive Le Punk in July!!!!!!

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The Kodick Years:
Punk by Peter Gravelle                                 

Exhibition runs from: 19th March 2009 to 29th March 2009              
Proud Camden’s South Gallery presents The Kodick Years – a never before seen photographic exploration of Punk, as seen through the lens of the very first Punk photographer – Peter Kodick,  the only photographer with inside access to the figureheads of the movement and a photographer who, in true Punk fashion, changed his name from Gravelle to Kodick.

Featuring previously unseen images of The Damned, Billy Idol, Wilko, Generation X, Elvis Costello, Johnny Thunders and the Police among many others, this exhibition paints the most revealing portrait of Punk ever shown.

As we fast approach a time in the present when we will be forced to reconsider and reinvent our position in the world, Proud Camden looks at how we did it the first time round – making this exhibition essential viewing for one and all.


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The first VLP of our regular gig nights at South Of The
Border, 502 Old St, Shoreditch,
East London is on April 9th w/ THE FABULOUS PENETRATORS (read their interview on this months Vivelepunk) and
support from
JOHNNY THROTTLE (ex Parkinsons)and THE HATEFUL . DJs Hugh Gadgit and El Prez.For more details
check out and

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Will the Ex Pistol, Steve Jones join Iggy and the Stooges. Seems it could be getting closer!

Punk icon Iggy Pop is taking Sex Pistols star Steve Jones’ offer to join The Stooges seriously.

Jones offered to step in and fill the void left by the death of Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton.

He told the Los Angeles Times that he and Pop had been talking about Jones becoming an honorary member of The Stooges for upcoming tour dates, and now the ‘Lust For Life’ hitmaker admits he has been talking to the ex Pistol.

He says, “I talked to Steve, and if I wanted an extra guitar, he’d be the guy to call.”

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NME) Green Day’s entire back catalogue is set to get a release on 12-inch vinyl, including records that have been unavailable for years.

The band’s first two albums, ’39/Smooth’ and ‘Kerplunk’, which came out on Lookout records will be made available on March 24.

‘Dookie’, will be made available on April 18, in honor of the second annual Record Store Day. The remaining albums will be released chronologically throughout 2009. –


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Ramones legend Marky Ramone and his solo band got a lot more than they bargained for when traveling south of the border to play for Mexican fans last weekend. Here is the tale as posted on Marky’s Myspace blog:

Everyone’s ok, but things got way over the top concerning the safety of the band and out of hand for Marky and The Blitzkrieg at [Saturday] night’s show in Mexico. The van taking the band back to the hotel was besieged by fans resulting in an injury to one of the touring party protecting the exiting band. The security at the venue did their best, but were overwhelmed by the numbers and intensity of the situation. They had never had to deal with anything like that before.

In trying to leave the venue, there was a pile up at the exit door as fans rushed to Marky on his attempted exit. Surrounded by over zealous fans pounding on the windows of the band van, cracking the windshield, one fan clinging to the side of the vehicle was thrown into on coming traffic. He was ok as later he and a friend eventually caught up with the van in a taxi shouting and waving at their hero.

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80s Pylon rocker Dies

80s New Wave Rocker Dies While Driving


(Billboard) Randall  Bewley, guitarist and founding member of new wave band Pylon, died Wednesday (Feb. 25) afternoon after a heart attack on Monday in his hometown of Athens, Georgia, according to a report by The Athens Banner-Herald.

Bewley was driving on Monday (Feb. 23) when his van drifted off the road and tipped over, according to an email circulated by bandmate Vanessa Hay.

Pylon was formed in 1979 by University of Georgia art students Bewley, bassist Michael Lachowski, drummer Curtis Crowe and Hay – then Vanessa Briscoe – on vocals. The group was part of Athens’ art oriented dance party scene that also included groups like the B-52’s and R.E.M., each of which have often cited Pylon as a favorite and influence.

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